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What do you think would be a good weapon for an Onxy and Petalite, and what would a good fusion be for them?

Petalite is known as the angelic stone, which helps you connect to angels. It is also a stone that has strong protective energies. If you are looking for a more offensive weapon, I would suggest a quarterstaff, since you can use it to block and be defensive while still having a direct weapon. Alternatively a pole-arm could word- such as a Fauchard, or a bill hook, which were often used to get in between the armor of combatants. A good offense can be a good defense, after all.

For more a defensive weapon, a type of shield could work. A smaller shield like a buckler could be used for a lighter defense, but quicker to attack with. Or a larger shield like a kite shield, which can cover more of Petalite’s body, but be heavier and harder to use to attack with.

For something between, a Cestus can have blades and padding to block blows with attached to it.

An Onyx is used for defense against negativity directed at you, and it is also used for releasing negative energies from yourself.
My first suggestion would be some form of shield that absorbs attacks, then releases it as energy back at the foe.
Another suggestion would maybe be a type of club. Such as a ball club, for a more offensive approach, or a Jitte for disarming enemies.
And lastly, a whip could be used Amethyst or Indiana Jones style as a weapon that can not only disarm enemies, but be used in a hug versatile manner.

When it comes to fusing them, I am not sure what color Petalite you might be going for. But clear and pink Petalite seem the most common- so I will mostly go by those colors.
My suggestions would be:


Strawberry Quartz

Mary Ellen Jasper


Tiffany Stone

- Mod Sapphire ❤


Crystals for Bear Totem

Bears are certainly a majestic and powerful creature. Bear totem brings compassion and strength. Bear knows when it is time to rest and when it is time to take care of their loved ones. When Bear comes into your life, it is time to set boundaries, act on creative urges, and acknowledge your inner-potential.

These five stones help you connect with this powerful spirit animal:

  • Stromatolite - earth energy, ancient wisdom
  • Pyrite - protection, grounding
  • Snow Quartz - inner peace, wisdom
  • Honey Calcite - joy, change
  • Septarian - confidence, centering


  • brings calming energies with a nurturing feel to them
  • can bring feelings of joy
  • can engender feelings of spiritual uplifting
  • enhances and nurtures group communication making it easier to speak clearly and kindly
  • brings unconscious foreknowledge and helps the user to be prepared for what is coming

Before my fiancé and I lived together, we were in a long distance relationship for a year and a half. It was difficult, but one the things that helped pull us through was a Septarian geode like this one! These gorgeous healing crystal geodes were formed millions of years ago, and when they are cut in half and polished, you have two identical halves of the whole.

We each took a half of the geode when we were apart, and it helped us to remember the bigger picture and our love for each other when things seemed impossible. These special stones actually have the unique property of absorbing your energy over time, so essentially they can embody your friendship or relationship and help lend you that comfort and love when you need it!

Years later we still have our Septarian, and the halves are together now in our crystal collection (you can see it in many of my pictures!). It’s definitely my favorite piece! I recently came across this one… It’s for sale here!