50 things to love about Halloween/Autumn.

In case anyone questions why you’re obsessed with the holiday/season.

1. Spooky decorations.
2. The smells, especially candles.
3. Fallen, crunchy leaves.
4. Chilly nights with cozy blankets.
5. The best movies.. Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin.
6. Sweet treats. Spooky cupcakes, caramel apples.
7. The clothes. Warm sweaters, boots.
8. The warm colors. Reds, oranges.
9. Picking pumpkins and carving them.
10. Superstitions and myths.
11. Costume decisions.
12. Hayrides and bonfires.
13. Halloween lights.
14. Festivals.
15. Candy corn. Enough said.
16. Halloween parties.
17. Everything pumpkin spice scented.
18. Roasting marshmallows.
19. Drinking apple cider.
20. Black cats and bats.
21. Halloween TV specials.
22. Haunted houses.
23. Elvira, The Munsters, The Addams Family, Vampira, Dracula, Frankenstein..The list goes on.
24. Apple and pumpkin pie.
25. Knitted hats and scarves.
26. Bare, twisted trees.
27. Monsters. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies…
28. Trick or treaters.
29. Witches.
30. “The Monster Mash.”
31. Graveyards and cemeteries.
32. Ravens and crows.
33. Edgar Allan Poe.
34. Spooky sound effects.
35. Fog machines.
36. Rainy days.
37. Nature walks.
38. Tea.
39. Children’s Halloween books.
40. Spiders and spiderwebs.
41. Hay bales and corn stalks.
42. Corn mazes.
43. Ghost stories.
44. Crafts.
45. Mike Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees.
46. Pumpkin patches.
47. Craft stores selling Halloween goodies.
48. Ouija boards.
49. Jack O Lantern faces on everything.
50. Celebrations on Halloween night.


Khloé Kardashian x Complex Magazine

“Let’s Get Physical” - August/September 2015 Issue


I saw a commercial for Three Men and a Baby on Showtime. It’s not on my list of faves, but I still find myself thinking about a Klaine sendup.

Four Men and a Baby

Kurt, Blaine, Sam and Elliott are best friends and roommates. They met working at The Spotlight Diner when they were all in college. They’re in their late twenties now, all successful and on the brink of mega success: Kurt in fashion, Blaine on Broadway, Sam as a model and Elliott with his band. They’ve been roommates for years and live in a swank apartment where they throw legendary parties and live a fabulous life. They are all firmly committed to being single.

While Elliott is away on tour, a woman leaves a baby girl at their apartment door, claiming one of them is the father. Kurt, Blaine and Sam tag team taking care of the little girl, leading to hilarious fails, midnight a cappella lullabies, arguments about organic baby food, general precious mayhem, and a “booty schedule” that starts as an attempt to keep their sex lives intact while caring for the baby, but ends up being about naps.

Kurt and Blaine assume Sam is the baby’s father, but it turns out Elliott had a weekend fling with her mother–his one and only experience with a woman–and he’s Daddy. In the weeks before Elliott returns from his tour, Kurt and Blaine grow closer and find it increasingly difficult to pretend they haven’t had a crush on each other for years. They bond over their mutual love for the baby girl and when Elliott comes back and takes over some of her care, they give in to temptation and start having a “secret” fling: quickies in the tiny laundry room, 3am confessions about their feelings, bad acting when caught sneaking out of each other’s bedrooms, corny flirting.

Some angst around whether Elliott will keep the baby or not, but mostly farcical fun and romance of the silly and endearing variety. What do you think? 


Favorite Lines From Fix Me