september horoscopes

Signs as the months that best describe them

Aries: August - Sticky hot, dry, everyone wants summer to end already

Taurus: March - mild, but often rainy and grey, people know that better times are coming soon

Gemini: February - murky and cool, but calm

Cancer: September - sunny, mildly warm, looking forward to the rainy autumn

Leo: January - cold, snowy & gorgeous. A new beginning

Virgo: December -  cold but the streets are decorated for Christmas, that people await with excitement

Libra: April - warm, sunny from time to time, the quietest weather, people chasing easter eggs

Scorpio: October - weather changes every second, from sun to rain, Halloween decorations

Sagittarius: July - hot, lazy month, everyone is on holidays, enjoying the sun, resting

Capricorn: November - dull, windy and depressive time of the year, waiting for the long winter

Aquarius: June - Finally summer, sunbathing, relaxing

Pisces: May - warm, sunny, making plans for the summer, awaiting the holidays with excitement


Virgo, you are the lover who finds everyone at the most crucial time in their lives.

Libra, it is impossible not to grow around you.

Scorpio, do not fall in love with your sadness again.

Sagittarius, you have the ability to make everyone in your company feel magical by association.

Capricorn, you are the one that sparkles and floats through a room.

Aquarius, you have to sleep.

Pisces, let go of your guilt for having a body.

Aries, there is nothing romantic about hating yourself.

Taurus, do what you need to do to recharge.

Gemini, your heart has a remarkable memory.

Cancer, you have the gift of being able to make people feel something.

Leo, stop trying to please those who hurt you.
—  SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2015)

Leo, this ghost you’ve nicknamed terror is really called courage.

Virgo, you do not have to be liked to be powerful.

Aquarius, nothing is infinite unless you make it so.

Pieces, lay waste to the versions of yourself living in other people’s heads.

Libra, one day you will forget what it was to hurt like this.

Sagittarius, you do not need any excuses to love.

Taurus, you are the beautiful stranger that people tell their children about.

Capricorn, you deserve the light that is coming to you.

Gemini, your heart is a riptide.

Cancer, it does not have to speak your language to be beautiful.

Aries, sometimes getting out of bed is the strongest thing you can do.

Scorpio, let yourself close this chapter without regret.

—  topaz winters // little horoscopes for september

ARIES: i hope you find yourself in a safe place. i miss you deeply.

TAURUS: thank you for making me laugh at funerals. you have the power to dust over sadness.

GEMINI: you are a specific skillset waiting to be discovered. harness the good things inside of you, and keep them warm.

CANCER: my love for you runs deeper than the song lyrics inked along your wrist, please don’t forget how much i need you.

LEO: you are the rose to my bumblebee. i am never stronger than when i am by your side. persevere, my little sunshine.

VIRGO: you’ve got a smile that’s violet, and your eyes light up maps. hold yourself gently.

LIBRA: you are brisk like lemonade and liquor mixed together, and i want to paint you into a masterpiece. if you are looking for something to believe in, this is it.

SCORPIO: you are pure and beautiful, and i miss your sweet obsidian smile and lyrical tongue. find yourself a home.

SAGITTARIUS: carry those shoulders high.

CAPRICORN: burn the brightest in every room

AQUARIUS: cry as much as you need to, whenever you need to. it doesn’t make you any less of a person. this is partial reconstruction.

PISCES: listen to your favorite songs, blasting loud on the radio of your car or record player and try to forget the world a little while. you’re my favorite day dreamer.

Random Love Spreading

Intelligent people are born in January.🖤
Romantic people are born in February.💕
Caring people are born in March. 💞
Special people are born in April.💚
Sweet people are born in May.❣️
Awesome people are born in June.💛
Beautiful people are born in July.💜
Amazing people are born in August.❤️
Smart people are born in September.💝
Friendly people are born in October.💘
Lovable people are born in November.💖
Crazy people are born in December.💙

the signs on a rollercoaster
  • taurus: laughs the whole time
  • gemini: doesn't get on
  • cancer: "what fuck the"
  • leo: attempts to take a snapchat story and drops their phone
  • virgo: dies
  • libra: "BITCH FUFJJFJ"
  • scorpio: gets hit in the face by leo's phone
  • sagittarius: pukes
  • capricorn: gets puked on by sagittarius
  • aquarius: cries
  • pisces: falls asleep
the signs as ads from the 2015 vogue september issue
  • aries: balmain. you are a dungeon space lesbian in black glitter pinstripe longsleeve dresses
  • taurus: ralph lauren. join a herd of moose
  • gemini: prada. you are a fresh-faced woman child with an "eccentric" top-knot. wear jewel encrusted neon tweed, high collar, and fugly-ass croc loafers
  • cancer: dolce & gabbana. force everyone to wear red roses to the family reunion
  • leo: versace. stand somewhere industrial wearing a minidress covered in giant sequin letters spelling your name. it's hideous but it's flashy
  • virgo: land's end. why are you here. you weren't built for this
  • libra: etro. no one knows where the rug ends and you begin
  • scorpio: valentino. you and the whole coven wear neck-to-ankle black leather
  • sagittarius: chanel. punk tweed
  • capricorn: georgio armani. rip the green felt off a pool table and wrap it around your torso. stare into the GREYNESS
  • aquarius: fendi. you are kendall jenner cosplaying a sheep
  • pisces: burberry. the paparazzi catches you even though you are cleverly disguised as a fabric store remnant bin
the signs on their holidays from work
  • aries: goes out with friends and makes it unforgettable
  • taurus: drives around looking for something to do
  • gemini: watches movies and tv shows all day and night
  • cancer: catches up with friends or family
  • leo: finds some really good new music to indulge in
  • virgo: gets their life together
  • libra: reads buzzfeed articles and takes quizzes
  • scorpio: does something productive like read a book
  • sagittarius: gets coffee with someone they haven't seen in a while
  • capricorn: does a little cleaning
  • aquarius: has multiple existential crises
  • pisces: rearranges and redecorates their room
Monthly Horoscope for September 2015
  • Aries: Learn to be more cautious in your financial dealings this month.
  • Taurus: Share yourself and your possessions with close friends to attract good karma amongst each other.
  • Gemini: You will soon embark on a business venture.
  • Cancer: The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.
  • Leo: Happy events will soon take place in your home.
  • Virgo: A long time admirer who thinks highly of you will soon reveal themselves.
  • Libra: An important message from a distance is coming.
  • Scorpio: Use your charm and personality to obtain your wishes.
  • Sagittarius: You are the key to your own success; assess carefully the choices you make.
  • Capricorn: Seize from every moment its uniqueness.
  • Aquarius: A good position and a comfortable salary is within your reach.
  • Pisces: Luck helps those who help themselves.


Your destiny awaits, book in hand


Dear Virgo, it’s finally your birthday month, and you’re on top of the world - as you should be! You may still be reeling from the effects of the solar eclipse a few days ago, so put that excess of energy to good use: take a class that intimidates you a little bit, say the thing you’ve been wanting to say, get that wild haircut you’ve been dreaming of! This is your time to be bold. As you ponder which leap to take, be careful: you have two wildly contrasting planets vying for your attention: brash Mars and cautious Saturn, both sending you very strong opposing messages as you try to come to a decision on a pressing matter that’s close to home. The good news is, after Mercury is out of retrograde on the 22nd, the planets will finally diverge, and making that definitive decision won’t feel as agonizing. Speaking of decisions, the lunar eclipse on the 16th is coming straight for your relationship house - expect Things to happen, and that is Things with a capital T. The universe isn’t fond of stagnancy, and eclipses are its way of shaking things up when they’ve slowed to a crawl. Be prepared! And when Jupiter departs for Libra after a rather invigorating (read: exhausting) thirteen months, you can breathe and gather your bearings, beginning with your bank account. Budgeting may be boring, but financial security certainly is not! If you’re seeking a story to ease you back into the calmer season ahead while sacrificing none of the thrill or entertainment, look no further than your lucky book for this month - nice and slim, yes, but it packs quite a punch.

LUCKY BOOK: REPUTATIONS by Juan Gabriel Vásquez (9/20)


Here comes Jupiter, Libra, so buckle in and get ready for an exhilarating thirteen (yes, thirteen) months! This is the planet of abundance and good fortune, so if you’ve been feeling disconsolate for some time, you can pick your head up. Change is sure to come, whether that be in the form of a life-altering trip, acing the exam you’ve been cramming for, or finally starting that business you’ve been dreaming of. First things first: before you can be truly free to experience what life has to offer in the coming year, you need to make sure that you’re in the right place mentally, physically, and emotionally to appreciate it. Yes, that may mean finally leaving that dead-end job or relationship you’ve been dithering over for weeks, maybe months. Be sure you’re in a place to receive what’s coming to you, otherwise you’ll find that little will actually change. Venus, ever the diplomat, is in your sign, so follow your instincts in assessing your relationships. And if you’re facing resistance in an area you know is not right, then it may be the time to walk away. Easy for me to say, I know. The Virgo sun is perched in your 12th house of endings for the majority of the month, so you have the space to mourn, but don’t linger. That mid-month eclipse is coming, and if you’re being clingy, it will be snatchy - fair warning! But these farewells are good, Libra, because they mean growth and de-cluttering. Your lucky book this month grapples with the notion of what saying goodbye can mean, and the true nature of loyalty. Read carefully.



Scorpio, assemble! Your squad, that is. This month is all about the beauty and necessity of collaboration, so you’ll want some great company around. This could be in the office, during happy hour, or in the studio - no matter where you are, teamwork is having its heyday in September. You may have already gotten some hints as to some new characters you’d like to keep around, courtesy of the solar eclipse, but if you missed those, Mercury in retrograde will definitely bring some old friends back into your life as well. More good news: irresistible Venus is draped all over your sign this month, so if you’re wondering what’s so hot in here, it’s YOU. Your confidence will skyrocket, you’ll notice heads turning, and your Tinder matches will start to stack up. In a relationship? Whatever you’re feeling, make it known! Venus isn’t known for being shy, so take a page from her book and be bold! You never know where it might take you. And I do mean that literally, because Jupiter is on its way into your house of transition for the next year or so. You may choose this time to take a long trip abroad, or simply stay home but invest in a good therapist or acupuncturist. However you choose to unwind, turn inward, and focus on you, now is the time to do so. Your lucky book this month is a perfect primer on getting away from the hustle to pursue inner peace (and indulge in some great food, as well).

LUCKY BOOK: EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert


Good moooorning, Sag! Wake up and smell the $$$! That blazing Virgo sun is lighting up your career zone and it is HOT. Good old Mars is bringing up the rear, keeping you motivated and energetic, and basically, you’re a force of nature. You’re the star in staff meetings, crushing every pitch you make, and attracting the attention of all the intimidating higher-ups - go you! The only thing you need to worry about right now is making sure you’re moving full speed ahead respectfully and legitimately - cheating is never, ever a good look. Mercury’s retrograde is happening in your - you guessed it - career house, and it will make sure that your actions are completely kosher. If all of this sounds exhausting, you’re right - Jupiter has been hanging out in Virgo for the past year, which has left you feeling manic and jittery. Now that it’s on its way over to Libra, you can start to relax and actually enjoy yourself again. Celebrate those office victories with friends instead of feeling crushed beneath the pressure to score another win. It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too, Sag - seriously. If you’re finding that old habits die hard, though, rely on your aptly titled lucky book to get you through those workaholic withdrawals.



You’re dodging the back-to-school funk right and left, Cap, and good for you! Fall doesn’t technically start for another few weeks, anyway - why deny yourself these last days of summer fun? The sun is relaxing in Virgo and you’re feeling like making some friends to while away the balmy evenings - this is the time to open your group to people from all walks of life, and maybe even take some trips with them. Adding some variety is guaranteed to enrich your relationships, your worldview, and perhaps even your love life. Just beware the retrograde in Mercury that may render you an unfortunate victim of foot-in-mouth syndrome. Confronting differences can be unsettling sometimes, and you tend to let your nervousness make you chatty. Think twice before you speak to avoid some painfully awkward moments, okay? And along the same lines, be sure to keep close track of any schedules, tickets, and paperwork associated with travel - all of this planetary shifting can wreak havoc on organization. And if you’re feeling guilty about making a getaway, look at it this way: Mars is actively trying to stress you out and leave you too scatterbrained to function until the 27th. If you can, accept the nudge from the universe and get outta dodge until you can regain some focus. And when you return, make sure you welcome Jupiter to your 10th house of success, where it will stay for the next year. Enjoy this calm before the storm, and have an extra daiquiri on us. And for a spellbinding tale that combines love, stealth, and the fight to do what’s right, grab your lucky book on your way to the beach, and thank us later.



Oh, poor Aquarius. You’re feeling wrung dry, and we can’t blame you. Jupiter’s been in Virgo and your eighth house of feeeeeeels and you’re so ready to wave the white flag. Courage, it’s almost over. When Jupiter makes the move into Libra and your ninth house of adventure in just a few days, you’ll experience a burst of energy unlike any you’ve felt in quite some time. Force yourself away from your blog, away from Gilmore Girls, and out into the world - and I do mean force, because after wallowing in your emotions for so long, it can be hard to emerge again. The retrograde in Mercury won’t exactly help, but appeasing it doesn’t have to be totally self-defeating: reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself, about your relationships, about where you’re headed in life. How can you avoid the pitfalls you weren’t quick enough to evade before? Don’t be surprised if you start considering a bold next step: going back to school, starting a new business, entering a new relationship - putting yourself out there in a way that used to terrify you. It’s time to claim your journey, Aquarius, and we couldn’t be prouder of how far you’ve already come. Sorry, is this still too heavy? Be sure to grab your lucky book for some choose-your-own-path silliness.



L is for the way you look at me… Pisces, it may not necessarily be love that’s in the air, but you sure are feeling snuggly. Yeah, I said it: snuggly. The planets are all over your relationship houses this month, so you’re all about getting closer to lovers, business partners, friends, family members, your favorite bartender, whoever. Companionship and collaboration are near and dear to your heart, and now the question that remains is who will lucky enough to win your favor. Hint: the sun shining through Virgo will give credence to that corny “opposites attract” thing. Seriously! Maybe it’s a blast from your past or maybe it’s a brand new person - only time will tell. Just make sure that if things begin to heat up quickly, you take the time to sort through potential issues instead of saving them for another day. Be a grown-up: talk, compromise, give the new relationship the time and space to develop. Romantically, things are about to take a decidedly spicy turn - whether you’re on the prowl or happily settled down, enjoy the red-hot results of Jupiter easing into Libra and your eighth house of passion. Your 9-5 is rife with intensity as well, with Mars settling into your career house and your presentations being the pure works of art that they are. Wowing your boss is a piece of cake this month, so accept that spotlight and stand proudly in it! Your lucky book is the perfect complement to all of the swirling, turbulent emotion coursing through September for you. Enjoy it in your downtime, you saucy minx.



Aries, you gorgeous thing. What is it about the beginning of fall that makes you feel like you somehow aren’t measuring up? Do yourself a favor - close Instagram and Facebook when you start feeling yourself go to that place. We know how much you value perfectionism, and it’s admirable to set high standards for yourself, but when you tip into comparing yourself to other people, everybody loses. To fight the downward confidence spiral that Mercury’s retrograde can bring on, keep yourself busy: try losing yourself in a project, whether it be a home improvement venture or new responsibility at work. Putting your brain and hands to work can do wonders for lifting your spirits. An even better distraction: physical exercise. It’s getting cooler outside and the notion of running in the park no longer seems like torture - go for it! Say thank you to that solar eclipse a few days ago, if you’re suddenly feeling strangely motivated. And here’s some really great news: Jupiter is on its way into Libra and your seventh house of relationships for the next year, which means that your relationships are about to get a much-needed makeover. Don’t be surprised if you run into the perfect yin to your yang, or if you start itching to travel the world with your long-time lover. Unhappily attached Aries, the lunar eclipse coming mid-month could expedite the relationship’s end you’ve been dreading, but could see coming for some time now. Let the universe do its job, and let go. Time to make way for the new. Your lucky book this month is a beautiful and moving collection of short stories that focus on love and memory. A great alternative to browsing envy-inducing feeds.



Taurus, you’re right there with Capricorn in stubbornly clinging to the final days of summer, and we cannot blame you. Virgo’s sun is frolicking in your playful fifth house, which is giving you energy completely at odds with the general population’s fall slumps. Good for you! The magic of summer hasn’t ended yet…but you probably already know that, based on the surprising connection that you made during that solar eclipse. That’s what eclipses are for, anyway - unexpected reunions or first encounters that end up becoming more. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, just sit tight: Mercury in retrograde until the 22nd might be where your surprise is coming from, in the form of a figure from your past. By all means, dive back in where you left off, Taurus, unless you know that reconnecting will only end in some obsessive social media stalking and unrequited affection. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life. Fortunately, Venus and Mars are coming to help you in this area: this could be the month for making major moves in your relationship, if you play your cards right (psst: wait until the Mercury is out of retrograde before bringing up that dream you had about getting pregnant). Uncoupled Taurus, don’t be afraid to flirt with a stranger or two; it may lead to something lasting this time. In the midst of all this romance, don’t forget about yourself: the best way to love and appreciate your body is to take care of it. Luckily, Jupiter is jogging into your sixth house of healthy living for the next thirteen months, leaving you energized and motivated to stick to a new workout regimen. Between runs, make sure you grab a copy of your lucky book, a fascinating historical spin-off that is all about confronting giants from your past.

LUCKY BOOK: MARGOT by Jillian Cantor


The change in seasons can sometimes leave you scrambling, Gem, and this month is no exception. You’re feeling pulled in all directions - go out and socialize, or stay home? If you’re bouncing back and forth, it’s no wonder: the sun and Mercury in retrograde are lounging in your domestic fourth house. Accept that you aren’t feeling up to late-night karaoke and stay home like you’re craving to. Even better, give in to the desire to beautify your home: it is your space, after all, so it should look and feel the way you want it to. Fair warning: sometimes Mercury can get our signals crossed, and the strong feelings you have for home-related matters can translate to weird tension with roommates or family members (they can be another definition of “home”, after all). If problems arise, do your best to state your case efficiently and kindly - hopefully they will follow suit. If not, try not to take things personally. Trust me, I know this is much easier said than done. All the more reason not to force yourself into social situations, though: you may be feeling extra prickly and emotional until Mercury is out of the retrograde on the 22nd, so use that time to buy some new plants for your place, or even better, dust off your journal and jot down how you’re feeling. Female friends might play a crucial role this month as well. But this month isn’t all slighted feelings, Gemini - Jupiter is about to sail into your fifth house of fame, self-expression, and romance, so get ready for a year of creativity and love! Trust yourself, put your best foot forward, and you are in for an incredible burst of productivity and fulfillment. Your lucky book is an excellent counterbalance to the over-sensitivity you’ll experience this month - it’ll shake you up and take you right out of that weird head-space you’re stuck in, which you’ll appreciate. Trust me.



Whoa, slow down there, Cancer! You’re racing at the speed of light from one social engagement to the other with no signs of stopping. Aren’t you exhausted? Make sure you aren’t overbooking yourself - the sun zooming through Virgo and your chatty third house might make that easier than you thought possible. Don’t get me wrong, being outgoing and friendly isn’t a bad thing, but when you over-exert yourself, sometimes juggling that many personalities can get wearing. And with Mercury’s retrograde bringing old friends back into your life, tensions may rise and arguments may happen. Be sure to watch what you say, how you say it, and where you say it - the last thing you need right now is a mistakenly cc’d email or a cringe-inducing Twitter feud. Try to catch your breath from time to time, and keep yourself at an even keel. That’s going to be all the more crucial when Jupiter sets up shop in Libra and your domestic house for the next thirteen months. Your home life may experience dramatic change - an international opportunity that requires a big move, making the switch from city to suburbs (or vice versa), or finally getting a place all to yourself. In terms of romance, the tail-end of September will bring some heart-racing, dry-mouthed excitement your way, so be ready for things to heat up, whether you’re single or attached! Just be sure, if you’re ready to take the next step with a potential suitor, that you’re choosing the best candidate. Mars is headed for Capricorn and your house of committed relationships for the next two months, so yeah, this is big decision. Choose wisely! Your lucky book this month is an incredibly powerful collection of short stories that will remind you, in the midst of this whirlwind month, of the depth and durability of the human spirit.

LUCKY BOOK: BATTLEBORN by Claire Vaye Watkins


Leo, kudos to you for shaking out that gorgeous mane and enjoying the summer so thoroughly. Even though it isn’t quite over yet, you’re firmly back in work mode and ready to get down to business. Respect. What is a Leo without a project to tackle, anyway? And here’s some great news: there’s a good chance that the mid-month eclipse is bringing some $$$ your way, whether it be in the form of a commission, inheritance, or an uncharacteristically generous thrift store sale. If you needed some start-up capital for your next endeavor, there you go. As you plunge back into the fray of your own creative process, though, remember what they say about all work and no play. Falling leaves and pumpkin spiced-everything don’t mean you can no longer have fun, and Jupiter is getting ready to twirl right into your gossipy third house for the next thirteen months to remind you of just that. You’re about to be the life of the party, and that is not a bad thing! Pro-tip: bring a buddy with you as you step into the spotlight. We know you can handle everything you’re piling onto your plate on your own, but it’s so much more enjoyable (not to mention, considerably less stressful) to share the load with a trustworthy friend. And while we’re talking trustworthy, Jupiter’s presence will probably turn you into quite the flirt. Enjoy yourself, but make sure you’re devoting time to people who think you’re all that and who you know you can rely on. It’s the beginning of a new, exciting season for you: who you surround yourself with can make all the difference. Your lucky book this month is an essential primer for saying “yes” to your brilliance and figuring out what comes next.

LUCKY BOOK: BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert

I cannot believe I am saying this, but it is autumn now. I hear the rain pounding outside my window as I write. To be honest, I always hesitate when speaking to a Scorpio. I am never as self-conscious. I second guess my word choice, and my comma usage. There is something so beautifully complex about a Scorpio. Something no one can ever quite put their finger on. It is like the rain on a summer night. That inevitability. The refreshing newness. The familiarity. Scorpio, you are like a late summer rain. Take that knowledge, that power and change the world. You are what the crops need.
—  Jessica Tholmer
horoscope for September 2016

Aries: Remember- it’s okay to be nervous or insecure ! But don’t let it stop you from doing things you’d love to do.
Taurus: Don’t think too much about what others think. You’re doing well, remember it.
Gemini: Your imagination is amazing, so stop avoiding problems and instead, try to come up with a creative solution for it.
Cancer: You don’t always need with yourself. If you keep waiting for your soulmate, you’re gonna miss up on so many things.
Leo: Show your friends you’re here for them. You have a big heart, sometimes it’s just a bit hard to see, since you don’t express your emotions too much.
Virgo: Don’t give up on what you’re doing rn, it’s amazing and you’re going to be super proud one day. Also happy birthday !
Libra: Whatever you’re going through rn, it’s gonna get better. Treat yourself well okay ?
Scorpio: Try to not worry so much. Focus more on yourself. it’s okay to be selfish from time to time.
Sagittarius: Keep your eyes opened. You might miss amazing
opportunities for ones that aren’t as great.
Capricorn: Opinions of others might not always be right. Belive in what you think, you’re smarter than you think !
Aquarius: Try to organize your time. It’ll help you to keep up with your schedule.
Pisces: It’s amazing that you’re trying to be kind to everyone and that you’re working on yourself as well, but get some rest hm ?

September Forecast for Aquarius

Dramatic Improvements

Peace and harmony will surely prevail once more when it comes to you and your spouse or partner. Since late July Venus has been moving retrograde in 7th House of Relationships. As a result, you and your mate might have been experiencing something of a “relationship rehab” phase. Finally, after September 6 you’ll see things improve dramatically.

Pay attention to an investment opportunity that might present itself near September 13 – it looks good! You might also hear news about a major financial boost that comes your way through your partner’s income, or, through insurance benefits, a settlement or even an inheritance.

After September 17 you might start to prune your friends list in a major way. Suddenly, it won’t be so important to be surrounding by a large group of pals. Instead, you’ll want to spend your valuable social time with friends who have substance.

If you’re planning to travel this month, allow extra time for everything. Be sure to double check that you’ve packed important items and have all vital documents with you. Mercury will retrograde through your 9th House of Faraway Travel. Delays are possible but if you’re re-visiting an area you already saw before you’re likely to love it even more this time!

Love: Getting Through It

September will surely be a noteworthy month for matters of the heart! That’s because Venus, the planet of love, will finally turn direct on September 6 after having been retrograde since July 25. Now, wherever you’ve felt most stuck in relationship you can look forward to movement once again. As far as conversations go however, you’ll need to act quickly.

On September 17, Mercury will turn retrograde in partnership-oriented Libra, so it’s possible that you and your love will experience a few hiccups in the communication department. No worries – you’ll get through it.

Aries, your favourite thing about you should not be other people.
Taurus, do not keep dead things around the house.
Gemini, you are a miracle for trying to make this work.
Cancer, turn waiting for good news into an art.
Leo, make today a good day.
Virgo, you are more beautiful than all the things that want to destroy you.
Libra, I’m sorry for the day you realise the moon doesn’t love you back.
Scorpio, you have the right not to invite strange creatures in your home.
Sagittarius, people you know always read this horoscope even though it’s not theirs.
Capricorn, no matter the frame you will always be art.
Aquarius, you may be trapped in stone walls but you are a diamond.
Pisces, you do not always have to use your fists
—  September Horoscopes - e.f

Aries: If something is troubling you, change it. Nothing in your life is set in stone. You get to make every choice in your life, so don’t be afraid to take risks.

Taurus: Others’ actions do not reflect you. If you know that you gave your best and were never anything less than honest, then you’ve already done everything you can. Sometimes people will walk out of your life no matter how hard you try to make them stay, but never blame yourself.

Gemini: Don’t be afraid to let down your guard and invite someone in once in a while. There’s only so many battles you can fight alone. You are surrounded by people who only want the best for you.

Cancer: You are far too precious to have a heart so heavy. I know sometimes things don’t go your way and it hurts really bad, but you’re strong enough to handle anything. Nothing in this world can never bring you down.

Leo: Question each aspect of your life. If you are not doing the best you can, or aren’t getting everything you deserve out of others, then make a change. Life is too short to be mediocre.

Virgo: Keep going. I know you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, like you just keep giving and aren’t getting anything back, but all this effort is going towards something big. All your time and practice won’t be for nothing. You have always been destined for great things.

Libra: Don’t just go with what feels comfortable, or what others tell you is right. If you want to do something, do it. If you want to change something, change it. Don’t let opportunities pass by because you’re too busy asking for permission.

Scorpio: You have so much potential and you have no idea. There is so much power and opportunity in you, you just have to realise it. Dig deeper, do things out of your comfort zone, try the things that you never thought possible. Life was not meant to be lived quietly.

Sagittarius: Make a point to be positive. Don’t focus on the downside to everything, or you will never be happy. Deal with whatever hurdles come your way, and then forget about them forever. Your mind has much more to think about it.

Capricorn: Don’t follow. Don’t settle. Don’t ever keep your mouth shut when you know you have something to say. Nothing has ever been changed with silence. We both know you have a voice, make sure you use it.

Aquarius: Be gentle with your heart, but also with the hearts of others around you. Even the most strong and sturdy of people could have paper thin hearts, so vulnerable to pain. Be kind at all times.

Pisces: Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have days that we wish we could forget. You are not alone in this world. You are surrounded by an abundance of people who love you endlessly. It is about time you started doing the same.

—  September Horoscopes | I.S.