Produce 101 birthdays

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Choi Heesu 1 Jan 1997

Takada Kenta 10 Jan 1995

Son Dongmyung 10 Jan 2000

Jung Woncheol 12 Jan 1996

Lee Insoo 16 Jan 1996

Kim Samuel 17 Jan 2002

Choi Dongha 18 Jan 1996

Kim Dahyun 23 Jan 1992

Jo Yonggeun 23 Jan 1995

Choi Taewoong 26 Jan 1994

Yu Seonho 28 Jan 2002

Lee Daehwi 29 Jan 2001


Yoo Hoyeon 6 Feb 1998

Kim Yeonguk 8 Feb 1995

Kwon Hyeop 10 Feb 1998

Jang Daehyun 11 Feb 1997

Justin 19 Feb 2002

Kim Yongjin 20 Feb 1997

Joo Wontak 24 Feb 1996

Yoo Jinwon 25 Feb 1997

Kim Chanyul (Yul) 27 Feb 1992 (Thx)


Kim Yongguk (Jin Longguo) 2 March 1996

Kwon Hyunbin 4 March 1997

Jung Sihyun 6 March 1991

Yoon Jisung 8 March 1991

Joo Haknyeon 9 March 1999 

Jung Jung 18 March 1996

Kim Dongbin 19 March 2001

Ha Sungwoon 22 March 1994


Lee Woojin 2 April 2003 (Youngest!)

Lee Euiwoong 5 April 2001

Lee Youjin 6 April 1992

Kim Sungri 6 April 1994

Jang Moonbok 11 April 1995

Byun Hyunmin 17 April 1999


-Kim Sihyun 6 May 1998

Bae Jinyoung 10 May 2000

Jung Dongsu 11 May 1991 (Thx)

Choi Hadon (Sanchung) 14 May 1993(Thx)

-Han Jongyeon 21 May 1998

Kim Sanggyun (A-tom) 23 May 1995

Kim Jaehwan 27 May 1996

Park Jihoon 29 May 1999 

Jung Sewoon 31 May 1997

Woo Jinyoung 31 May 1997


Kim Chan 1 June 1996

Park Seungwoo 7 June 1988

Lee Gunmin 7 June 1996

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 8 June 1995

Yoon Heeseok 10 June 1997

Kim Hyunwoo 15 June 1998

Jo Sungwook 19 June 1996

Yoo Hoeseung 22 June 1995

Kim Namhyung 24 June 1993

Lee Kiwon 27 June 1996

Lee Geonhee 27 June 1998 (Thx)


Kim Jaehan 1 July 1995

Lee Seokyu 1 July 1998

Kim Yehyun 2 July 1999

Kim Donghan 3 July 1998

Yoo Kyungmok 20 July 1994

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 21 July 1995

Lee Hoolim 23 July 1993

Lee Gwanghyun 23 July 1998

-Kim Taemin 24 July 1995


Park Woodam 2 Aug 1995

Lee Jihan 3 Aug 1998

Park Heeseok 9 Aug 1992

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 9 Aug 1995

Ahn Hyungseob 9 Aug 1999

Ong Seungwoo 25 Aug 1995

Jo Kyemin 26 Aug 1993

Yeo Hwanwoong 26 Aug 1998

Seo Sunghyuk 26 Aug 1999

-Nam Yoonsung 29 Aug 1996

Kim Sangbin 30 Aug 1995


Jung Joongji 5 Sep 1992

Han Minho 9 Sep 1997

Kim Donghyun 17 Sep 1998

Lai Guan Lin 23 Sep 2001 (Thx!)

Hong Eunki 29 Sep 1997

Choi Jaewoo 30 Sep 1997


Jo Jinhyung 13 Oct 1996

No Taehyung (Kid monster) 15 Oct 1993

Wang Minhyuk 17 Oct 1994

Lee Junwoo 18 Oct 1998

Jung Hyojun 19 Oct 1993


Park Woojin 2 Nov 1999

Choi Minki (Ren) 3 Nov 1995

Kim Taedong 7 Nov 1997

Yoon Yongbin 27 Nov 1995

Choi Junyoung 30 Nov 1996

Im Woohyeok 30 Nov 1994


Kang Daniel 10 Dec 1996

-Ha Minho 10 Dec 1998

Choi Seunghyuk 14 Dec 1999

Kim Taewoo 16 Dec 1993

Joo Jinwoo 17 Dec 1993

Im Youngmin 25 Dec 1995

Sung Hyunwoo 31 Dec 1996

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The Batman Adventures, issue # 35 (September 1995).

Catwoman convinces an amnesiac Batman that he is a burglar.

There are two things I really like here. Firstly, Catwoman does not want Batman to reveal his identity to her which shows that she actually cares about him. Secondly, Batman’s comment about not betraying her was a nice touch. It’s a cute scene.

Leave Requests!

Hello babes! First of all, thank you so much for the support and feedback on my posts so far, and already 100+ followers! It really encourages me to continue posting and providing content for you all  ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

I will be taking these types of requests:

Compatibility Requests

  • Please provide your sun, moon, mercury, venus, and mars, and rising/ascendant signs
  • Not all are necessary but at least your sun and moon signs
  • Ex: “My sun is __, moon is __, mercury is __, venus is __, mars is __, and ascendant is __. Which member am i most compatible with?”
  • I’ll tell you who and provide a short description explaining why
  • (Remember that this is just astrology and not set in stone, if you don’t get your bias that doesn’t mean it won’t work out~)

Synastry Requests

  • Synastry is an interpretation of your chart and a member of your choice
  • I’ll explore both positive and negative planetary interaspects between you two and give you a very detailed description of how a relationship with your bias would be like
  • Please provide your full birthday (day, month, year), birth time ( 12-hour am-pm time is prefered like 2:45 pm or 11:00am), and your birth city, state, and country (like Seoul, South Korea or Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Also choose one member 
  • Ex: “I was born on September 15, 1995 at 6:23am in Orlando, Florida and would like a synastry reading with Jungkook”
  • Please let me know if you’d like to be answered privately if you feel uncomfortable with your information being posted
  • NOTICE: Due to how personalized and detailed these readings are, I will only accept about 20 of these at a time, and will close requests until I complete the ones pending. I want each to be high quality for you guys and don’t wanna rush. Check my bio to see if requests are open or not. If they aren’t I’m probably completing the ones I have. Please be patient.

General BTS and Astrology Banter and Questions

  • I’m no expert but have been researching astrology for years and would be happy to answer any questions or comments in my inbox or messages when I have time
  • Can be BTS related or not
  • I also just wanna interact with you guys :D

(If you have any questions please refer to my FAQ)

In between requests I will still be posting content similar to the sun and moon sign interpretations I did earlier here and here. Right now I’m working on BTS as Boyfriends Based on Their Venus and Mars Signs and BTS in Bed (which will be 18+ wink wink), so follow if you’re interested in seeing those!

Thank you for reading this long ass post and thank you for future requests!

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Meet 7Senses

(*blows a kiss into the sky* for the anon that wanted to know them better)

7Senses is a sub-unit for chinese idol group SNH48. Their goal is to reach a global audience by mixing both Asian and international charms. The members had some extra training in South Korea where they improved their performance.

They recently debuted with their first song Girl Crush (MV) (Dance ver.). You can watch their full debut showcase here.

Members are, left to right: Bee, Diamond, Akira, Tako, Kiki, Eliwa & Lynn

Akira (Girl Crush teaser)

Bee (Girl Crush teaser)

Diamond (Girl Crush teaser)

Eliwa (Girl Crush teaser)

Kiki (Girl Crush teaser)

Lynn (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Chen Lin (陈琳).
  • She also has the nickname Datou (big head).
  • A member from SNH’s 4th generation, she’s in Team X.
  • Her weibo account.
  • She’s from Shanghai and was born on July 24, 1998. She’s the youngest 7Senses member.
  • So far she hasn’t ranked in any of the General Elections. Hopefully she’ll make it this year!
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 2 times for Engine of Youth and Dream Land.
  • Her unit in Team X’s original stage is Meng. She’s mostly on the left here, you can’t miss her.
  • She was in a special Team X performance of Hei Tian’e (from NII5).
  • She got to sub Sun Xinwen’s spot for Monster.
  • She and Tako performed AKB’s Wagamama na Nagareboshi at SNH’s recent idol festival.
  • She has only been in the group for two years + is not a regular senbatsu member. Also, she apparently shares her name with a Chinese solo singer, so if you wanna find stuff with her you might need to dig a little deeper. However you can easily spot her on Team X’s stuff.
  • Still, there’s some good material out there, like this solo performance.
  • She can braid her hair in less than a minute (?).
  • I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, but please just watch it. It’s almost 4am please forgive me.
  • Fact: her head is, indeed, big.

Tako (Girl Crush teaser)

  • Real name: Zhang Yuge (张语格)
  • A member from SNH’s 1st generation, she’s in Team SII.
  • She’s from Heilongjiang and was born on May 11, 1996.
  • Her weibo account. She also has an instagram.
  • She ranked #8 on the past General Election, a 3-spots drop compared to her 2015 rank, making her visibly upset and feeling like she has failed her team. You can see her speech here, Princess Cloak MV.
  • She’s been in SNH’s senbatsu a total of 12 times for Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki*, UZA, GIVE ME FIVE!, After Rain*, Manatsu no Sounds Good! (center), Halloween Night, New Year’s Bell*, Engine of Youth & Princess Cloak
  • She was not one of the performing members for Team SII’s original stage shonichi, but she has performed Xin Shijie (in the video she’s the one in blue).
  • She performed Tian Hei Riji at this year’s BEST 50.
  • She performed Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou with Bee three years ago.
  • She’s also centered Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate a few times, including this performance during last year’s TOP 16 mini-tour.
  • She also performed this with Team HII’s Liu Jiongran.
  • Here she is dancing to CLC’s High Heels. And here is PPAP Tako ver.
  • Her goal is acting, and she took one of the biggest roles in last year’s drama Campus Beauty. The whole thing is on YouTube and you can find it just by searching the Chinese title (贴身校花), but it’s not subbed so you have to either understand the language or be really committed to seeing the girls lol

I try to post regularly about them (specially Akira since she’s my love) but I’m super lazy and forgetful, so if you really wanna stay up to date you can follow @FY7SENSES on Twitter. And of course, follow the girls on their social media~

If you spot a mistake or anything else, you can send me an ask~

(* didn’t include links to the Heart Ereki, After Rain & New Year’s Bell MVs. After Rain is the theme of their documentary so the MV is not senbatsu-focused. The other two don’t have a real music video.)


Based on these documents:

Their full names revealed except for Estela whose middle name was canceled in black marker.
- Sean Marcus Gayle
- Raj Aditya Bhandarkar
- Grace Tamara Hall
- Estela Montoya

Their birthplace.
- Sean: Florida
- Raj: New York
- Grace: Washington D.C.
- Estela: Colombia

Their ages and birthdays.
- Sean: 14th of September 1995 (currently aged 21 and is a senior in his college??)
- Raj: 7th of October 1995 (same grade as Sean)
- Grace: 4th of April 1996 (currently aged 20)
- Estela: January 1996 (have or have not turned 21 this month)

Their backgrounds.
- Sean is the son of a Hall of Famer.
- Raj is actually a genius with an IQ of 178 and a business major.
- Grace is the daughter of Blaire Hall from RoE. (yes the stories are connected)
- Estela used to be in the military and has an ex-mentor.

Psychological profiles:
- Sean is a born leader.
- Raj did a property damage of the Sigma Chi Incident 3rd of July 2016 or 7th of March 2016???
- Grace has a criminal record. (that explains the mugshot)
- Estela is exceptionally determined, with the skills to pull off her goal.

Threat Assessment. (Idk what the numbers mean? Meaning the top number is a serious threat or what)
- Sean: 4
- Raj: 1
- Grace: 6
- Estela: Do not approach (Estela’s hiding something)

There’s also an extra note on Grace’s document, stating that her actions are unpredictable.

Can we trust these people, guys?