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March 2017 me: You are gonna become so disgustingly obsessed with this show Yuri on Ice that it’s absolutely disgusting. Like you thought you had superficial interests in sports anime. But just you wait and see. 

September 2016 me: sounds fake but okay



hello all! school’s been killing me lately so i haven’t had time to upload new content, sorry about that.. can u guys believe it’s the -ber months already??? three months until 2018 i’m Shook,,

anyways, here’s my september spread! i decided to go with an orange theme this month bc september sounds like the color orange… that sounds weird :“))

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Imagine road trips with Chris.

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You stared at your MacBook, at the open Pages document with your latest screenplay that was- in your standards- far from done, and watched the line blink. You reread the final scene for what felt like the hundredth time and still felt like something was missing. You were working on a romantic drama; a genre you would’ve written with ease three years ago, but not now. Let’s just say that since Chris became a part of your life, there has been a lack of dramatic experiences.

There was no such thing as perfect but Chris came pretty close to it; he was sweet and kind and compassionate and loyal. He loved you with everything he had and he always made sure you left him after each encounter with a smile on your face. You were living a fairytale so how were you meant to write a tragedy?

“What’s wrong?” Chris reached for your hand and pulled it to his lips. “You look stressed.” He mumbled against your skin then pressed a tender kiss to the back of your hand. “Well- more stressed than usual.”

“That’s ‘cause I am more stressed than usual.” You answered, taking your hand back from him. “I’ve been working on this script for- God knows how long and it’s still so-” you groaned exasperatedly, “unfinished. Alex will probably give me an extension but- it doesn’t matter because I don’t know how to write it.”

“I think you do know how to write it and you’re just overthinking again.” He said as you turned off your MacBook and put it in the backseat. “Baby,” he chuckled softly and entwined his fingers with yours when you reach for his hand, “you’re a really good writer. I know because I’ve read all your work, whether it’s your personal writing or stuff for work- it’s all good.”

“Your judgement is askew,” you chuckled softly.

“Because I’m your boyfriend?” He quizzed rhetorically. “How dare you?” He scoffed, feigning offense. “I don’t mix work with pleasure.” You rolled your eyes because that was how the two of you got together. “As an actor and a man who’s dabble with directing- I think I know good writing when I see it, and your writing is amazing.”

“Really?” You countered, trying not to laugh. “And how is my cooking?” You asked and answered for him. “Amazing, right? And my makeup skills? Amazing, also.” You answered before he could and he chuckled softly; you had a point. “And my photography skills? I believe you said that-”

“I’m sorry you’re perfect and amazing at everything.” He cut you off, trying not to smile. “God, it’s not my fault your parents made you so freaking flawless.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t contain your smile. “Sorry, you are flawed. You are a chronic over-thinker and a perfectionist, and not in a good way.”

“Yeah? Well- you’re too perfect and the reason I can’t get this script done.” He raised an eyebrow. “It’s a romantic drama and you don’t cause me enough heartache and angst to give me the experience I need to write it,” you told him and he laughed. “Honestly,” you bit back your smile as you pretended to scold him, “can’t you just be a douchebag for a second of your life?”

“You’re an idiot,” he shook his head, laughing.

“It takes one to know one.” You shot him a wink and kicked your feet up on the dash. “Speaking of, why’d you shave?” You raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “I can’t believe you had time to, you basically dragged me out the door in my pajamas.”

“Don’t be dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “You’re not in pajamas, are you.”

“Yeah, because I fought you to go get change first.” You grabbed the iPod and pulled up the playlist, narrowing your eyes at the unfamiliarity. “Kanye West, seriously?” You scrunched your face in annoyance and he laughed. “As a fan of Taylor Swift, I am not happy to see his music on here. Christopher Robert Evans,” you chuckled as you teased him, “I guess you’re not as perfect as I thought.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not mine.”

“So Captain America steals,” you smirked, “who would’ve thought?”

“Captain America has done worst than steal an iPod, and we’re borrowing.” He pulled his hand out of yours and tapped your knees. “Take your feet off the dash, Missy. Your feet are perfect but I don’t need your footprints on my dash to remind me.”

“Why are guys so protective over their cars?” You quizzed as you did what you were told, plugging out the iPod to plug in your iPhone so you could play music you actually wanted to listen to and could actually sing along to.

“We’re protect what we love, it’s an instinct.” He answered then glanced at you, smiling. “We’re protective over our girls too,” he told you. You chuckled softly as the memory of him causing a scene at the bar came back; another patron tried to hit on you- in a less than polite way- while you were getting a drink, and Chris- well, he was not happy. “But you already know that.”

“Yes, and I love protective Chris.” You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I also love caring Chris, he always takes care of me after I decide to go out and get wasted.” You said and he chuckled. “And reassuring Chris, he can always make me feel better about the things I feel worst about. I just- I love you,” you smiled at him.

“I love you too,” he smiled back.

“I’m actually really glad to be getting out of town,” you admitted and went back to fiddling with your music. You pulled up your 'Favorites’ playlist and put it on shuffle, the song that came up- 'I Do’ by Colbie Caillat- brought a smile on Chris’ face because it reminded him of his upcoming proposal. “I could use the distraction, it’s not like I’m going to do anything productive at home.”

“True,” he agreed with a nod. “Stress you would probably just pace the hallways while eating Fruit Loops straight from the box, or Gummi Bears. It’s quite disconcerting,” he glanced at you and chuckled when you rolled your eyes. “But you’re cute, so- I don’t mind.”

You tapped your finger on your lap to the beat of the song and smiled at how sweet the song was; it was an oldie but definitely a goodie. It was the perfect song to listen to, really, considering how many of your friends were about to do what the song said at their upcoming weddings. You loved weddings and you couldn’t wait till you finally had your own with Chris. It wasn’t a subject the two of you had to verbally discuss, the longing looks and knowing smiles were always enough. Both your parents and his had been begging the two of you to tie the knot for years now, but with his schedule and yours- the timing hasn’t always been what you needed it to be. It was fine, you weren’t in a rush; you loved him and he loved you, that was more than enough for now.

“I can’t wait for Carly and Ben’s wedding,” Chris said and drew you out of your thoughts. “I think it’s going to be lovely, even though it’s happening a week before Christmas. It’s strange, really. But- hey, each to their own.”

“I think a December wedding is nice, but- you’re probably right about having it clash with the holidays,” you agreed and he nodded with pursed lips. “Personally, I’d have a wedding in September. I always think a Fall wedding would be beautiful, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled, “September sounds like a perfect time to have a wedding. We should probably put that in the books,” he told you and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face. “You know,” he glanced at you then turned back to the road to hide his excited smile, “for our future reference.”

“I’m not putting anything in the books until I see a ring on my finger,” you joked.

He reached for your left hand and drew it to his lips, pressing a kiss on your ring finger.

“Duly noted.”

Homura’s Flash Reviews [September 2017]

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Sound! Euphonium (Hibike! Euphonium)

Following the development and growth of a high school concert band, Sound! Euphonium is a story about hard work, ambition, and reaching the goals that you initially only believed in on paper.

Overall, this was, I think, a very, very good anime, and I will be watching the sequel.  The animation is absolutely glorious, the characters generally feel very real and very much like real high schoolers, the music is great, and so much about it is inspiring.  I found myself feeling nostalgic for long days of practice in choir or when I was taking flute lessons, working hard to make beautiful music together.

The cons, though: unfortunately, the series suffers from same-face, which is unfortunate because otherwise, the designs are very cute.  It just would have been nice to see a bit more facial variety.  And as muuuch as I loved the relationship of Reina and Kumiko, there was that constant niggling reminder that all of it was queer bait and queer bait alone that occasionally soured the experience.

overall: 8/10

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Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon)

I went from one music anime to the next music anime, lol.  This one follows MC Kaoru, a rich, intelligent boy who’s moved from school to school for his whole life.  He meets delinquent Sentaro and his childhood friend Ritsuko at his newest school, and the two of them pull him into the world of jazz music.

Okay, I’ll be up front with you guys, I stopped watching partway through episode 5.  The good things about this anime: the animation was absolutely lovely, very smooth and the style was super nice.  I appreciated the art style as something charming and endearing in its almost old-timey style, even though generally it wasn’t my cup of tea aesthetically.

But overall?  It was honestly boring as shit.  I don’t know if this is just me being overstimulated, but I couldn’t care less about the characters.  This was supposed to be about jazz music, but instead it’s about sort of boring characters in a very, VERY boring heterosexual love trapezoid, and god, I was so bored.  I tried to force myself through because it has great reviews, but I had to just…quit, when Kaoru told a 12-year-old in episode 5 that a boy who pulls her hair and is mean to her probably just likes her.  I don’t even care if it’s the timeframe or the culture, I just…no more.

overall: 4/10

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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

This is one I’ve been meaning to watch for a while.  A gag anime, it follows Chiyo Sakura, a high school student with a crush on a boy in another class, Nozaki, whom she finds out is actually a popular manga artist. She becomes involved with him when he mistakes her love confession as a declaration of being a fan of his manga, and ends up interacting with a whole host of colorful characters when she becomes his manga assistant.

This was…honestly, exactly what I expected lol.  It was a cute, funny anime that legitimately had me holding my sides from laughter more often than not.  The characters were legitimately fun, endearing, and honestly more than one was very unique from a lot of other anime casts I’ve seen. I’m honestly a sucker for the manga-artist plot in cute anime like this, and I found it ridiculously endearing.  The animation and sound direction was pretty decent overall.  The only thing that reallyyyy bothered me was that in the end, none of the romantic pairs in the series were very interesting??  Like they were almost obnoxious, most of the time that was funny but the rest of the time it was just frustrating that these people were not communicating or understanding each other at all.

overall: 7/10

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Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi)

Former manga artist Satoru has the mysterious ability called Revival: just before something horrible happens, he finds himself transported back in time a few minutes before the accident occurs, so that he can prevent it. When he comes home to find his mother murdered and himself blamed for it, he Revivals back 18 years–to his hometown where a series of abduction murders of his classmates took place when he was a child. To save the children and his mother in the future, Satoru takes it on himself to protect the victims and catch the killer.

This show was…fucking fantastic. I put off watching this show for ages but god, I wish I hadn’t.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire show.  I had this ridiculous feeling of delicious nervousness in my stomach the entire time.  Even though the twist became painfully obvious by the eighth episode, it didn’t matter–the momentum had been built up so wonderfully that it was impossible to stop, and knowing the twist only made that more intense.  This show was absolutely beautiful in its animation, music, and story.  The character designs and personalities were all beautifully unique and endearing, and the emotional connections formed between the characters were heart-touching. I stayed up until 2:30 am so that I could finish this on the day before I had to go to work in the morning.  Worth it.

A lot of the few low reviews marked this show down for not being a good mystery, and if you want to watch it, I beg of you not to go into it looking for a mystery story.  That’s not, and never was the point.  This is a story about friendship, trust, and love, and it should every bit be taken as such.

overall: 10/10

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Little Witch Academia

When Atsuko Kagari was a child, she attended the magic show of Shiny Chariot, a popular and extravagant witch with incredible magic!  Ever since that day, “Akko” has been determined to attend the school Chariot did, Luna Nova, in order to learn how to become as great of a witch as Chariot, and bring smiles to everyone with her magic–the only problem is, she’s not from a magical family, and her magic is almost nothing to speak of.

This show was–omg.  This was such a good month of anime for me.  The animation is refreshing and endearing; it’s clearly not the highest quality, but in some cases that only served to make it even MORE endearing!  The character designs are wonderfully unique and adorable, and every single character is so much fun to get to know and love–even the antagonist is great!  With wonderful music and an absolutely adorably eccentric world, I consumed this 25-episode anime in just a little less than a week, which is a big deal for me!

As some downsides, though, I thought maybe the magic wasn’t really…fleshed out?  Like, it was hard to understand what it was and what it could do.  And while the plot was a lot of fun, I think it might have taken just a little too long to get into the meat of what it wanted to do with the story, taking a lot of time for filler episodes that didn’t always even contribute to character development.  Similarly, there were a few weird threads going on the background that never fully got the screentime that I think they deserved, like whatever political intrigue was supposedly happening.  And I was very sad to see Lotte and Sucy kind of disappearing in the second half of the series :(

Other than that, this show was immensely endearing and inspiring and I couldn’t stop watching, if somehow you haven’t already seen it (cause I’m always behind the times) I sincerely recommend it!

overall: 9/10




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A while ago, @thecrownedrose and I discovered that we had been chasing each other in follower numbers for a while, so we decided that if we hit 1000 followers within a week of each other, we would join together to do a big celebration. We did it, and so, quite a lot later, this is that celebration! 


While I was posting Cherchez la Femme, I discovered that my wifey was really, really good at making moodboards, unlike myself. She’s the one that made the moodboard for each post of CLF. So we decided to combine drabbles and moodboards. She does the moodboards and writes the majority of the fluff, and I write all of the angst and smut, and all the Winterboneless fluff, more on that later. 

THIS WILL BE GOING ON FOR TWO WEEKS. Saturday, September 2–Saturday, September 16.

Sound good so far?


1. If you request a drabble OR a moodboard, you may have up to three (3).

2. If you request a drabble AND a moodboard, you may have up to two (2)

3. Lucy and I will be in communication for the whole celebration, so you can request it on either blog and we’ll share with each other.

4. PLEASE stick to the limit. Lucy teaches small humans for a living and I am currently working part time and trying to find a better job, so we’re busy. That’s why this is going on for two weeks instead of just one. That, and 99% of the time, I have absolutely terrible wifi. 


6. Everything will be posted (or reblogged) on both blogs. I will be tagging each drabble/moodboard as “1000″ and with the name of the character most prominently featured. So if you request a moodboard and a drabble with Winterboneless, the tag will read “1000 Winterboneless”.


7. DO NOT REPOST THE DRABBLES OR THE MOODBOARDS. PLEASE CREDIT US, ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE THEM IN A LARGER FIC. It’s fine if you do, just say “made by” or “inspired by” and tag us. No big deal–we’ll love it.


1. Bucky Barnes (MCU)

2. Chase Collins (The Covenant)

3. Carter Baizen (Gossip Girl)

4. Lance Tucker (The Bronze)

5. Chris Beck (The Martian)


7. Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)

8. Ivar (Vikings)

*If you see a character that’s not on this list, run it by either of us and we’ll see what we can do.


We are aware that we are going to be getting A LOT of requests for Winterboneless because it seems to be Tumblr’s new pet pairing. We are begging you, PLEASE try to remember that this is not the only pairing we can do. Winterboneless is basically the reason rule 7 exists (there are so many people that like it, there are definitely going to be a few repeats, and we will not do the same request twice!). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, give us variety. We have lots of characters to play with here.

We love every single one of you and we’re both hoping to give back! OUR FOLLOWERS ARE AWESOME!