september 4th 2012

Lets take a moment to thank the most amazing band in the world for music ❤️

Ghost Town released there very first song game freak on September the 4th

I’ve been a ghost sense the very beginning so it was amazing to watch them get so successful, I’m so proud of each and every one of the guys 👻
There all extremely talented!

I would like to thank ghost town for making music to help me get through the past 2 years there music has helped me so much ❤️ like I cannot explain

I love you Kevin, Manny, Evan, Alix
Thank you for like everything💕👻

Thank you so much ❤️


23rd September 2003 - 4th April 2012

“I’m a fan of shows that leave, but give you the sense that ‘We’re still here. We just won’t see you every week.’ I like that tone, and I like that feel. So I kind of wanted to leave the fans with that, like Tree Hill will always be here. And I think that’s a nice place to be.” -Mark Schwahn


First off, I am SUPER DUPER sorry if this triggers anyone! This was not intended to trigger anyone, I just wanted to share a bit of my story.
The first few pictures are from September 2012, even though I had been self-harming since late 2011. I started self-harming because I saw it was a way of expressing things that I couldn’t any other way. I was trying to show my feelings, I was hurt. 
My arm was filled with butterflies in early October. This happen because one of my friends, at the time, was very afraid of how i was, and worried about what i’ve posted on tumblr, wishing i was dead. She was so worried, that she told the guidance counselor at school, which I then got pulled out of class and had to talk to her, and she then called my mom. That was the day my mom cried while holding me so tight. She scheduled visits with a therapist, (which only lasted up until January, cause it started to cost too much).  
I believe through out early 2013, and the summer, I did not cut (maybe, i really do not remember). Not until September that year, when I was completely done with myself, and I felt as i treated people like shit, and school was too much. The next picture is of my standing in my kitchen, I specifically remember when taking this picture, I was talking to one of my friends, we were kik-ing each other, and I remember how happy he made me, and I remember sending this picture to him like that, but i was making a funny face, and he still said i looked hot. He was the reason I didn’t cut for about 3 months. 
The next two pictures are from the night of November 30th. 2013. Long story short, I went to my friends party, got the door slammed in my face, cam home crying. My mom calls this the most heartbreaking thing that’s happen to me.  She never thought that one of my best friends would do that. She couldn’t believe with how much I was nice to everyone, and tried to fix things, I got this in return. End of the story: I lost 2 friends that day. But with everything going on, I managed not to cut, because I had someone talking me through the whole night, and how what they did to me was wrong. He stopped me from cutting.
December 20th, 2013. The worst, and LAST night i had cut. My day was great, I came home happy, and took cute and funny selfies like I do all the time, and for once, I finally felt happy. Then night came, I started getting texts from friends asking why I’ve turned everyone against someone. I seriously didn’t understand what was going on, I wasn’t turning anyone against her? She had her friends and her sister, turn against me, if anything. That is the day I truly considered suicide. I was on the verge of just ending it all. She made me want to kill myself. This night I lost about 3 friends.
By the end of January, I had lost 9 friends in the course of 3-4 months. I was ‘the girl with luggage’ one of them called me. “I had a complex”  
But, Sunday, April 20th, 2014, will be my 4 months clean. And despite everything that has happened, I am still strong. Even though, I have friends that know nothing of my past, and know nothing about my scars, and my complexes, they are there for me. I can’t let people close to me anymore, but it’s a start. 
So please, if you ever need ANYTHING, please just message me, I AM HERE FOR YOU. My blog is here, so you can relate to it, and won’t feel alone. My silly little story might not mean anything to any of you, but to me, it shows no matter how many tear I cry, or how many scars I have, there’s always gonna be a better day, no matter what, now matter what life throws at me, I’m strong. 
Stay Safe, & Stay Strong. 
-SarahRay (aka con-ceal)


wardrobe appreciation in blue

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