You will never convince me that Day Trip (108) was not originally intended to be the setup for romantic Bellarke. Like…it’s the episode they went from antagonism to trust. They literally throw this line in here:

(GIF courtesy of @rebellark)

It’s literally foreshadowing of the change in their relationship. In that same episode we get this:

Like…the most obvious parallel for this set is “I’ll teach you how to play pool.” Where one romantic interest steps into the others space, touches them in a pretty casual place and then is very obviously flustered by it.  

We literally went from Clarke saying “Right now I don’t want to be near anyone that I like.”

to this:

Like…what type of development?!

Anyway…108 was the rise of Bellarke and I will fight everyone about it.

It was positively cosy at the foot of the sheltering cliff, where the burn from the hill cut through the sand and the rock to the sea, but Algy knew that soon it would start to rain again and he would have to seek more adequate cover…

Algy hopes that if you are experiencing stormy weather this weekend, you will be able to find yourself a warm and cosy spot to relax in :)


Vincent, Iowa
Population: 174

“This historic place is believed to be haunted by the apparition of a young girl who was murdered nearby. Witnesses claim to have seen her sitting in the hall after hours, and have felt her brush past them in the corridors. The chandelier at the entrance also moves of its own accord, and is switched on and off by an unseen force.”