september 1961

“The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell." 

– Second United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, in a speech in May 1954 (pictured here on the wall in the visitors’ area at UN Headquarters in New York).

An inspriation to many around the world then and today, Dag Hammarskjöld served as Secretary-General from 1953 until he died in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, along with 15 others, in September 1961.

At the age of 47, Dag Hammarskjöld was the youngest to have held the position of Secretary-General and during his time in office he fought for the independence of the UN and guided the Organization through some of the world’s most complex crises.

”“He had been a prodigy since his adulthood — an intellectual with an uncommon gift for public administration and practical statesmanship,” said longtime UN offical Brian Urquart. "When he died in a plane crash in Africa, we grieved for him as for the most intimate of friends because we realized that working with Hammarskjöld was a privilege and an experience that would never come our way again.“

He was awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize.

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Hey, can you tell us more about McLennon's trip to Paris for Paul's birthday?

For John’s birthday, not Paul’s.

John got £100 for his birthday, which was A LOT for that time, and he decided to spend all the money with Paul in Paris. They cancelled their concerts and started their trip on September 30, 1961.

Stuart was mad, he believed they had left the group, he said:

“Last night I heard that John and Paul have gone to Paris to play together – in other words, the band has broken up! It sounds mad to me, I don’t believe it…”
—Stuart Sutcliffe, 1961.

They wanted to hichhick from England to Spain and go through Paris, but ended up staying in Paris. They stayed in a cheap hotel, sleeping in one bed. There are some photos about tha trip, some of them appear on the screens during Paul’s concerts, before the gig starts, when the stage is still dark and there are the big screens on with the Beatles photos floating around.

These are the photos:

This photo of John sleeping was taken by Paul. It hangs framed on the wall in his house:

This is a letter including a photo of John from that trip, the handwriting seems John’s to me:

These are some quotes about that trip:

“We got fed up. We did have bookings, but we just broke them and went off.”
John Lennon about getting a trip with Paul to Paris (Hunter Davies, The Beatles, 1968

“Paul bought me a hamburger to celebrate.
I wasn’t too keen on reaching twenty-one. I remember one relative saying to me, ‘From now on, it’s all downhill,’ and I really got a shock. She told me how my skin would be getting older and that kind of jazz.”

—John Lennon about the trip to Paris with Paul for his 21st birthday (Anthology)

“We would walk miles from our hotel; you do in Paris. We’d go to a place near the Avenue des Anglais and we’d sit in the bars, looking good. I still have some classic photos from there. Linda loves one where I am sitting in a gendarme’s mac as a cape and John has got his glasses on askew and his trousers down revealing a bit of Y-front. The photographs are so beautiful, we’re really hamming it up. We’re looking at the camera like, ‘Hey, we are artsy guys, in a café: this is us in Paris,’ and we felt like that.”
—Paul McCartney - Anthology.

John and I went to Paris on birthday money he received from a relative. He must have been fond of me to spend that money. He let me have all the banana milkshakes I wanted.” - Pau McCartney

In this interview John talks about Paris

In this interview Paul talks about the fact that he used to sleep with John in just one bed a lot.


Betty and Barney Hill were a couple abducted by aliens on the night of September 19, 1961. The Hills were driving back home from a vacation, and noticed a odd light in the sky. The couple parked their car, and took out binoculars for a better look. The object was not a star or planet, but rather a UFO. The Hill’s saw odd creatures inside through the windows of the craft, and ran back to the car with their dog. As the two were driving, the object descended towards their car, and beeps could be heard. The hill’s drove across the road, only to notice that time had passed for 2 hours, despite their home being 35 miles , from the spot they parked. The Hill’s did not remember much of the drive home, and had spotty memories of that night. The couple was later hypnotized, and recalled being taken by the humanoids. The couple states that they were given medical procedures, and Barney claimed a sperm sample was taken from him. According to Barney, the aliens understood English, and Betty was shown a map by the creatures. Oddly the map, that was supposedly trade routes, was the Zeta Reticuli, a star system discovered years after the initial incident, after astronomers took interest in her map. The case is considered to be a credible abduction, due to the Hill’s respectability, and educational level. The fact that many well known and respected military personnel, and scientists also gives the case some credibility.

September 1961

This is the year the old ones,
the old great ones
leave us alone on the road.

The road leads to the sea.
We have the words in our pockets,
obscure directions. The old ones

have taken away the light of their presence,
we see it moving away over a hill
off to one side.

They are not dying,
they are withdrawn
into a painful privacy

learning to live without words.
E. P. “It looks like dying”—Williams: “I can’t
describe to you what has been

happening to me”—
H. D. “unable to speak.”
The darkness

twists itself in the wind, the stars
are small, the horizon
ringed with confused urban light-haze.

They have told us
the road leads to the sea,
and given

the language into our hands.
We hear
our footsteps each time a truck

has dazzled past us and gone
leaving us new silence.
One can’t reach

the sea on this endless
road to the sea unless
one turns aside at the end, it seems,

the owl that silently glides above it
aslant, back and forth,

and away into deep woods.

But for us the road
unfurls itself, we count the
words in our pockets, we wonder

how it will be without them, we don’t
stop walking, we know
there is far to go, sometimes

we think the night wind carries
a smell of the sea…

Denise Levertov

posing in her installation at International Galerij Orez 

[1965] ////yayoi K U S A M A

“Just weeks after moving into an East 19th street loft in September 1961, Yayoi Kusama, aided by Donald Judd, began sewing and stuffing hundreds of small canvas sacks full of cotton… Some were erect; others were semi-flaccid… this collision between what were now unmistakably phallic objects into this realm of kitsch-infused, quotidian femininity… undertaken to conquer her fear of the phallus… she recalls, ‘I began making penises in order to heal my feelings of disgust towards sex… I was terrified  of sex, and of the phallus.”

NASA Day of Remembrance

The twenty-four men and women who showed us that the conquest of space is worth the risk of life.

Theodore C. “Ted” Freeman: February 18, 1930 - October 31, 1964

Elliot M. See Jr. (prime crew of Gemini 9): July 23, 1927 - February 28, 1966

Charles A. “Charlie” Bassett II (prime crew of Gemini 9): December 30, 1931 - February 28,1966

Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom (Apollo 1): April 3, 1926 - January 27, 1967

Edward H. “Ed” White II (Apollo 1): November 14, 1930 - January 27, 1967

Roger B. Chaffee (Apollo 1): February 15, 1935 - January 27, 1967

Clifton C. “C.C.” Williams Jr.: September 26, 1932 - October 5, 1967

Michael J. “Mike” Adams (X-15): May 5, 1930 - November 15, 1967

Robert H. Lawrence Jr. (Manned Orbiting Laboratory): October 2, 1935 - December 8, 1967

Francis R. “Dick” Scobee (STS-51-L): May 19, 1939 - January 28, 1986

Michael J. Smith (STS-51-L): April 30, 1945 - January 28, 1986

Ellison S. Onizuka (STS-51-L): June 24, 1946 - January 28, 1986

Judith A. Resnik (STS-51-L): April 5, 1949 - January 28, 1986

Ronald E. McNair (STS-51-L): October 21, 1950 - January 28, 1986

Gregory B. “Greg” Jarvis (STS-51-L): August 24, 1944 - January 28, 1986

S. Christa McAuliffe (STS-51-L): September 2, 1948 - January 28, 1986

Manley L. “Sonny” Carter Jr.: August 15, 1947 - April 5, 1991

Rick D. Husband (STS-107): July 12, 1957 - February 1, 2003

William C. “Willie” McCool (STS-107): September 23, 1961 - February 1, 2003

David M. Brown (STS-107): April 16, 1956 - February 1, 2003

Kalpana Chawla (STS-107): July 1, 1961 - February 1, 2003

Michael P. Anderson (STS-107): December 25, 1959 - February 1, 2003

Laurel B. Clark (STS-107): March 10, 1961 - February 1, 2003

Ilan Ramon (STS-107): June 20, 1954 - February 1, 2003

My theory about McLennon

After John and Paul first meeting – that was basically a love at first sight –, they started to hang out, becoming each day closer from each other because of their common love for music. It’s fact that John used to have collective masturbation sessions with his school mates, so probably he also did that alone with Paul while they hanged out in Lennon’s or McCartney’s home, so knowing each other in “different levels people know about”. John and Paul became very intimate friends, and sort of forgot their old friends. According to Spitz’s biography, the Quarry men would go to parties and John and Paul would stay isolated from the others as they didn’t exist, just chatting whispery.
Lennon and McCartney, being so close friends that would even have a wank together, would build a deep connection with each other. John would start to feel jealousy of Paul dating girls, and it was because he was getting a crush on Macca. I believe it was when everything started; maybe playing their guitar, hanging out, or even having these hypothetical masturbation sessions, their first kiss happened. They were teenage boys with their bodies flowering hormones and discovering new things; that would happen sooner or later. Also, Paul was perfect to John; he even said Macca looked like Elvis. Yes, he was like a more delicate, more feminine version of Elvis – dark hair, large eyes and, the most important: same lips shape. There’re a lot of pictures of years later where John is looking at Paul’s lips. Probably Lennon couldn’t help looking at them without tasting while he was this teenage boy full of hormones. John’s mother death in 1958 also would approach them even more.

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The Abduction of Barney and Betty Hill

In September 1961, married couple Barney and Betty Hill of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, experienced something totally out of the ordinary — a three-hour lapse of memory before awaking in a seemingly “magnetized” car. After both underwent therapy, they seemed to recall similar visions of being abducted and probed by little gray men. Under hypnosis, Betty drew a map of the constellation that the aliens claimed to be from, which first appeared as nonsense, until some statisticians noticed its resemblance to the Zeta Reticuli system in the southern constellation of Reticulum — a system largely unknown in the 1960s.