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#tbt: jordyn wieber’s 15.050 beam routine at the 2012 visa championshipsday 2

VLD Ship Month Project Update

A few things have changed planning wise for my VLD ship month plans.

It has been brought to my attention that there is a shidge month in the works for this coming november. So in the interest of not having the ship months overlap too much and eclipse one another I’ve moved a few things around.

Here is the new plans for te upcoming Ship Months;

August 2k17 - Sheith Month (Blog HERE)
September 2k17 - Kallura Month
October 2k17 - Heith Month
November 2k17 - Shidge Month (Blog still under construction but available HERE)
December 2k17 - Pidgance Month
January 2k18 - Shance Month
February 2k18 - Hance Month

Keep in mind that all months that place in 2018 will be subject to change depending on events in the fandom as well as if anyone else starts up a ship months around that time. However all ship months that take place 2017 are set in place at this time, unless further developments require changes to be made.

Thanks for following this huge project of mine, and thanks to the creators of the Sheith month and Shidge month blogs for giving me the heads up on their own respective events!

F.T.Willz never dies?

Do you remember the theory about FTWillz and his poetry? Around the net, especially in the fandom, this is not news and it seems like this person won’t cease to amaze us.

Since I started to investigate on FTWillz, his poetry has absolutely become my favorite topic.

I spent days around a lot of tumblr blogs and google researches, finding out things I would have never expected to find.

It may be because of the deep meaning behind his poems, or the simple and desperate need of help FTWillz communicates with his dark writing, that the issue concerns me so much.

First of all he had a myspace, then livejournal and finally twitter. What if this is not all?

Recently, a girl informed me about a really important blog she found on tumblr: f-t-willz-must-die.

To be honest, at first sight I thought “this is certainly a blog like another, maybe an appreciation one… I don’t think he would like to be found out so easily with the final ’‘must die” like Frank’s’’ but I had to think about it again as soon as I opened the link.

I made a quick journey in that blog just to see what I could have find and the first thing you can see is that the blog owner hasn’t written anything since September 2013, four months after he made the first post on his blog.

If you search the blog on whasoever search engine, the website does not appear, so it seems like this blog has been hidden by the owner.

This option can be activated once you register on tumblr, in the settings page, where you can allow the search engines to index your blog. So we can say that FTWillz thought that hiding his blog from other ones would have helped him with not being found out by people.

Or maybe he was just desperately trying to be discovered?

We passed hours on this blog, even though it has just 4 pages, and we noticed a lot of interesting stuff about his poetry.

First of all, the way FTWillz writes is stunningly similar to Frank’s, both the lack of capital letters and the frequent use of dashes on their poems.

There are about 34-35 poems written in there and FTWillz “sends” us a message that we can classify as “full of hate” and “desperate”.

Nothing new, right? All things that connect us to Frank’s poetry, whose poems are really similar to the new FTWillz ones.

Other important things can be the notes and the tags: actually, FTWillz didn’t add tags on his posts and he has just two notes, one of which is the girl’s who told me about this blog.

Seems like Frank didn’t want to be found out.

I immediately thought that the blog was a kind of “refugee” where he wanted to write safely without having problems.

The obvious question is: why didn’t he make a private blog?

You can tell this blog is absolutely interesting from every corner of it.

One of the things M noticed was the last poem he wrote, the 20th September’s one that appears on the top of the first page, where FTWillz mentions a certain Sylvia Plath.

I’m pretty sure someone of you recognized the name.

The same poetess was quoted by Frank in an interview years ago during The Black Parade, as a reference to the album, inspired by the figurative death in Plath’s poems.

Can it be just a coincidence?

Talking again about FTWillz, in the poem written the 25th August, I found an extremely important thing that, from the first sight, I’ve noticed.

Do you remember “From My Head to My Middle Finger, I Really Think I Like You”? The poem both Frank and the (not so) mysterious FTWillz have published?

Well, the same sentence was written by FTWillz must die too the 25th August.

Still a coincidence?

By the way, the 23rd May FTWillz published a poem named “houston we have a…” and the “you’re so cool cool cool” line shocked me a bit.

You have surely recognized this line, didn’t you?

The sentence is the same as Kill All Your Friends and this makes me think that this is not just a coincidence. We can notice that FTWillz is pissed off with a person who changed and who believes he is important so he calls him “arrogantly successful”.

Even if you’re not obsessed with this band you can surely tell that Gerard never wanted to be cool (yeah, we all know the NME interview), so we can assume that the fact that Gerard changed pushed FTWillz to write those angry lines.

There’s another thing that I noticed really easily. I am referring to the 15th July poem where FTWillz writes “club 27 has reached capacity”, which is also the title Frank gave to one of his poems in his website.

Still a coincidence? Let’s think a little about this.

If someone still remembers it, back to 2004, a message from Frank appeared to search for Gerard who disappeared after leaving a message telling him he was going to be the new Jim Morrison, who died when he was only 27 (the same age Gerard had in 2004) of overdose.

Now, let’s be honest, in that recording Frank seems to be crying instead of just being sick, so we can tell he cares a lot about his best friend and the fact that Gerard was basically drunk and on drugs all the time seems to confirm my theory. Seriously, Frank was really worried for him.

If you have never heard it, here’s a youtube video where you can find the recording

Do you still think this is just a mere coincidence? This poem is about someone who wanted to commit suicide at the age of 27, come on! It’s obvious now.

Moving on, FTWillz named a poem with a line a letlive’s song, Banshee: “My stomach hates the, hates the bitter taste of the truth” and, in another poem, he uses another line from another letlive’s song, Younger. And I found this thing pretty suspicious.

This could say barely nothing but I made a little research about this group just to see what type of connection they have together and I found something interesting.

Apparently, it seems like the two bands have in common the same label and this explains why FTWillz knows some of their songs.

As I said many times before, you can say this can be just a coincidence and the blog owner could be someone who enjoys making fun of other people and who can perfectly imitate the way Frank writes. And I understand this because I know the fanbase is full of teenagers that do not have anything to do all day, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things left and I’m definitely convinced that FTWillz must die is Frank.

Don’t believe me? Take a look here.

Do you think this is something a teenage boy or a teenage girl could write?

I don’t think a fifteen-years-old teenager can write those type of things, especially because I am one. Like the majority of my peers, I’m absolutely disinterested in politics and I’ll never be able to write things like these, not even in a million years. Trust me.

And the main reason I think FTWillz is Frank is the fact that if you open Frank’s page on his university’s website you can tell politics is a topic he is really interested in. I am convinced that he is such an intelligent and cultured man.

Do you think a grown up fan would waste his time making fun of a crowd of teenagers? I strongly doubt it.

In conclusion, I am definitely sure that FTWillz must die is Frank and that he WANTS us to find out these “secrets”. And I am convinced, after I read his poetry, that he was really close to reveal something, something we already know but something they still keep hiding.

Sorry for my not-so-good English and I wanted to thank my “colleague” M for helping me and for tolarating my silliness during this discovery!

We are going to analyze his poems soon so, stay tuned!

I don’t know what I can say anymore, it’s all up to you. There’s definitely more than just “stage gay” between those two.

HI !!! dis my first follow forever lmao I wanted to do one because idk Christmas is in like a DAY here & yes I forgot to add the ‘s after my url in the banner but we can ignore that lol. TBh I don’t really read the description/caption/wtv you call this I just go straight to stalking the blogs MOST OF THE TIME so idk how many people will actually read this but THANK YOU !! I made this blog in like September so like barely 4 months but I’ve met some gr8910 people so yez ily heh ☃

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Know Thyself

Tagged by @13arilis (WAH THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IM BEING TAGGED IN ONE OF THESE THINGS <3 TY!!!! Putting it on my personal blog!!)

Name: Mayo
Birth Month: September
Height: 5’1″ (i am smol)
Orientation: ?
Favourite Vegetable: Spinach
Favourite Book: Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, Around the World in 80 Days, (among a few more, I like lighthearted novels)
Favourite Season: Summer!
Favourite Scent: sand and the ocean, sunblock, citrus fruits
Favourite Animals: doggos, sloths, owls, horses, seals, red pandas, pandas
Favourite Beverage: Watermelon shake
Average Hours of Sleep: depending on the time of year, either 2 or 10
Favourite Fictional Character:  I will die before I can enumerate them all
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1
Dream Trip: A trip through portals going through dimensions where my fave books and shows exist // (realistically) maybe just island hopping, snorkeling and historical town trekking (which we already get to do here in the Philippines hehe dream come true)
Blog Created: March 27 2017
Number of Followers: -u- maybe when i’ve reached a milestone

I tag: @goldenfeatherdrawings @timelordcastiel​ @joshrod-art @shuttershocky @trash-moon @izzi-simmons @rozillustrations @nerdtokwa @willhernandezdraws

(Source: bicozyes, Via @13arilis)

thank you for all the warm welcomes, friends! 

*whispers* tho i have been here for many months already, i started this blog september of last year!

also, i think my post about the fandom being quiet was misunderstood. i meant that for me personally…not that the fandom was actually quiet. it was a “nobody really talks to me here” thing. but many of you have kindly come forward and i appreciate that! i can definitely feel the love! :)

We’ve reached a milestone!

Once upon a time, I went on a job interview for an online community leader position.  I’d be engaging with clients interactively to make sure they’re keeping with weekly goals for a certain program.  During my interview, I was told by the male interviewer that I was quiet and not engaging.  Maybe he was looking for someone to interrupt him while he was speaking, I do not know.  I mentioned that I ran a secret blog (not saying that it’s called @nokay-stupid) and was told that I reminded him of Anne Hathaway’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, so maybe I would do “surprisingly well” for them.  After being told that my GPA was too high and a bunch more offhanded comments, I was sent home with the instructions to email a few writing samples from my blog to prove my worthiness as a candidate.  (Not academic writing, though, they needed my “genuine” writing voice.)

I came home and initially started combing through old entries and asking people to submit asks I could answer and then use.  But, then I gave it some thought.  This man was ridiculous, and I don’t want to work for his company.  I hadn’t even been out of school for a month, and the position wasn’t something I was interested in, it’s not worth it for me.  To potentially deal with this man as my boss, no, not worth it at all.  I sent an email thanking him for his time, but that I was no longer interested in the position.

I replayed the interview in my mind so many times that the comments he made seemed more and more ridiculous.  I have this thing about me where, if a guy tells me I can’t do something, I’m very inclined to want to do the thing even more.  With that in mind, I decided to create a blog where I, and others, could share the ridiculous shit men say to us.  You’re reading from it right now!  I figured that if I wanted a place to just share the ridiculousness, surely I couldn’t be alone with this feeling.

Once upon a time happened way, way back during early June 2016.  It’s now early September 2016.  In those 3 months of running, this blog - this community - has grown from just me to over 1,000 followers/contributors.  I’m amazed and super grateful for everyone who has joined me for this ridiculous, shit-filled journey.  I never expected it to become popular so quickly.  I think it took me 3 years to reach 1,000 followers on my dating blog, and my personal one is waaay under that.

Over 1,000 of you can relate to the concept of this blog or, at the very least, appreciate the ridiculousness of this blog.  Who would’ve guessed that I, an unengaging girl who lacks direction would be capable of creating and running such a thing!  The point is, don’t let a shitty man tell you what you can or cannot do.  Be like Elle Woods.  Give it your all and prove them fucking wrong.

● Please don’t delete this text or self-promo as that will disqualify you ●

Hello cuties! This is third blog of the months August-September by me (rosiahx) & Arielle (ophcelia).There will be more in the future, so don’t be sad if you didn’t get chosen this time.


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Good luck and happy reblogging! xx

i’m almost to 3k so i decided to whip out… *spins wheel* tumblr awards!! i never finished the ones i did last time because not a lot of people entered back in january, but they’re back again!  so like..420 waddup

how to enter:


  • best percy jackson*
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  • best aesthetic blog*
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looking for:

  • clean & organized blogs with tagging systems
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winners receive:

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*must be 80%-100% of said category
**include your creations tag!
***i reserve the right to deny certain requests
1 winner & 2-3 runners up

Gemsona September Prompts

 Steven Gemsona Bomb!
Imagine a week full of episodes featuring your gemsonas! Come up with episode titles, episode summaries, draw the promo art for the days of your Gemsona Bomb, whatever! Prompt recommendation by accursedasche.

High School AU   
It’s that time of year again! Draw or write about your gemsona in a Highschool AU! Would they be a good student? Would they be on a sports team? In a club? Show what they’d be doing! Inspired by Crewniverse artist Hilary Florido’s promo art (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

✰ Backed into a Corner ✰
Uh-oh! Your gemsona’s in a sticky situation- how do they get themselves out of it? (How did they get into that situation?)

Bonus Prompt: Summer Days
Summer may be passing us by, but not Beach City! Show off your favorite characters hanging out at the beach! 

Remember to tag your prompt as #GEMSONA SEPTEMBER PROMPT, and pop any other fanart in the #Gemsona tag! You can also participate in the 30 Day Gemsona Challenge whenever you want or fill out a Gemsona Stats Sheet (just remember to tag those accordingly too)!

Remember, all Past Gemsona Prompts and future prompts will no longer be limited to their month! If you missed out on participating in the past few months or if you run out of time to finish your piece, just drop it in the #GEMSONA PAST PROMPT tag! (Though I still recommend finishing the prompts during their month).

It’s time for another Blog of the Month! Be sure to check out my fabulous august winner and my two glorious runners up!

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That’s it - Happy reblogging!!  ♥ ♥

Because I reached 5K and have a new url that is classy af

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Good luck nerds cuties xoxo

Welcome to my very first Blog of the Month. I always wanted to do this so why not for my favorite month; september 

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I can’t believe it’s almost time to go back to school! I’m gonna be a college senior, how tf is this possible?? I hope that whatever September brings for you, you enjoy it :). Be sure to check out my August winner @rebeltennant, and my runners up @reichanbach​ and @precioussammy​! 


what i’m looking for

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Omg this is so late and last minute. Please forgive Nikki but still here it is Nikki’s Sept. BOTM this one will be a bit shorter because of school sorry ; n ; but other than that everything is the same


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How Nikki shall pick the winner ( 2 winners, 2 runner ups):

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☆ A follow back from Nikki if not already

☆ A link on Nikki’s winner page FOREVER O u O

☆ Promo whenever you want/ throughout the month

☆ A link on Nikki’s blog for a whole month

☆ Get to join any of Nikki’s networks or Make a network with Nikki

☆ Friendship if you want ; u ;

☆ Html help (only in certain things Nikki isn’t a genius)

☆ Blog advice 

☆ Help with anything :3


☆ Ends September 2nd

 Talk about your favorite blog on amaidango!!!!!

Good luck cuties<3 Thank you for entering Nikki’s September BOTM <3