september 1971

Remus’ Fifth Night at Hogwarts

Remus hadn’t been away from home for long, but he missed his parents.

He had taken his parents advise about not getting close to anyone, he was lonely and scared.

Remus felt like he was being teared up from the inside out.

It didn’t help that just 5 days after he left for Hogwarts, Sunday the 5th of September 1971, it was a full moon.

He sat there, in an old shack just out of Hogsmeade, Alone. Sitting there in the early hours of the morning until he was taken by sleep.

From then on out he wasn’t alone on a full moon, at first there was a singular Cat that sat with him during his shift, years later that cat was replaced. There instead of a Cat was a Stag, a Dog and a Rat.

We don’t know how James and Sirius met Remus but I’ve always liked the idea that since September 1st, 1971 was super close to a full moon, Remus was super irritable and so while there all waiting to be sorted, this pureblood kid looks at him and sees that Remus has the traits of a muggle and asks “what are you, a mudblood?” And Remus, who has dealt with ignorance his whole fucking life is fed up with this kid so he whips around and just says “halfblood, pureblood, muggle born, doesn’t matter, I’ll still know more about magic than a posh wank stain like you.” And everyone is just stunned but James and Sirius are both just smiling like idiots because “oh my god we found our third.”


On this day in music history: March 12, 1969 - Beatle Paul McCartney marries American photographer Linda Eastman at the Marylebone Register Office in Westminster, London. The ceremony is attended by Linda’s daughter Heather (from her first marriage), Paul’s brother Michael and Beatles roadie Mal Evans who also act as the bridesmaid, best man, and witness respectfully. What was to be a quiet civil ceremony ends up being leaked to the press, and the couple are greeted by cameras and huge crowds of weeping girls when they emerge from the office. The McCartneys have three children (Mary Anna (born August 28, 1969), Stella Nina (born September 13, 1971), and James Louis (born September 12, 1977). Paul and Linda remain happily married for twenty nine years until her death from breast cancer on April 17, 1998.


Ford Ranchero GT 1972 (5337) por Clay
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Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan - U.S.A. Type: Ranchero Series GT Model 97R Production time: September 1971 - September 1973 Production outlet: 27,940 Engine: 5766cc Ford Windsor 351W V-8 Power: 153 bhp / 3.800 rpm Torque: 361 Nm / 2.000 rpm Drivetrain: rear wheels Speed: 163 km/h Curb weight: 1840 kg Load capacity: 618 kg Wheelbase: 118 inch Chassis: box frame with crossbars (new body-on-frame design) and self-supportin all steel body Steering: recirculating ball and nut Gearbox: three-speed manual / all synchromesh / Clutch: 10 inch single dry plate Carburettor: Motorcraft 2-barrel Fuel tank: 76 liter Electric system: 12 Volts 55 Ah Ignition system: distributor and coil Brakes front: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Brakes rear: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Suspension front: independent ball joint, upper trapezoidal triangle cross-bar, lower simple cross-bar with elastically mounted tension strut, sway bar, coil springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Suspension rear: lower longitudinal links, upper braces, longitudinal leaf springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Rear axle: live Differential: hypoid 3.25:1 Wheels: 15 inch steel discs Tires: H78 - 15 Options: 250 CID (4096cc) straight-6 engine (power 145/4.000rpm - torque 314Nm/1.600rpm), Ford FMX three-speed Select Shift automatic transmission, differential 2.75:1, front 10.7 inch disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, bucket seats, AM/FM radio, vinyl top Special: - The Ranchero, introduced in December 1956, is quite unique Coupé utility vehicle: part car and part pickup truck. - This principle was “copied” by Chevrolet with its El Camino in 1959. - The Ford Ranchero was one of the favorite cars of Elvis Presley. - The 1972 Ford Ranchero Series was available as this 2-door GT, as 2-door 500 Model 97D (49,065 units built) and as 2-door Squire Model 97K (9,070 units built). - This sixth generation (1972–1976) Ranchero was only assembled in Lorain, Ohio (United States).


On this day in music history: December 17, 1971 - “Hunky Dory”, the fourth album by David Bowie is released. Produced by David Bowie and Ken Scott, it is recorded at Trident Studios in London in April 1971. Work on the album begins while Bowie is without record contract, having recently cut ties to his previous label Mercury Records. To help handle the production duties, Bowie hires former Abbey Road and Trident staff recording engineer Ken Scott (The Beatles, Supertramp, Missing Persons) to assist in the production. Executives from the US division of RCA Records hear the completed album, and sign him to a three album deal in September of 1971. It is also the first album to introduce new bassist Trevor Bolder (taking the place of bassist/producer Tony Visconti), and also features Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman on several tracks. The album features several classics including “Changes” (#66 Pop), “Queen Bitch” (written in tribute to Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground), “Life On Mars?” (#3 UK Pop), and “Oh You Pretty Things”. It receives significant critical praise from the British and US rock press upon its release, and is regarded as a pivotal recording in David Bowie’s career. The albums’ cover photo is inspired by a picture of actress Marlene Dietrich that the singer sees of her in a photo book, with him striking a similar pose. Reissued a number of times since its original 1971 release, the album is most recently remastered and reissued on CD in 2014 and as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2015. In December of 2016, NARAS (Grammy Awards) announces their list of inductees for the Grammy Hall Of Fame for 2017. Among the recordings scheduled to receive the honor is Bowie’s single recording of “Changes”. “Hunky Dory” peaks at number three on the UK album chart, and number ninety three on the Billboard Top 200.

Celebrities’ daughters who share your sun sign

Aries: Suri Cruise (18th April 2006)

Taurus: Apple Martin (14th May 2004)

Gemini: Lily-Rose Depp (27th May 1999)

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Cancer: Liv Tyler (1st July 1977)

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Leo: Frances Bean Cobain (18th August 1992)

Virgo: Stella McCartney (13th September 1971)

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Libra: Dakota Johnson (4th October 1989)

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Scorpio: Willow Smith (31st October 2000)

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Sagittarius: Katherine Schwarzenegger (13th December 1989)

Capricorn: Blue Ivy Carter (7th January 2012)

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Aquarius: Emma Roberts (10th February 1991)

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Pisces: Lily Collins (18th March 1989)

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                    how old are you, Joel?
                               fuck. i’m fucking- so old.

HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY, OLD MAN! ( September 16, 1971).

The first time I saw [Linda] was after that press conference to announce Apple in America. We were just going back to the airport and she was in the car with us. I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, I wondered what he was bothering having her in the car for. A bit too tweedy, you know. But she sat in the car and took photographs and that was it. And the next minute she’s married him.
—  John Lennon (St. Regis hotel interview, September 5, 1971)