september 27

Calling All Witches

September 27th will be the final tetrad blood moon lunar eclipse and HOLY SHIT I can feel the magick already. 

September 27th is insanely close, so it’s time to start planning some big spells for this night! the total eclipse will last about an hour and 12 minutes, so I can only imagine all the power that will be flowing at that time.

So! What are you doing for that night? are you doing any special spells? do you have any recommendations?

A Day In The Life - 27th September 1967: Recording and mixing of I Am The Walrus.

The Beatles had recorded the backing track for I Am The Walrus on 5 and 6 September 1967. On this day, in a three-hour session beginning at 2.30pm, George Martin’s orchestral score is recorded.

The Mike Sammes Singers are the session vocalists on the track, and record their parts in one take simultaneously with the reduction mix. The singers are: Peggie Allen, Wendy Horan, Pat Whitmore, Jill Utting, June Day, Sylvia King, Irene King, G Mallen, Fred Lucas, Mike Redway, John O'Neill, F Dachtler, Allan Grant, D Griffiths, J Smith and J Fraser.

“John worked with George Martin on the orchestration and did some very exciting things with the Mike Sammes Singers… Most of the time they got asked to do Sing Something Simple and all the old songs, but John got them doing all sorts of swoops and phonetic noises. It was a fascinating session. That was John’s baby, great one, a really good one." - Paul McCartney


In a month from now, Jake and Amy will find their way back to us!!!

Alright spiritual enthusiasts why Sept 27?

I’m starting to get my mojo back and sensing some articles coming soon! There is so much to discuss with these September energies coming. But first we have yet to mention the infamous prediction by Matt Kahn where 1/3 of the world is going to start awakening. I do feel it is possible as everything that is going down is September is making for a very transformative energy but let’s hear from you! Why Sept 27th? What do you feel?