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Week 1 - The Haunted Hill (1/?)

Hi everyone! Since September seems so far away, I’ve decided to challenge myself to post one new Outlander artwork per week from now until the premiere! If you’re interested in following my art struggles, I’ll be posting every Monday and tagging as #oneweekcloser

Clean Slate Part 1 (Thomas Preference)

A/N - Hello everyone! Long time no see! I’m here with a Thomas preference for you all as requested by an Anon. The title may give it away but it is about the reader/OC losing her memory. There will be a part two to this one so please look forward to that. Enjoy my lovelies! :)

P.S - Also, just saw cover for James Dashner’s Fever Code and I’m so freaking excited!! September 2016 is too far away tho!!! :)

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You stirred awake after hearing soft beeping from beside your bed. When you tilted your head upward, you noticed it was a heart monitor. That was when you became aware of your surroundings. Was this an ER of some sort? Wires were attached to you and they were connected to different machinery, a small table beside you contained various scalpels and other instruments but what really caught your attention was the sign in front of your bed:

Property of WICKED

Subject A15

Clean Slate

WICKED? Clean Slate? What the heck does all this mean? Something seemed off. You quickly pushed yourself to a sitting position and pulled the wires from your hands and legs. Fear filled your veins causing your extremities to tremble violently. You swiftly tossed your legs over the bed, removing the last wires latched on your arm when the door slammed opened.

You looked up instantly. A man wearing a long white coat stepped inside accompanied by a woman who seemed to be taking vigorous notes on her notepad. “Good morning, glad to see you are awake,” the man stated with a crooked smile. He swiped his card on a keypad near the door and for a second you thought you saw lights flicker.  

“Clear,” an automated voice answered and that’s when the two stepped closer to your bed.

“I trust you had a good night sleep,” he stated calmly, “but why have you taken the wires off?

"What is this place? Why am I here?” you said with an edgy tone and the man began to take notice in your apprehension.

He placed his hands up and if you were an officer placing him under arrest. “Relax, I’m just trying to help you.”

“What are you talking about? Who are you?”

“AH! Sorry about that. My name is Jansen. This is my assistant, Beatrice. I know everything might seem confusing to you but trust me, we are here to help you. And these - he pointed to the wires thrown over the bed - are ways in which we can monitor your vital body functions and also get some nutrition in your body. You have become so frail.”

“Why? Is something wrong with me?”

Jansen raised his eyebrows. “You don’t know anything?”

“What?” you cried out in shock, “No! I don’t know anything! I don’t know why I’m here! I don’t even know who I am!”

“It’s ok, just calm down,” Jansen stated bringing his arms back up in defensive mode again. He checked the instruments once more to examine your health before nodding to his assistant, signaling her to leave. As soon as she exited the room, Jansen sat beside your bed while going through a few documents in his hand.

“I have a few questions, I just need a yes or no answer.”

“I’m not saying anything until you tell me why I am here.”

The man sighed before rubbing his forehead as if he was suffering from a severe headache. “We saved you from the Scorch, which is basically what our world has become today: a desolate wasteland with the Flare virus. Soon we will be transporting you to a safe haven where you will no longer be prone any danger and you can start anew.”

“The scorch … that’s outside?”

He nodded softly. “Do you remember anything?”

“Sometimes … I thought I heard things either in my head or  … Maybe from outside… Familiar voices, terrifying screams, and monstrous cries which can make you cringe. It’s all bits and pieces. What exactly is out there?”

“It’s all … bad memories.”

“Who’s WICKED?”

Jansen sighed lethargically, clearly annoyed by your constant questions. “Since you are part of the group who is immune to the Flare virus, you are also considered a target.”

“So WICKED wants something inside of me?”

“Yes, but don’t worry, you’re safe now. Now if we could just - ”

“Were there other people with me?” you asked abruptly, causing Jansen to stare at you surprisingly, “The voices in my head belonged to them … right?” You didn’t know why you just blurted that question out. Maybe you wanted to feel as if you weren’t alone. That there were others and maybe, just maybe you did have a family. “Why am I the only one here?”

Jansen leaned back on his chair. He stared at you long enough to nearly burn a hole through your skull. “Interesting,” he murmured, “On the contrary, we found you in the Scorch alone. So whoever these ‘people’ are must be from your- ”

“I am not making things up.”

Jansen chuckled. “I didn’t mean any offense. I am just trying to do my job. Part of which involves helping you get in touch with reality. Whoever you were before, she doesn’t exist anymore. Your only choice now, is letting me help you. Are you willing to do that?”

You sighed. Do you have any other choice? Before you could answer, a blaring alarm roared through the facility causing you to shiver in shock.

“Oh shit,” Jansen murmured.

“What’s going on?”

“Looks like we have company.”

“Who? Those things from outside?”

Jansen scoffed. “Please, cranks are easier to deal with than this.”

“Who is it?”

Before he could answer, the door slammed open. There you saw Beatrice accompanied by a few officers dressed in black. However, it wasn’t the officers which caught your attention but the people who they were dragging in by the collar. They took a few steps into the room before throwing them onto the floor.

“If that shank ever touches me again,” a rough voice came from one of the bodies. The muscular Asian boy who spoke stood up accompanied by a few other tall males who seemed to be of similar age with you. One of them stepped to the front who you thought to be their leader. Similar to the others, his skin was slightly sunburned and a bit tan and he looked exhausted as if he had been running for hours. Within seconds of scanning the room, his eyes landed on you. He seemed worried yet also relieved. His eyes followed your arms to the wires connected to the various instruments in the room.

“Hello Thomas. You have a lot of guts coming back here,” Jansen stated.

Back here?

“Let her go, Jansen,” the boy stated in firm tone, “I’m not let leaving without her.”

“I don’t think that’s up to you to decide,” Jansen replied with a smirk.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Thomas asked, “Y/N! Come on!”

You assumed this strange boy was talking to you. The only problem was you had no idea who he is.


You cringed back, a bit confused at your current predicament. “I’m sorry, but who are you?”

It only took those few words to wreak havoc among the boys. They immediately grew just as shocked as you were, only there was a glint of grief in their eyes, almost as if your words had physically wounded them. Some of them exchanged looks with one another and others continued to stare at you. But only of them had your attention. Thomas.

He looked more wounded than the rest of them. He stepped forward. “W-what did y-you do to her?” he stammered.

Jansen scoffed. “Do to her? You’re making it seem like I’m the bad guy here. Thomas, have you completely forgotten why she ended up in the scorch alone? Who was responsible for abandoning her? You Thomas.”

A silence filled the room. You looked back at the boy in shock. He was the reason you were alone? Anger filled his eyes. He looked as if he was about to explode any second.

“That was a mistake,” he stated furiously.

“Mistakes which you seem to make so often.”

“Enough! I’m done with your shit. Give her back!” he exclaimed and ran forward. He didn’t even make it past two steps when he crashed and fell hard on the ground.

Jansen chuckled. “You really think I’d make it this easy for you?” You squinted hard and noticed a tiny shimmer in the area before you. A force field or an invisible barrier of some sort blocked you from the other boys. That’s when you remembered when Jansen and Beatrice first walked in, they had to slide their access card on the keypad before traveling further into the room. The keypad was to remove the barrier. Were you really that important that they would need to go to such extremes to protect you? What was going on here?

The other boys helped Thomas up but he didn’t last long in their arms since he ran forward and banged his fists against the barrier. “Damn you Jansen! I’m not going to let you take her from me.” He continued to crazily hit the clear wall that you were afraid his fists would end up bleeding.

“I had enough of this nonsense,” Jansen replied, removing the wires from your body and pulled you off the bed. He lead you to a door in the back. You glanced back at the boys who were frantically calling you. They seemed to look like they care for you, yet Jansen revealed they were the ones who left you alone. You were too confused to be making any final decisions.

“Y/N! Don’t do this!” Thomas yelled as if his life depended on it, “It’s me! Its Thomas! Your Thomas! Please, Y/N! YOU CANT FORGET ME!”

Your felt a slight twinge in your chest as Jansen closed the doors behind you drowning out the screams from the other room. Those cries didn’t seem crazy but so desperate and full of pain and anguish. It nearly splintered your heart. You slithered your arms away from Jansen and turned to face him.

“Who were they? Do I know them?”

Jansen smiled in a way that sent a shiver through your spine. “I don’t want to confuse you with that info. The only thing left to do now is get you to our farm, or the safe haven. The only condition is that we run a few tests for WICKED.”


“Yes, I guess you can say we have a … mutual agreement.”

“I thought you said WICKED is harming people.”

“On the contrary my dear” Jansen replied while cornering you, “WICKED IS GOOD.”

I have regretted of not to ask my 2 Disney stores far away Back in September last year ugh so long of the search not hunt I finally got Disney’s Beast limited edition doll set I can’t wait to see him soon, I’m not looking forward to the action film some of the best lines are replaced by real world books and a guy that’s forgetting things he has a name not the baker anymore “Good morning Belle” “Morning monsieur!” BAKER: Where are you off to? BELLE: The bookshop! I just finished the most wonderful story, about a beanstalk and an ogre and… BAKER: (Ignoring her) That’s nice…Marie, the baguettes! Hurry And The best line mentions Aladdin Ah, Belle! BELLE: Good morning. I’ve come to return the book I borrowed. BOOKSELLER: (Putting the book back on the shelf) Finished already? BELLE: Oh, I couldn’t put it down! Have you got anything new? BOOKSELLER: (laughing) Not since yesterday. BELLE: (on ladder of bookshelf) That’s all right. I’ll borrow… this one. BOOKSELLER: That one? But you’ve read it twice! BELLE: Well it’s my favorite! (BELLE swings off side of ladder, rolling down it’s track) Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise! BOOKSELLER: (handing her the book) Well, if you like it all that much, it’s yours! BELLE: But sir! BOOKSELLER: I insist! BELLE: Well thank you. Thank you very much! (leaves bookshop) I’m not seeing that Real action until my birthday 22nd March So there’s a lot of Spoilers in my face before then Anyways please like and enjoy “Little hero’s!”

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Okay, so this September I’m moving away from home - far enough that I’m not going to be able to visit my family all that often, and so whilst my brothers are pretty upset about it, they decided they wanted to make something for me to take with me. 


This was the box it in - it’s really cool and they covered sides and bottom as well. Open and





LOOK HOW AWESOME THEY LOOK (they also put tictaks in the mentats tin which is pretty cool)







Not to put too fine a point on it, but I can’t believe that Rookie is going to be three years old in just a few days. We’re basically a weird toddler! FEELING PRETTY DYNAMITE ABOUT IT.



I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Hopefully they’ll get answered.

Oh man please DLC give me the one conversation I’ve been wanting for the Solasmance. Just give her that closure of knowing who he really is and I’m good.

And let me keep what looked like a tamed dragon. Okay not really on the last one but wouldn’t that be fun INQUISITOR OUT–summons a dragon and they just ride away.

Can you tell I’m excited?


Field mice - September’s not so far away - 1991

  • me: omfg there is a project jaspar
  • me: i wonder what its about
  • me: why are they painting
  • me: why are they dressed as chefs
  • me: why do they look like statues
  • me: caspar changed his header to joe!!!!!
  • me: jaspar changed their header
  • me: jaspar posted a pic on instagram
  • me: september 1 come faster!
  • me: wtf they deleted all their social media activities
  • me: are they even alive
  • me: September 1 is so far away
  • me: im beyond ready for this shit
  • me: project jaspar is tomorrow
  • me: i am clearly not ready for this
  • Me, on a date: Ughh I can't wait for Queen of Shadows. September is so far away
  • Them: Oh, I think i'm getting it soon, Book Depository shipped them out
  • Me,in rage,shoving breadsticks in to my purse: How dare you get it before me– ughh why are you still sitting there let's go!!!!
  • Them: where...
  • Me, huffing in impatience: Didn't I tell you? I'm camping out at your house until you get it. Obvs