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Crystals for Bear Totem

Bears are certainly a majestic and powerful creature. Bear totem brings compassion and strength. Bear knows when it is time to rest and when it is time to take care of their loved ones. When Bear comes into your life, it is time to set boundaries, act on creative urges, and acknowledge your inner-potential.

These five stones help you connect with this powerful spirit animal:

  • Stromatolite - earth energy, ancient wisdom
  • Pyrite - protection, grounding
  • Snow Quartz - inner peace, wisdom
  • Honey Calcite - joy, change
  • Septarian - confidence, centering

anonymous asked:

So, about Toffee being a Septarian... isn't that another word for dragon? Cos a Septarian Stone is also called a Dragon Stone.

Yes, please.
Make them Dragons.
Dragons make things better.
And how cool would it be that a princess’ greatest foe… is once again a dragon? Just like in classic fairy tales, but with more twists and turns.

My Beautiful babies 

Obsidian • Protection, exposes blockages, provides deep soul healing

Smoky Quartz • Relieves stress and depression, turns negative emotion into positive energy

Septarian Egg • A protective stone providing both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies

Before my fiancé and I lived together, we were in a long distance relationship for a year and a half. It was difficult, but one the things that helped pull us through was a Septarian geode like this one! These gorgeous healing crystal geodes were formed millions of years ago, and when they are cut in half and polished, you have two identical halves of the whole.

We each took a half of the geode when we were apart, and it helped us to remember the bigger picture and our love for each other when things seemed impossible. These special stones actually have the unique property of absorbing your energy over time, so essentially they can embody your friendship or relationship and help lend you that comfort and love when you need it!

Years later we still have our Septarian, and the halves are together now in our crystal collection (you can see it in many of my pictures!). It’s definitely my favorite piece! I recently came across this one… It’s for sale here!

Sweet new Septarian crystal (aka Dragonstone) in the shop today! These crystals so neat… They were originally mud balls rolling around on the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago. Then the ocean dried up, the mud balls cracked, and crystal grew inside the cracks. 

Nature is AWESOME.

Septarian/Rian by galaxy-of-art
Gender: Genderless
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic (although you’d have to try really hard because she doesn’t commit)
Height: 6’6”
Weapon: Trishula- A trident like weapon with the capability to extend into a normal mode which is around the same size as Rian and also enter a ‘unreasonable’ mode where the size is twice the original one in order to fight much larger targets. Regardless of form, Rian can handle both forms with relatively ease.
Gem Type: Septarian/Dragon Stone
Likes: Sparing, traveling, coffee, combat, human military history,bird watching,spicy things.
Dislikes: Weaklings, arrogance, sweets, being slowed down, committing, anyone taller than her, losing.
Hobbies: When traveling around, Rian likes to collect mementos from where ever she stayed at to remember the place later on. She also photographs landmarks of the area as well and puts them into a book. She secretly likes to birdwatch and feed them.
Talents/Skills: Rian is good at hand to hand combat and close combat. Like a dragon, she has tough skin, nails that grow into claws, and can breath fire. This isn’t something she likes to share but she can call a large range of birds with her whistling.
Personality: Rian is a very serious gem, on homeworld she was a captain of the royal guard and was very strict. She did not tolerate failure from anyone including herself. She wants to be seen as intimidating and will appear so but she has a soft side that she doesn’t like anyone else to see, this can only be seen around birds because she likes them very much.
Fusion Preference: Collaborate.