september 29th 2012


Apritello Week, as hosted on this blog, will be from Saturday, September 23rd to Friday, September 29th (TMNT 2012 premiered on 9/29). This means the whole week will build up to the anniversary of the day one nerd spotted another nerd and fell deeply in Nerd Love.

You’re welcome to submit fan art, fan fiction, meta, headcanons, etc. The tag to have works shared here (with proper credit!) Will be #ApritelloWeek2017.

There aren’t many rules, although I will post a few as the date draws near. Mostly, I just ask that we keep this a positive celebration! There have been Theme Days suggested and for those who would like to use those as inspiration, please do, but also feel free to submit ALL the things. We want to see your art, read your stories, and maybe enjoy some incorrect quotes (see my tag “#incorrect quotes” for more info).

Leorai and Leosagi Weeks just wrapped up and I wanted to make sure anyone who chooses to participate has plenty of time to prepare, so enjoy your summer and know that we’ll be ready to celebrate these dorks in the fall.

From The Beginning - 29th September 2012 - Shopping Together


For their 12th Anniversary, Harold and Toni Henthorn took a hiking trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park on September 29th, 2012. On that same day, Toni tragically fell 130 feet off a cliff to her death. Harold was convicted in 2014 for murdering his wife to claim over $4 Million in life insurance. 

Harold is currently under investigation for the death of his first wife in 1995 after she was crushed by their car. Harold says that while she was under the car looking for a lugnut, the car mysteriously slipped off the jack and crushed her. Harold received over $500k from her life insurance policy.

After searching for a possible mate with lots of cash, a friend of Harold said he came across Toni on a dating website and immediately took a liking for her ($$$) They hit it off and were married soon after. Friends and family say the marriage seemed to be a happy one, but authorities say otherwise. The babysitter told Police that she had noticed he would go on many business trips, but would leave his luggage at home. After searching deeper, it was found that Harold had no steady income throughout their whole marriage.

Harold had visited the National Park several times before the fatal trip, telling authorities he wanted to plan the perfect anniversary. Police found a map in Harold’s truck on the day of the murder and he had marked a big X where Toni plummeted to her death. After she fell, Harold managed to find a Park Ranger and calmly explained that his wife had fallen. The Ranger had asked if he performed CPR immediately, but Harold just brushed off his comment.

Once the police arrived, Harold told them he preformed CPR, but there was no evidence to support that claim, as there was no smudge on her lips from her lipstick and no marks on her chest from the pressure of doing CPR. Harold’s last and final excuse for how she fell was that Toni had stopped to take pictures of the scenery and as Harold was looking down at his phone because his daughter had sent him a text message, Toni fell to her death. It was later found that he never received a message from his daughter and there were no photos taken on Toni’s camera in the area where she fell.

Harold is currently serving a life sentence without parole and is currently under investigation for his first wife’s death.