She was discovered on the summit of Mount Ampato, Peru, on September 8th, 1995. It was a great honor in her Incan culture to be sacrificed. She was around 12-14 years old when it happened. The Incans believed that their god withheld bad events such as avalanches and supplied them with good things such as water when a sacrificed was performed.

When she was discovered she was almost entirely frozen and very well preserved. She was chosen and considered the most beautiful and innocent. Bodies further down the mountain weren’t considered as great as her. How did she die? A blow to the head. She was probably given a chicha, a strong hallucinogenic drink before the ritual was performed.


–Anthony Hecht, Poetry, September 1995

David Yezzi at The Wall Street Journal looks at The Selected Letters of Anthony Hecht, He writes: “Hecht’s letters, like his poems, rekindle the past, with their episodic account of Hecht’s eventful life and its roll call of friends and fellow poets, including Robert Lowell, Allen Tate, Richard Wilbur, Anne Sexton and James Merrill.“ Harriet has more on Hecht’s "second life.”