NAME: Frisk
AGE: 12
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 4’ 4" / 132 cm
BIRTHDAY: January 1, 2100
LIKES: Bikes, frogs, impressing others, baseball, video games, Asriel???
DISLIKES: Spikes, puzzles, knives, reading, death, dying, spikes, Chara

NAME: Chara Dreemurr
AGE: 36
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5’ 7" / 170 cm
BIRTHDAY: September 9, 1999 
LIKES: Chocolate, tea, reading, snails, flowers, being right, Asriel
DISLIKES: Failure, being late, running, humans, Frisk

NAME: Asriel Dreemurr
AGE: 38
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 8’ 8" / 264 cm
BIRTHDAY: August 18, 1997
LIKES: Cameras, pranks, video games, pleasing others, snails, Chara
DISLIKES: Chocolate, humans (except Chara), contact sports, small doors


25 January 1503  Margaret Tudor married James IV of Scotland by proxy. The marriage between the Thistle and the Rose was to have repercussions for Scottish history down to this day. Margaret was thirteen years old and James was thirty when the couple were married. The official wedding rite was performed on August 8, 1503 at Holyrood Palace. A short coronation ceremony followed. The marriage was one of strong affection, James was attentive and generous. The first three years of the marriage were pleasant and full of social engagements. At age sixteen the couple had their first child, and eventually six different pregnancies would follow.  

In 1513, Margaret was torn between her brother and her husband. She had prophetic dreams and asked James not to go to war. James met the English at Flodden Field on September 9, 1513 where he lost his life along with the flower of the Scottish nobility. Margaret was to pass of a stroke on October 18, 1541 at Methven Castle. Her brother Henry VIII had excluded her heirs from the line of succession in his will. Her lasting legacy was that her great-grandchild ended up on the throne. Scotland and England were joined together into Great Britain.

This photo is going around on the internet right now, like some cheap meme with the caption “Here’s a photo for all those upset about the Muslim ban.“ I was compelled to write a response. I know this is a tumblr for Pokemon GO and I’ve tried my best for these months to keep posting fun things about this fandom but I cannot stay silent. I am sorry for the deviation from the norm you have all come to expect from me, but this I cannot abide. This is my message:

My father worked at the World Trade Centers from 1998-2001. He survived that day because he took me to school that morning when I was in my third or fourth day of 6th grade. This isn’t about my father, though, because he can tell his story in his own way when he feels it is appropriate. I will explain my own story.

I had been pulled out of class that morning. They didn’t tell me what had happened, just assuring my 11 year old self that my father was okay and that there was a fire at the World Trade Centers. I know they were lying. They couldn’t put me in touch with my father. I knew something was wrong. I knew about the 1993 bombings. I often wondered what would happen in the towers fell on the city, looking down on it from above, if such an attack were to happen again.

Sitting in the principals office I was filled with anger, sadness, disgust, loneliness, despair, anxiety, depression and chaos. My father might have been dead, killed by terrorist from a land I knew nothing about. I sat in that office for 45 minutes thinking nothing but that.

Then my mom came to get me. She told me my father was okay. Then I saw him. He was crying. We hugged. I told him that as long as he was okay I was okay. That made everything okay.

I had every right to be upset and vindictive against the muslim community because of the acts of an element of radical extremists attempting to murder my father. In fact some of my peers actually encouraged me to fill my hear with hate and anger, to put aside my childish wonder of the world and build walls in my heart to separate me from the muslim faith as a whole. The propaganda on television and the fact we were entering into two wars as retribution for September Eleventh didn’t help.

But I couldn’t do it. Something inside of me wanted to answer the burning question of “why?”. So I did some research in the middle school computer lab and very quickly found my answer. There is a large contingent of radical terrorists, of every nation and faith, that are drawn to the cause because they have no other options. I read that a suicide bomber in Iraq was paid $20,000 to carry out his attack. This money was needed for his family to pay for shelter, electricity, food, water, security and heat. The basic essentials that allow us to be human and not think with hate and sadness but rather with compassion and understanding. The people in Afghanistan, in the mountainous regions, join extremist groups because they have no resources to sustain their life.

That was when I learned about the concept of ‘sustainability’. The Brundtland Report in 1987 defined sustainability loosely as any action that leaves the world in a better or same state as the way you came into it. I decided at that point, as a 12 year old, to not fight the extremists with a gun, but rather to help get the muslim community the essentials they need so they never have to feel like terrorism is the only way to support themselves, their family or have their message heard.

Islamic extremists tried to kill my family. I do not hate the muslim community. I am a vocal opponent of the muslim ban, registry or oppression. All people no matter what race, creed, nationality, faith, background, color, gender, sex, identification, whatever deserve to be treated as human beings. Because thats what we all are when you get down to it. We are humans, of many glorious and wonderful backgrounds and interests, that should work together rather than divide ourselves. We are one species no matter what you look like or sound like. The blood that runs through my veins runs through the veins of the man in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Somalia, France, Russia, China, North Korea, everywhere.

We are a nation that has a proud history of accepting people of all backgrounds. I am German. If this ideology had been pervasive in the 1930-40s then wouldn’t I have been held accountable for the actions of the Nazi’s in the same way that people of the muslim faith are persecuted for the actions of the extremists? I have muslim friends. If I can not hate them, can you try to exercise a little empathy for the innocent people caught up in this?

I will leave you with a couple of quotes for thought:

“In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice…the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love toward our fellow man.” - Franklin Roosevelt

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” - Statue of Liberty

Love always. Reject hate. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Love thy neighbor. Protect the innocent. Fight for the oppressed. Crush evil. Be vigilant. Be strong. Be good.

I love you all. Remember that, always.

- T 

Japanese National Holidays

Since Golden Week in Japan has started I thought I’d make a quick list of the Japanese National Holidays. There are of course many other days throughout the year that people celebrate, but these are the ones that the government recognizes and the public offices are closed during.

There are two rules in place that apply to any current and future national holidays:

1. When a holiday falls on a Sunday the day after is a 振替休日 「ふりかえきゅうじつ」 “Substitute Holiday” and is also taken off

2. Any day between 2 other holidays is also taken of as a 国民の休日 「こくみんのきゅうじつ」 “Citizen’s Holiday”

1月 January

元日 「がんじつ」New Year’s Day - January 1st

成人の日 「せいじんのひ」Coming of Age Day - Second Monday of January (January 9th 2017, January 8th 2018, January 14th 2019)
This holiday is to celebrate/congratulate those who have reached the age of 20 and thus have entered adulthood. Ceremonies, similar to graduation ceremonies, are held across the country in which the boys dress in suits or hakama and the girls dress in colorful furisode.

3月 February
建国記念の日 「けんこくきねんのひ」National Foundation Day - February 11th
This day celebrates the foundation of Japan and the beginning of the Emperor Jimmu’s reign (He is said to have reigned from February 11th 660 BC to April 9th 585 BC).

3月 March

春分の日 「しゅんぶんのひ」 Vernal Equinox - March 20th or 21st (March 20th 2017, March 21st 2018, March 21st 2019)
Many people use this day to visit family grave sites.

4月 April

昭和の日 「しょうわのひ」Showa Day - April 29th
This is the first day of Golden Week. This day is to honor the birthday and reign of Emperor Showa, who was head of state during WW2 and during the recovery period following the war. When the holiday was officially instated in 2007 it was noted that the day is for public reflection on the hardships of Emperor Showa’s reign, rather than a glorification of it.

5月 May

憲法記念日 「けんぽうきねんび」Constitutional Memorial Day - May 3rd
The current Japanese’s Constitution came into effect on May 3rd, 1947 and thus May 3rd is associated with the democracy of Japan and the current Japanese government.

みどりの日 「みどりのひ」Greenery Day - May 4th
From 1989 to 2007 Greenery Day was on April 29th as a replacement for what had been the Emperor’s Birthday. However when Showa Day was created Greenery day was moved to May 4th partly because any day between two holidays was already a “Citizen’s Holiday” and thus it did not create any new days off in the public calendar.

こどもの日 「こどものひ」Children’s Day  - May 5th
(Last day of Golden week)
Children’s Day is to celebrate the happiness and well-being of children. This holiday used to be referred to as “Boy’s Day,” but since 1948 has been recognized as a day to celebrate all children and their parents. Girl’s Day (also called Doll’s Day and Hinamatsuri, March 3rd) is still celebrated but has never been made into a public holiday.

6月 June

There are no public holidays in June, which is probably for the best since it is the start of the rainy season.

7月 July

海の日 「うみのひ」Marine Day - Third Monday of July (July 17th 2017, July 16th 2018 , July 15th 2019)
A day to celebrate all that the seas provide and wish for the future prosperity of the ocean.

8月 August

山の日 「やまのひ」Mountain Day - August 11th
Once upon a time, in 2014, someone took a look at Marine Day and said “But what about the mountains???” And thus Mountain Day was created.**

**Not the actual origin story.

Legislation to recognize Mountain Day as a national holiday was passed in 2014 and was officially added to the calendars for 2016. The legislation refers to it as “A chance to become closer with the mountains and give thanks for their blessings”

9月 September

敬老の日 「けいろうのひ」Respect for the Aged Day - Third Monday in September (September 18th 2017, September 17 2018, September 16 2019)
A day to pay respect for those who have devoted themselves to the society for many years and to celebrate their longevity.

秋分の日 「しゅうぶんのひ」 Autumnal Equinox September 22nd or 23rd (September 23rd for 2017, 2018 and 2019)
Many people use this day to visit family grave sites.

10月 October

体育の日 「たいいくのひ」 Health and Sports Day - Second Monday of October (October 9th 2017, October 8th 2018 , October 14th 2019)
This day is to promote an active lifestyle. Many local sporting events as well as school activities are held on this day. It also takes place during the time of year in which the weather is usually fair and thus best for outdoor activity.

11月 November

文化の日 「ぶんかのひ」  Culture Day - November 3rd
Culture Day is for promoting culture, art and academics. Many local governments host art exhibits or parades on this day.

勤労感謝の日 「きんろうかんしゃのひ」Labour Thanksgiving Day - November 23rd
This is a day to recognize the efforts and production of the Japanese workforce. Probably the best known celebration on this day is a firework show held in Nagano.

12月 December

天皇誕生日 「てんのうたんじょうび」The Emperor’s Birthday - December 23rd
This holiday celebrates the birthday of the current Emperor and as such the date of it changes when a new Emperor takes the Chrysanthemum Throne. It is one of the few days when the general public are allowed to enter the grounds of the Imperial Palace for a public address.

podcast recs for the types

ENTP: Lovett or Leave It

Basically Pod Save America, but with more Jon Lovett and more jokes at the expense of Ted Cruz. A juggernaut. 

INTP: Pod Save America

Basically Lovett or Leave It, but with actual news.

INTJ: Pod Save The World

What? A news/politics podcast that isn’t America-centered?

INFJ: Radiolab

A classic. Typical deep, philosophical INFJ shit that makes you reconsider your entire life, but an episode only comes out once every seven years on the first blood moon of September at 9:43PM.

ENTJ: On The Media

Actually a pretty cool analysis of media-bias and the relationship between the press and the White House. 

INFP: 99% Invisible

A look at minor, random events that have been forgotten throughout history.

ISFP: S-Town

Be prepared to cry and rethink everything. 

ESTJ: More Perfect

Radiolab spin off that takes a look at the most monumental supreme court cases. Will also make you cry.

ISFJ: StoryCorps

Conversations, between people, about things. And stuff.

ISTP: Stuff You Should Know

From How Stuff Works. Stuff you definitely will never need to know, but probably should know, just in case.

ESTP: EconTalk


ESFJ: With Friends Like These

Another Crooked Media podcast, but with less comedy at the expense of Republican politicians and more “help how do I deal with my friends and family who think the government is actually comprised of secretive reptilian people that control everything about our society.”

ISTJ: Stuff You Missed In History Class

Also self-explanatory.

ENFP: This American Life

By the same people who produced S-Town, so you know it’s going to be good. 

ESFP: Pod Save The People

On the downside, another Crooked Media podcast. On the upside, I’ve now run out of Crooked Media podcasts to list.

ENFJ: Embedded

The revival of journalism, in my opinion. In depth stories and interviews; will also make you cry.

Six Pikachu wearing Ash’s Cap Event was announced for Japan

6 Pikachu using Ash’s Cap are going to be distribute for the Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! in Japan.

The event is going to be a serial code event, and it can be found on the movie tickets. Players can only get 1 code and it comes with a special Pikachushumium Z Crystal.

Event Dates:

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