september be good to me

Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready

The Signs As Green Day Songs

Aries: American Idiot

Taurus: 21 Guns

Gemini: Basket Case

Cancer: Jesus Of Suburbia

Leo: Holiday

Virgo: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Libra: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Scorpio: Say Goodbye

Sagittarius: Bang Bang

Capricorn: Still Breathing

Aquarius: Oh Love

Pisces: When I Come Around

  • Lily: James Potter, will you mary me?
  • Sirius: *pops out of nowhere* YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES
  • Lily: Sirius I -
  • Remus: *bounces in the room* So when do you think the wedding should be? I'm thinking more of an autumn wedding. We could have it outside, with the leaves changing colours, so they could match you hair. *a notebook magically appears* It should be at the end of September I think. October's never really a good month for me.
  • Peter: *stumbles in* I think the cake should be a triple layered cake with chocolate on the bottom, for you Moony, Vanilla in the middle and whatever you feel like on the top.
  • James: This is like the fifth proposal we've tried. I told you Evans, no matter who does the asking, they'll always be there.
  • Sirius: I shall commence planning my bachelor party. Come Wormtail, we have details to discuss.
  • Remus: You have made me the happiest man alive, future Mrs. Lily Black-Lupin-Pettigrew-Potter. *pecks her on the cheek on his way out*


so i was gonna make a sardonic post about how i bought comfort chocolate for myself while listening to 4am by huntar you should know i don’t want your love, never have never will on my way home from a really crappy day

but then i got home to find that my parents have also sent me chocolate with the mail while listening to love is mystical by cold war kids light in darkness will show you the way, give you the power to believe again, and it’s honestly the cutest darn thing that’s ever happened to me, and it just felt like a better note to conclude the day by

so yeah

happy valentine’s day guys 💖

never forget that i love you all

  • Me on a date: So, what do you think of Captain America?
  • Them: I dunno, he was kind of lame. Iron Man is way cooler.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry but i have to-
  • Coulson, punching through wall: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY
Zodiac as Green Day Songs

Aries: “She’s A Rebel”

Taurus: “21 Guns”

Gemini: “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Cancer: “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”

Leo: “Viva La Gloria”

Virgo: “Stuck With Me”

Libra: “St. Jimmy”

Scorpio: “Oh Love”

Sagittarius: “When I Come Around”

Capricorn: “Holiday”

Aquarius: “Basketcase”

Pisces: “She”