It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show - Snatch Game is this week’s challenge on Drag Race!!

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hatred is too strong
       an emotion to waste on
            someone you don’t like

A Skeleton goes House Hunting

As I mentioned before, September has taken to looking at different containers and similar objects to see if he wants to live in them.

Today, he’s looking at a bit of an unusual object…

I really only bought this cage for decorative purposes. Are you sure about this, September?

The paper is so you won’t hurt your feet on the grating.

I guess you could say it’s open and lets in a lot of light…

…and that it comes with a nice step for you to sit on.

True, you can also climb on it.

And it does come with a pre-installed ‘friend.’

Oh, September…


There’s another ‘friend’ there, too.

It makes for a great perch?

Won’t you feel trapped behind bars, though?

You’re doing a sleep test. Okay.


You had a nightmare.

I must say I’m glad you won’t live in the cage. You’re not a pet.

Please don’t be sad. I promise we’ll find the right home for you yet, September.

SF9 Alignments

Lawful Good: Youngbin

Lawful Neutral: Taeyang

Lawful Evil: Hwiyoung

Neutral Good: Zuho

True Neutral: Rowoon

Neutral Evil: Chani

Chaotic Good: Inseong

Chaotic Neutral: Jaeyoon

Chaotic Evil: Dawon