a fight ? a gift ? who knows

I remember being with a powerful angel, someone with great beauty and wisdom. I think i had to fight him, and i dont remember if i lost or not. They (he?) had a halo of like,, not sunlight, but a rainbow reflection of sunlight. They wore many colors, had curly hair, and were very strong and confident, almost arrogant.
I fought for either defense, or privilege, i dont know. I was either defending something or trying to earn something, possibly even both.

This angel was,, an eagle ? Maybe ? Nuriel comes to mind, but i cant be sure. He held a septar, and i think Michael was there at one point????

The fight was behind the throne, in a different dimension, apart from space and time. It looked like space, but it was different, private. I remember being afraid.

I remember, as a human child, being afraid of the storms because they reminded me of the fight. It was hard, scary, and something i did NOT want to do.

“All The Boys” Fan Art Paintings: Acrylic on Canvas

Top Row (left to right) person and title: Jordan “The Bosscat”, danznewz “The Dark Knight”, James “El Brink Luchador”, Aleks “Nobs 4 Lyf”, Seamus “It’s Pronounced Sea-Moose”

Bottom Row: goldenblackhawk “My Tumblr is Full of Food”, Dex “I Killed Septar Jr. (at PAX)”, Spencer “His Name is Not Zelda”, Intern Joe “Come to The Dark Side”, Artist Joe “Great Pencil Holder”


The amazing victory of Dexter Manning over Septar Jr.!!!

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Q&A segment from the creatures panel

Q:where’s seamus?
A: Jordan: resting at home, trying to recover from his kidney stone. He also has some other stuff going on

Q: what are your fav memes?
A: James: the marshal face

Q: If you could go back and continue/remake any series which would it be?
A: Crowd:*screams* trapville
    Aleks: happywheels
    Dan: more chip and marshal
    James: more chip and marshal

Q: What goals as a company do they want to accomplish in the next few years?
A: Crowd:*screams* creaturecon
    Jordan: more creative projects like chip and marshal/five nights short

Q: What happened to septar and mactar (for james)
A: James: mac is still alive and well and septar is a crustation in my office.I have something planned in the near future

Q: Do you feel like you’re a family?
A: Dan: we’re here right now with a gigantic family
    James: we were unsure how the booth was gonna go but it has been packed the entire time so thank you

Q:If you had to be stuck in a closet with another creature and you cant kill each other who would it be?

A: James: *points at Aleks*

    Jordan: joe

    Dan: joe
    Aleks: I was gonna say myself, but uh, Aron if he brings chinese food

Q: What’s a day in the life of the office
A: Aleks: have you seen the hub?

Q: Before you started doing youtube who was someone you watched that inspired you?
A: James: olan rogers
    Jordan: digital fear
    Aleks: roosterteeth

Q: When will you do a new creature factions (minecraft series)?
A: Jordan: we got quite tired of minecraft, so we’ll see.

Q: Are there gonna be more chip and marshal in the future?
A: Dan: you’ll probably see more chip and marshal in the future, maybe


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