september 16th 2012

On September 16th, 2012, I began my journey with Doctor Who, and today I have finished all of Classic Who! Through it and Tumblr, I have met so many awesomely wonderful people and I’ve been inspired to make my art better! I also found the TPC and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. I’m really glad I gave this show a chance ♥ Now onward to Big Finish!

  • I hate when I go to the grocery store or any store but mainly the grocery store & I have one item & the people ahead of me got a ton of shit & they look at me, look at my hand, see the one item & don’t let me go ahead of them.
  • I need a mop
  • How many thin Samoans do you know?
  • I love the amount of hrs it takes to edit videos. I love editing videos 
  • I almost pre-ordered the iphone 5 yesterday but then I reminded myself I can wait
  • Why do people who participate in downloading leaked albums pick & choose when they want to stand up against people doing that. All of sudden people are lame or corny for downloading “Cruel Summer” Fuck out of here!!! give your feelings to god bruh
  • The drinking game “questions” is mad funny. Played it on Tuesday & was cracking the fuck up.
  • I’m listening to “The Killers” new album right now and I’m feeling emo -_-
  • This California heat wave is not ok 
  • I feel like I need to start reminding certain people that they can always cease to exist in my life
  • Bowling tonight would be dope
  • I feel like a woman sitting on a mans face is the equivalent to the feeling of cockiness & control a man gets when he’s getting head & puts his hand on her head
  • Its funny when people rant & rave how they don’t want to be in a relationship right now & yada yada but next thing you know they’re in a relationship 
  • If you’re in my age bracket & you tell me you’re pregnant you get an “Oh shit” you don’t get a congratulations. I don’t care how much money you make
  • Kids are immune to heat, remember when we were kids the heat did not bother us like it does now that we are adults. We would be outside in the scorching heat running around playing. Now you practically have to pay us to come out.