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1972 Buick Electra 225 Advertisement Time Magazine September 27 1971


Peter: When you say ‘Fringe Science’, you mean pseudo science? Olivia: I suppose. Things like mind-control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutation, re-animation… Peter: Whoa, excuse me for a sec, re-animation? Really? So you’re telling me… what? My father was Dr. Frankenstein?


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20 questions to Shannon Leto

A year and a half after « this is war » album release, the verdict was rendered : the epic third sound of 30 seconds to mars was a hit in the entire world,Determined to not stop here, 30 seconds to mars was in Paris in June to celebrate « this is war » new edition release (with some bonus) and gave for this occasion two unforgettable gigs at La Maroquinerie and at l'Olympia,To top it off, they announced a french tour in NovemberA little quizz with our friend Shannon Leto

1, You are on the road for more than 20 months, How are you holding up ?

Shannon : Yes! I feel good! I won’t complain ! I’m lucky to travel, espress myself on stage every night in front of thousand people,

2, You are used to play in some venues like the Zenith or Bercy, How have you approached the intimate show at the Maroquinerie ?

Shannon : This kind of gigs let us to find again the interaction with the fans, we tend to lose it when we play on big stages. It’s a return to basics. In these venues, you see them sing, sweat, and above all you can capture their attention,which is really unusual,

3, What do you do a few minutes before going on stage?

Shannon : I clear my mind and I don’t think of anything else at the concert and at my instrument. Obviously, I do some stretching but the most importantly for me is the mental preparation. I meditate and I start to play drums in my head. This is essential for me.

4, What do you like the most during the tour ?

Shannon : All these extraordinary moments that we live with our fans,

5, What do you hate the most?

Shannon : Interviews ! No I’m kidding [laugh], the worst on tour, is to be confronted to the bad food. In France, I have no problem there, but there are countries (I would not name it !) where they didn’t give me a very good meat, it looked like everything but not food. It is important not to neglect your diet, like sleep. This can affect your performance. And when you give concerts at a rythm as fast as ours, it doesn’t forgive,,

6, Is it sometimes difficult to keep good relations with the other members of the band? 

Shannon : When you live constantly with the same people, there are moments where the tension can settle in. It’s human. In time, you learn to keep your distances with each other in certains situations. We try to stay focused on our common goals: work, concerts, composition, production ,,

7, What’s the first thing you will do when you will be back in Los Angeles? 

Shannon : I will bring together my best friends in my favorite sushi restaurant.

8, When the media are looking at 30 seconds to mars, they only talk about Jared Leto and forget it’s a real band with two other members.That must annoy you, right?

Shannon : No, before the band meet success,Jared was famous as an actor, and now he is our frontman. I understand this phenomenon, I have no problem with that,

9, What are you the most proud when you think about your career?

Shannon : Probably being in a band with my brother. There are so many families that tear away in our world .. Having accomplished all this with my brother, I find it really cool,

10, Your parents must be damn proud of you?

Shannon : When we were young, we were very poor, Our mother was a hippie and we lived in a truck. We had no toys or TV. However, we had bongos and a guitar. What happens to us means a lot for her. She is happy.

11, Today, you are rockstars. Is it just the result of luck or hard work?

Shannon : I don’t consider myself as a rockstar. I am the last person to celebrate our success. In my mind, I am the guy who played every evening in a garage. Indeed, we have worked very hard and we are on tour relentlessly for a long time but it is the case of many bands. I have musician friends who don’t have our chance,

12, According to you, what is the difference between 30 seconds to mars and these other bands? 

Shannon : Maybe having managed to combine our music with a strong visual world. Jared realizes our music videos with some talent. Then it is the public who made ​​his choice among the many bands that it’s confronted

13, What is your greatest quality as a musician?

Shannon : Certaintly my ability to sweat like nobody else [laugh]! Seriously I don’t know it’s up to you to tell me.

14, Your biggest flaw?

Shannon : My left hand is not as powerful and accurate than my right hand. And I confess that I don’t take enough time to work on this aspect of my game,

15, The drum pattern that you are the most proud ?

Shannon : I take a great pleasure in playing the second verse of Night of the Hunter (song that opens the album “This Is War”) I rarely hear this kind of plan.

16, Is there an album or a film that forever changed your life?

Shannon : The film “The Song Remains the Same” by Led Zeppelin has had an inconsiderable impact on me, When I saw it, I realized that a band could do more than music. There is a passion and an incredible raw energy, a real emotional chaos,

17, If you could have dinner with anyone of your choice, who would you choose?

Shannon : I would invite Jesus Christ and Buddha , I’m sure we would have fun together !

18, If you could choose a song for your funeral?

Shannon : “Another one bites the dust” from Queen [laugh]

19, If you have to keep only one instrument of your drum, which you would choose?

Shannon : I never thought of that, let me think about it .. Probably the tam-tam drum. Because its range of sounds is very wide . You can have very low frequencies, but you can also get a sound that approximates that of a snare drum by pressing the skin with your hand for example. And I love the tribal side of the instrument.

20, If you had not made ​​a career in music, what would you today?

Shannon : I’d be dead or I would have landed in jail, Before taking the music seriously, I didn’t make some good things, Fortunately at 25 years old, I suddendly understood,, I can say :“Music changed my life,,” [laugh]