september 7, 2010

september to august is a short time to meet and move in with your soulmate.

july 18, 2010

lovebirds notice eachother in the stairwell.

july 21, 2010

they meet in the bathroom at x factor. (opps, hi)

july 22, 2010

they get put into a group together.

sexual tension begins (-:

late august (after bootcamp)


september 13, 2010

harry tells niall that louis told him something and it sounds like a big deal.

september 24, 2010

7-10 weeks after meeting at bootcamp louis tomlinson and harry styles still live with eachother and still are best friends, it’s the reason i know love exists. please stop saying harry and louis are not close because they are. ‘you only know what the camera’s show of me’