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_George Harrison; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; Savile Row; Opening of the new Apple Studio/Inauguração do novo estúdio da Apple; September 30th 1971/30 de setembro de 1971.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.


Hey sorry I’ve been posting alot if tupac, But all eyez on me was amazing. Love his music, Movie’s,personally and overall vision. same goes with B.I.G, Eminem,Eazy E and more, I still love listening to these guys albums and it still means alot to me.

R.I.P Tupac Shakur June 16 1971- September 13 1996

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[3 of 3 — Dating the <G O O D> Marauders]

❂ All love stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and for you and Remus, it was no different.

❂ The two of you met at St. Mungo’s. He was in from a werewolf attack; you were in from the use of dark magic.

❂ The nurses called him a monster. They called you a victim.

❂ You thought he was gorgeous and fragile—like a glass doll, vulnerable. You were both covered in scratches and bruises that could eventually scar over. Your brains were damaged beyond repair, insecurities rising from the grave to haunt you evermore.

❂ On the second week of your stay at St. Mungo’s, Remus was released. He came back a mere three hours after his dismissal to keep you company. Your parents were the causes of the wounds inflicted on you, and thus, you had no visitors—no friends, family, or even strangers.

❂ Remus liked that you didn’t mock the scars aligning the crevices of his jaw. He liked that you didn’t judge him for being a monster.

❂ On the first day, he read aloud Beauty and the Beast. The two of you were children, and you had never read a single fairytale in your life while Remus spent his childhood enriched in fantasy. Remus wanted to introduce you into magical realms far less sinister than the one you resided in.

❂ «I wish I were Belle.»

«You can be anyone you want to be, Y/N.»

❂ On the second day, he brought an enormous stack of fairytale novellas. He told you that his favorite was Jack and the Beanstalk, and you eagerly asked for him to read it aloud.

❂ Your parents never read to you storybooks before bedtime, and Remus’s passion for fairytales filled you with delight. You wished that he had been in your life longer than just a few weeks. You wished that you had grown up knowing such a kind and benevolent soul.

❂ When you were finally released from the hospital, Aurors came and escorted you to the Ministry. They asked for you to stand on trial and recount the pain your mother and father inflicted on you.

❂ Though it hurt to remember the day’s happenings, you were willing to do anything that would keep you from their custody.

❂ Your parents were put in Azkaban, and you were moved in with a muggle family that coincidentally lived in the same village as the Lupins.

❂ Remus was ecstatic to have you by his side for forever and always.

❂ Remus’s mother and father both adored you, and they thought that Remus didn’t deserve you.

❂ “He’s a monster, Y/N.”

“He’s the closest thing to Prince Charming that I’ve ever known.”

❂ You both had a ritual of going to the local park at midnight and cuddling together as you read your favorite fairytales over and over again. On full moons, it would only be you, and you’d sit and stare up at the moon, the only thought in your mind being a certain chocolate-loving werewolf and his gorgeous smile. And you would implore your ancestors to have mercy.

❂ And in that summer before the notorious Marauders would attend Hogwarts, the two of you got your letters. And that same night, two ecstatic eleven-year-olds shared their first little kiss, wrapped up in their excitement.

❂ There was no awkwardness. There was only love, compassion—faith and joy.

❂ The two of you were so happy to be attending the same school together, and the night before September 1st, Remus had looked so vulnerable.

❂ He asked, “You won’t abandon me, will you?”

There wasn’t a second’s hesitation before you told him, “Never in a million years.”

❂ On September 1st, 1971, you asked for your muggle foster parents to let you go with Remus’s family, and your wish was granted.

❂ On the train, you and Remus spent the first thirty minutes alone and in a comfortable silence as you read fairytales together. Then suddenly, three fumbling imbeciles toppled into the compartment.

❂ The tallest one, Sirius, said, “Pardon us!” while the bespectacled one, James, just grinned stupidly. The pudgy one, Peter, waved awkwardly, giving a rushed apology. And the five of you become the notorious and inseparable Marauders, just like that.

❂ The five of you were sorted into Gryffindor, much to your locked-up parents’ chagrin and the ever-rebellious Sirius’s delight.

❂ Remus gave you a soft smile when the Sorting Hat proclaimed you a Gryffindor. He knew how worried and overwhelmed with anxiety you were in thinking you’d somehow end up a model of your mother or father. And when you came to plop down beside him, he enveloped you into a hug. Sirius and James made kissy-faces behind your backs, and if you were older and more mature, maybe you would have thrown up your middle finger as a reply.

❂ James and Sirius were the troublesome duo that always caused mischief that roped you, Remus, and Peter into detention. Peter was the ever-awed spectator who would nod vigorously at anything James said or done. You and Remus were the avid book readers and tentative lovers.

❂ One of Sirius’s favorite pastimes was teasing you and Remus for being so awkwardly-in-love.

❂ “Where’s the affection? Are the two of you too wrapped up in your own awkward neediness that you can’t even give each other a simple peck?”

“Shut up, Sirius!”

❂ In all honesty, the only reason that you and Remus strictly forbade PDA was because of how deeply rooted Remus’s insecurities were. He even neglected in asking you to be his girlfriend due to the belief embedded into his head that he was a monster.

❂ “I don’t deserve you, Y/N.”

“Remus, you’re the only one I could ever be with. I love you!”

❂ And during the summer before third year, he finally gained the guts. There was nothing but you and Remus, an atmosphere of love and devotion, as you enveloped him in your arms and smashed your lips onto his. You murmured, “Yes,” over and over again into the kiss, all until Remus laughingly put a finger between your lips and his. And for the first time in your entire life, you knew what it felt to be truly content.

❂ Hogwarts was a happy endeavor, but while you knew of Remus’s “furry little secret,” the other Marauders didn’t. It hurt to keep such a heavy secret from your best mates, especially during full moons. But your heart would always be with Remus, your promises always kept, and his pleas for you to lie and deceive your best mates always went swiftly and steadily. You didn’t want to upset Remus. You loved him more than anything in your life, and if he thought the best approach was to not get the boys involved, then you’d follow through. But the boys had other plans.

❂ On a full moon in the spring, during third year, the boys followed Remus to the Shrieking Shack. And they came back with bruises and scratches, an unconscious Remus dragged along with them.

❂ You were horrified, especially when it dawned on you that your mates had figured out his secret. Remus was going to be insecure, was going to sob from self-loathing, when he awoke to find that the beast in him had inflicted wounds onto his best friends.

❂ You ushered the four to the Hospital Wing, and you sat there by Remus’s bedside, staring at him like he could wake any moment. You never truly knew how beautiful he was until that moment—until you caught a glimpse of his peaceful countenance, his soft features, his sharp jaw, his rosy lips. And still, he felt poor towards himself. He hated himself. And that bloody hurt to think about.

❂ You and the Marauders spent the rest of third year trying to fix him. You wanted to better his perception of himself, and you planned for it. You didn’t want him to hate himself when he was the most caring, compassionate, and beautiful individual you’d ever met.

❂ During the beginning of fourth-year, the Marauders came up with a plan to become unregistered Animaguses. You wished to participate and help, but the boys refused.

❂ “Remus would have our hides!”

“But I want to help!”

❂ They went through, and slowly, new nicknames arose—Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail. You thought they were rather silly, but it made Remus feel better. All the jokes and companionship—the way the boys would do anything to help Remus during full moons—made you wonder where such wonderful people had been all your life.

❂ Lily Evans, at first, had detested you, all for the love you had for the boys. But slowly, she began to soften her feelings towards you, and you, Marlene, Lily, Mary, and Alice became good friends.

❂ The last three years of Hogwarts were hard. Remus’s insecurities worsened, and he needed constant validation to even feel the slightest bit better about himself, and Sirius’s home situation reached an all time low. Somedays you would find him on a couch in the common-room just crying, and you would hug and console him as he sobbed his worries and insecurities into your shoulder. You and Remus were prefects every year, something that turned heated out in empty corridors as you wandered around “on patrol.” And in your seventh year, you got to watch a second romance unfold—that of Lily Evans and James Potter. And you enjoyed every second of watching the slow realization of feelings.

❂ Then, the Marauders’s time at Hogwarts ended. And you were set to live your lives out in the real world, but all five of you knew that you wouldn’t be going anywhere. After all, Sirius needed to play best man at Jily’s wedding and a little tike had to be born, one way or another.

❂ James and Lily got married a mere year after Hogwarts let out. You were the Maid of Honor, Sirius the Best Man—and when you made your toast, you threatened Lily into foreswearing she’d make you godmother of at least one of her future children. That had set the room into a bout of laughter, with Remus watching you with a soft smile dimpling his face.

❂ Three days after the wedding, Remus popped the big question. And who were you to deny the affections of your childhood sweetheart?

❂ Your wedding was a small affair, unlike that of James and Lily. You and Remus were private people, liking the quiet and relishing in times of solitude. And your romance had always been tentative; Remus wanted to kiss you and not have to worry about feeling nervous. He wanted to kiss you like he always had—like you were precious cargo, someone he never wanted to let go for as long as he lived.

❂ The two of you had a honeymoon that ended with you two more in love than ever, and you moved in together. You were happy and content to lay in his arms each night, to awaken with a soft peck to the head and a rough voice whispering, “Good morning.” You had always dreamed of a happily-ever-after like this since you were a little girl. And you had got it.

❂ But life isn’t a fairy-tale. And happy endings sure-as-hell don’t go without a price.

❂ And when James and Lily died, you and Remus fought to have custody of Harry. But Professor Dumbledore refused, stating that he had to be in the custody of his aunt and uncle.

❂ “That will not a true home, Professor! They won’t love him.”

“We can give him happiness. We can be a family.”

❂ That night, you both cried for your losses. You cried for James, for Lily, for Peter—three innocent lives, taken. And Sirius, how his betrayal fractured your soul into pieces. Then Harry, young and innocent Harry being stripped away from two willing and loving parental figures and put into the custody of two magic-hating Muggles. And it was so unfair. You wouldn’t know the golden boy with James’s face and Lily’s eyes, the child whose first word was “Paddy” and favorite pastime was riding a miniature broomstick. You wouldn’t know him.

❂ At least you had each other. And for now, that was all that you needed.

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