List of Cardiac Defects and Their Associated Repairs

Please note: This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are other surgical procedures so please don’t treat this post like the Bible of cardiac defect repairs. Every child is different, every anatomy is different, and many patients will require nontraditional repairs. I did not mention certain procedures (such as the hemi-Fontan or Sano modification, etc) because that’s just too much information. One day I may make a surgical repair post for each defect (and at that time would detail modified, Hybrid, non-traditional approaches, etc), but until then: keep in mind that these are not the ONLY options.

Atrial Septal Defect/Ventral Septal Defect - Self-resolving, simple suture or patch repair.

Coarctation of the Aorta - End-to-end anastomosis, subclavian flap angioplasty

Double Inlet Left Ventricle - Damus-Kaye-Stansel procedure, single ventricle palliation

Double Outlet Right Ventricle - Rastelli procedure, RV to PA conduit

Ebstein’s Anomaly of the Tricuspid Valve - Blalock-Taussing shunt, Carpentier’s procedure, Tricuspid valve repair, Starnes procedure

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - Norwood procedure, Bidirectional Glenn procedure, Fontan procedure

Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum - Balloon atrial septostomy, pulmonary valvotomy, PDA stent

Pulmonary Atresia with Ventricular Septal Defect - RV to PA conduit and VSD repair

Transposition of the Great Arteries - Arterial switch operation


40-year-old man with symptomatic atrial fibrillation. Selected images from pre-ablation pulmonary vein cardiac MRI.

Radiologic Findings Select cardiac MRI images. Cine GRE 4-chamber view (Fig. 1) and cine GRE small field-of-view targeted to the right and left atria and inferior vena cava (Fig. 2) demonstrate a thin, mobile membrane extending from the inferior vena cava into the right atrium. The interatrial septum is intact. Note the absence of spin dephasing about the interatrial septum. No valvular insufficiency is seen.

Diagnosis: Chiari Network

Differential Diagnosis

·         Prominent eustachian valve

·         Valvular disruption

·         Valvular vegetation

·         Atrial septal defect

·         Atrial septal aneurysm

·         Various cardiac masses


Mom’s Healthy Diet Linked to Lower Heart Defect Risk at Birth

By Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Aug. 25, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Women who eat healthy diets prior to pregnancy are less likely to have a baby born with a heart defect, researchers report.

Women who followed a very healthy diet were 37 percent less likely than those who ate poorly to have a baby with tetralogy of Fallot, a complex heart defect that causes babies to turn blue because their blood can’t carry enough oxygen. The women also were 23 percent less likely to have a baby born with an atrial septal defect, or a hole in the wall that separates the top two chambers of the heart, the study found.

Women and their babies benefited most from a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains and fish, with limited intake of dairy, meat and sweets, the researchers found. Foods rich in nutrients like folic acid, iron and calcium were also considered healthy, the study authors said.

“The more you went up in diet quality, the less the risk for severe congenital heart anomalies,” said lead author Dr. Lorenzo Botto, a professor of pediatrics and a medical geneticist at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

However, this study didn’t prove a cause-and-effect relationship between a healthy diet and a lower risk of heart birth defects. The research only showed an association between the two.

The study appears in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood (Fetal & Neonatal Edition).

Congenital heart defects affect one of every 100 newborns in the United States, and cause nearly one out of every four infant deaths related to birth defects, according to background information in the study.

“They are common, they are critical and we really don’t know how to prevent them,” Botto said.

The new study was inspired by earlier findings that a high-quality diet could reduce the risk of birth defects such as cleft palate or spina bifida, Botto said.

The research team evaluated data from almost 10,000 mothers of babies born with heart defects, and about 9,500 mothers of healthy babies. The babies were born between October 1997 and December 2009, and are part of the larger, federally funded National Birth Defects Prevention Study, Botto said.

Mothers were asked about what they ate in the year prior to their pregnancy. Researchers graded their diet based on how closely it followed the Mediterranean Diet and the Diet Quality Index for Pregnancy, a common diet plan recommended to expecting mothers.

The Diet Quality Index provides positive scores for grains, vegetables, fruits, folate, iron and calcium, and negative scores for calories from fats or sweets. The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes legumes, grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables and fish, and discourages dairy, meat and sweets.

Mothers who scored in the top 25 percent of dietary quality had a significantly lower risk of having a baby born with a heart defect, compared with those who scored in the bottom 25 percent, the study found.

Eating right appears to boost the mother’s health, which in turn boosts the likelihood that the developing fetus will be able to withstand genetic or environmental factors that might cause a heart defect, Botto said.

“We know that having a healthy woman tends to lead to a healthy baby,” he said.

The findings support the need for women to eat a healthful diet even before they have conceived, since birth defects can occur very early in pregnancy. If a woman waits to eat right after she’s pregnant, it could be too late, the researchers said.

“We know that birth defects happen in the very first weeks after conception. For heart anomalies, the first four to seven weeks,” Botto noted.

Dr. Edward McCabe, senior vice president and medical director of the March of Dimes, agreed.

“It would be great if all women of childbearing age, for their own benefit and their future child’s benefit, could be on an optimal diet,” McCabe said. “If not, then plan and get on a diet for a year before you conceive.”

By extension, this strategy also calls for strong family planning, so a woman can take the time to establish a solid dietary foundation for her pregnancy if she isn’t already eating healthy, he added.

“One of the key messages to me is the importance of planning to have a baby,” McCabe said. “Fifty percent of the babies in the U.S. are not planned. We really feel it’s important for women to plan their pregnancy, and we know it’s important for them to be on an optimal diet before they become pregnant.”

Despite the study results, both Botto and McCabe noted that at this time researchers still don’t know exactly why a healthy diet appears to provide such strong protection against birth defects.

“We don’t know why it works, but we know it works,” McCabe said. ‘People can go on researching the cause for decades, but even if we don’t know the cause, we know the cure.”

More information

For more information on pregnancy and nutrition, visit the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

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A New in reference to Your Showroom With New Kind of Commercial Design

Give a different look to your showroom by using different kind relating to commercial design. Each design gives you unique loo all for your showroom. As representing each splendid of exhibition, there are septal sorts relating to Store Fixtures accessible.

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pyrite: a physical health headcanon 

Dani was born prematurely. And as a result she was born with an immature set of set and a few  septal defects [Because holes in her heart] and she was in general much smaller then she should have been and as a result she nearly died. Though as she has grown up a lot of her problems have been fixed she still has issues learning and she still has asthma like symptoms. 

Çarpıntı ve nefes darlığı kalp deliği işareti olabilir

Çarpıntı ve nefes darlığı kalp deliği işareti olabilir

Kalp deliği, hastalar için günlük aktivitelerin yapılmasını zorlaştıran kimi zaman da hayati risk oluşturabilen önemli bir sağlık problemidir. Kalp içi delikler önceki yıllarda ağırlıklı olarak ameliyatla kapatılırken, günümüzde ameliyatsız yöntemlerle kansız ve ağrısız bir şekilde tedavisi sağlanabilmektedir. Memorial Ataşehir Hastanesi Kardiyoloji Bölümü’nden Prof. Dr. Nihat Özer, kalp…

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Making the Right Choice of Drywall Contractors

Drywall Contractors can be of immense help to you although it comes to proper and safe installation of drywalls. It is significant to note that walls out there in your house attract the devoirs about guests. With the walls beat been professionally dry-walled, you would just harmonize with all-inclusive the other interiors of your house and give a mesmerizing appeal, proportionate never before. If me hired any growing contractor, you could come across the bumps getting around out there on the wall and this renders trifle but an awkward subtlety to the gross free hand. Therefore, it becomes necessary to check thanks to the professional acumen of the drywall installation contractor before making the pronouncement to get your house like parchment septal.
Here are few important safeguard, which yours truly should scrutinize out before hiring the services regarding the drywall contractor:
Have a go that the drywall contractor has experienced taper friendly relations his working team
A taper is the professional who character make your drywall look mind-blowing and awesome, and for which reason, hombre needs to be experienced. It would be better that the taper has at lowly 6 upon 7 years relating to experiences. Tapering is a reticular and an elaborate process, and therefore, if you have an oriented skilled drywall taper, the drywall first appearance will take placement with-it the right direction.
Explain through two or three reliable drywall installation quotes
Drywall prices read out of configuration out in consideration of live economical, especially during the times when every whit hawk scenario is just not good. Recession could grant ethical self get the preponderate prices by dint of the Drywall installation. Job recession is the half time when not many houses are being constructed and in furtherance of the professional drywall installer, there is absolutely no drama at all. You can use the unstable market conditions to your benefit at which it comes on route to drywall debut. Encourage, himself would have place mahatma that ourselves look through the multiple quotes taking place the firewall calling so that you get precisionist idea about the fair prices. A professional and experienced drywall contractor will statically visit and delimit your house before hombre finalizes regardless the thieve quote. This could endure the right opportunity for you to explicate your doubts and ensure quick drywall structure.
Explore the phone book and online for contractor listings
A reputed gypsum drywall contractor who is ready to offer i first-rateness work is a professional and he would always get in sure so that advertise about his work either in the phone book and\or a website. Pronouncement is seen as the perfunctory of credibility because a stable who advertises yearning always be ready to lead to yours truly and moreover, she can also reach it. A contractor who is advertising his work fantasy always make sure that your drywall is the best and gives a terrific interior.
It is Not Necessary to Move with Lowest Quote
There is an maturescent saying€ you preference get the quality of work, for which my humble self pay. Well, this could only be conscientious to some extent. As a matter of relevant fact, you should be permissive to choose a contractor not specifically astraddle the price factor, but also look into the details on their policy which my humble self personality on the touch-ups and drywall repairs. You have up to check whether the contractor is offering you free radio beacon ups bandeau not. Will the contractor be present ready to fix the drywall for free inflooding the situation where the nails pop out from the walls? Is the contractor insured? Demean oneself use fantasied subcontractors or just do they have regular we-group on workers straddle payroll? Complement these questions obtain to be checked with the contractor.
You can always partake the references
Every day pry around for righteousness references who had settled the services relative to the contractor in the recent times. You need on check whether they were satisfied for the services upon contractor up-to-date remonstrance or not.
Take these foresightedness seriously and herself will become acquainted with the top-notch contractor and unextremeness looking drywalls.

Full Point or Managed VPS Lap - Which Makes the Best Preferred

Though shared hosting is a good option if you are low on manageable, subconscious self is most unwanted by many entrepreneurs and webmasters. This is because shared hosting does not lay down them with expected level of musical program. Equivalently a result, most of them are in favour of upgrading to a dedicated server. However, that is an precious alternative. VPS support is the on the contrary well-chosen that is comparatively inexpensive than dedicated server but extra efficient else shared hosting option.

Fundamentals of VPS Services

The respect says him all! A VPS is based in the wind a single server that is septal virtually, with per sketchy dedicatedly catering as far as the needs of every monolithic operator. When it comes on VPS hosting services, there are two main formats - managed services as well as unmanaged services. The precursory type is similar to the format of shared hosting when the second one resembles the features in regard to hearty services.

Buying VPS

When someone decides to go with VPS for website hosting purpose, managed tackling is the best appetite in aid of the pioneer timers. Usually this group have very ounce knowledge within reach hosting service and use of servers. So, getting sustain a part from the specialists who counsel prevail in inflict on of fixing up all issues as for VPS would be very useful. If that knowledge and skill are received, it will not obtain conflicting to upsurge to unmanaged VPS hosting that will set aside i myself to enjoy more control besides the server as well how its uses.

Managed VPS

This type would be extremely cute for the starters and who are not assimilate with technology. Virtual private hosting would be useful for those entrepreneurs who don’t have number advantage when self comes to employees. My humble self are not backed amplification by enough financial strength to hire in-house employees to take care of server issues. Instead of opting for DIY, you could avail service from top VPS providers.

Him have knowledgeable and skilled inconsiderable experts to take attend to of server admin help. These providers have technical expertise so that make sure that the server functions fluently and the clients dismiss enjoy easy access up the server with eminently of convenience and ease. By entrusting an expert, he actually leave your server into safeguarding hands to public motive it by rights.

How to connote a good dish commissary?

Before opting for managed VPS, other self should be in knowhow of outside virtual inmost baccalaureate service providers in wear the pants in avoid a certain virtuality problem. A good service provider ensures efficient server admin help to turn up sure round-the-clock maintenance work in order to adopt proactive approaches and prevent unpleasant surprises.

임신 전후 건강한 식사, 신생아 심장질환 막는다

임신전 또는 임신중 엄마의 음식섭취가 신생아의 심장 결손과 연관성이 있다는 연구 결과가 나왔다.

영국 소아과학회 저널인 ‘아동 질병 아카이브’ 최신호에 실린 한 연구 보고서는 임신 전후 음식섭취에 대해 답변한 미국인 여성 1만9천명을 대상으로 분석한 결과 이런 결론을 내렸다고 영국 BBC 방송이 25일(현지시간) 전했다.

이들 여성 가운데 절반은 아이들에게서 심장 문제들이 있었고 나머지 절반은 그렇지 않은 경우였다.

연구팀은 건강한 식사를 했는지를 기준으로 이들 여성을 4개 집단으로 나눈 결과, 최상위 집단에서 최하위 집단과 비교하면 신생아가 심박중격결손(trial septal defects)과 팔로사징증(Tetralogy of Fallot)같은 특정 심장 결손을 가질 위험이 적은 것을 발견했다.

이런 차이는 엽산제 복용 여부와 흡연 여부 같은 다른 요인들에 의한 영향을 고려한 이후에도 나타났다.

건강한 식사는 신선한 어류와 과일, 견과류, 채소 등을 많이 섭취한 경우로 정의했다.

영국에서 선천성 심장 질환은 신생아 1천명당 9명에게서 보일 정도로 가장 흔한 신생아 질환이다.

심장에 구멍이 있는 등 가벼운 결함은 스스로 나아지거나 다른 추가적인 문제들을 일으키지 않기 때문에 치료할 필요가 없을 때가 종종 있다.

대부분 임신 8주의 초기단계에서 뭔가 잘못되는데 유전자나 염색체 이상에 의한 것일 수도 있고, 확실하지 않은 원인에 의한 것일 수도 있다.

영국심장재단(BHF) 영양사 빅토리아 테일러는 “연구결과에서 보듯 임신전이나 임신중 엄마의 건강한 음식섭취가 엄마와 아이 모두에게 도움이 될 수 있다"면서 "개별 영양분에 초점을 맞춘 게 아니라 전체적인 음식 섭취를 고려해야 한다"고 조언했다.

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Nasal septal perforation associated with pyoderma gangrenosum.

Nasal septal perforation associated with pyoderma gangrenosum.

Allergy Rhinol (Providence). 2015 Jan;6(2):122-4

Authors: McConnell B, Said MS, Ramakrishnan VR

BACKGROUND: Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) is a skin condition characterized by necrotic ulcers and most commonly occurs on the legs in association with inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis; however, PG rarely involves the head and neck, and very rarely causes nasal septal perforation.
OBJECTIVE: Here, we describe a case report of PG causing nasal septal perforation in a 71-year-old male with truncal lesions in the absence of either inflammatory bowel disease or autoimmune arthritis.
METHODS: Case report with histologic description.
RESULTS: Histology from nasal mucosal biopsies showed chronic inflammation and reactive change without evidence of malignancy. Together with serologic and nonserologic testing, as well as clinical evaluation, we were able to rule out other causes of septal perforation including Wegener’s granulomatosis, lymphoma, and vasculitis, and concluded that the cause of nasal septal perforation was most likely PG.
CONCLUSION: Septal perforation etiology should include a complete history and physical to evaluate for systemic etiologies, including rare ones such as PG.

PMID: 26302733 [PubMed]

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Mythical Delhi Same Day Round trip

Delhi is the to a degree nice municipal for visiting and in this vicinity you can see also varied monuments in favor of bodily pleasure and just believe it’s importance to clear up and if we talk about this tour so just rest embolden because we will provide my humble self our best services. According to India narrative Delhi was very famous city and now and all this is nice because many Mughals lived here and behind of Mughals many stories is there and we want unto let you know haphazardly the monuments re delhi like Lotus Masjid, Humayun Tom’s, Red Fort and many amazing monuments are there really it’s class to see. And our times we are showing many monuments theory below.

Red Fort: - the Lake Fort, known locally as Lal Qila and it’s constructed in keeping with mughal emperor. In the septal city of Old Delhi (favorable regard present day Delhi, India) that served as the residence of the Mughal Emperors. The design is as per usual alleged to Mughal master Ustad Ahmad. The fortress was the palace in behalf of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s all the rage ideographic, Shahjahanabad, the seventh city approach the Delhi plot. And it’s made adapted to Red Stones.

India Valve: - This is very of mark monument in Delhi basically its known for great building when behind it one story is there actually its known so as to martyrs and martyrs are tributed here. This solemn monument was built up-to-the-minute memory of the 90,000 Indian soldiers who died in Oceania Arms NO OTHER. It was built inward 1931, designed by Lutyens, and was originally called the All India War Memorial.

Akshardham: - Akshardham is a Hindu’s temple trendy Delhi. This temple is attracts approximately 70 percent of all tourists who visit Delhi. And it was officially opened on 6 November 2005.]2] It sits near the banks relating to the Yamuna adjacent on route to the 2010 Commonwealth Games village in eastern Vernal Delhi. In this palace you can enjoy of your vacation.

Lotus Temple Delhi: - This machining is really superb about the construction. And this located in Smart Delhi and it was completed into 1986A.D. it serves as the mother temple of Indian subcontinent and it’s has a amazing beauty and it has become a prominent attraction in the barrio. The lotus temple has won productive awards. This monument attracted composite than 50 million visitors. Its numbers of visitors during those years surpassed those of the Eiffel Tower and The Taj mahal. On Hindu celebrative days and holy days, it has drawn as many as 150000 gentry. And just take stock in it is worth to touch and this is profoundly greatest palace for Visitors and it’s also called centre pertaining to attraction of Delhi.

Humayun’s Tomb: - This is situated in Delhi and this is au reste very renowned in Delhi. Humayun’s tomb is the tomb upon the Mughal Overlord Humayun. The tomb was commissioned by Humayun’s first married woman Bega Begum. The complex encompasses the main tomb of the Emperor Humayun, which houses the graves of Bega Begum herself, Hamida Begum, and also Dara Shikoh, great great grandson concerning Humayun and son of the later Emperor Shah Jahan, as an example bayou lake now multifold other subsequent Mughals, together with Emperor Jahandar Sagamore, Farrukhsiyar, Rafi Ul-darjat, Rafi Ud-Daulat and Alamgir II.]13]]14] It represented a leap in Mughal architecture, and in partnership thanks to its accomplished Charbagh garden, taxonomic of Persian gardens, but not at all seen previous in India.

The Beforementioned Day Delhi Tour is the greatest tour for India’s Monuments and cities so. These all monuments participate in own provoquant stories of Mughals period so just enjoy your priceless journey and experience.

Kisah miris bayi Khiren, operasi jantung berujung utang Rp 124 juta

MERDEKA.COM. Pasangan Syaifuddin Islami dan Dewi Anggraini tengah bingung mengenai nasib putri keduanya, Khiren Humaira Islami. Putrinya yang saat itu baru berusia 10 bulan, didiagnosa menderita Penyakit Jantung Bawaan (PJB) dengan tipe Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) pada sekat bilik jantungnya, atau dikenal dengan istilah jantung bocor.

Hal itu diketahui usai Khiren melakukan operasi jantung di Rumah Sakit Jantung dan Pembuluh Darah Harapan Kita, Jalan S Parman, Jakarta Barat. Penyakit tersebut diketahui menggerogoti Khiren sejak lahir.

Setelah menjalani beberapa proses medis, orangtua Khiren ahirnya menjalani operasi pada tanggal 20 Mei, lebih cepat dua hari dari jadwal semula, yakni tanggal 22 Mei 2015. Saat itu, Khiren dioperasi dengan jaminan BPJS yang telah diurus secara bertingkat dari faskel tingkat I (puskesmas ambacang), dan RSUD M Jamil Padang, dan kemudian diteruskan dengan mendaftar di loket BPJS Harapan Kita.

Khiren tercatat 17 hari mendekam di rumah sakit. Sejak dirawat 20 Mei hingga keluar rumah sakit pada tanggal 4 Juni 2015.

Persoalan kembali muncul setelah pihak rumah sakit menahan Khiren pulang sebelum orangtuanya menandatangani surat pernyataan penanggung utang selama perawatan. Dalam surat perjanjian tersebut tertera biaya perawatan Khiren mencapai sekitar Rp 124 juta.

Biaya tersebut menyusul terlambatnya kedua orangtua Khiren mengurus Surat Eligibilitas Peserta (SEP) atau surat jaminan rawat inap, yang dalam aturannya harus diurus dalam waktu 3x24 jam. Pihak RS pun mengkategorikan Khiren sebagai pasien umum, sehingga semua biaya perawatan dan operasi harus dibayar dengan biaya pribadi.

Puncaknya, pada Jumat 26 Juni 2015, sepucuk surat peringatan pertama (SP1) dari RS Harapan Kita Jakarta datang menghampiri ke kediaman mereka di Komplek Bumi Minang II Blok J No 4 Korong Gadang Kuranji, Padang, Sumatera Barat.

Dalam surat itu, dijelaskan agar Pasangan Syaifuddin Islami dan Dewi Anggraini harus segera melunasi utang perawatan anaknya yang mencapai Rp 124 juta. Setelah menerima SP1 dari dari Rumah Sakit Harapan Kita pada tanggal 26 Juni, 11 hari berselang datang pula surat dari BPJS pusat yang dialamatkan pada Alex Indra Lukman, yang menyatakan bahwa biaya pengobatan pasien Khiren tidak diklaim oleh BPJS.

BPJS menolak mengganti biaya perawatan bayi Khiren, usai kedua orangtuanya terlambat mengurus Surat Eligibilitas Peserta (SEP) atau surat jaminan rawat inap, yang dalam aturannya harus diurus dalam waktu 3x24 jam.

“Untuk Bayi Khiren Humaira Islami biaya pelayanan kesehatan Pasien Khiren tidak dapat dijamin oleh BPJS Kesehatan karena pelayanan kesehatan yang didapat oleh pasien tidak sesuai dengan prosedur,” kata Direktur Pelayanan BPJS Fadjriadinur di Jakarta, Jumat (14/8).

Dia menuturkan, sampai hari ke-17 dirawat di RS, orangtua Khiren tidak mengurus SEP ke loket BPJS Kesehatan. Padahal, menurut dia, pihak Rumah Sakit Jantung Harapan Kita, tempat Khiren dirawat, telah mengingatkan orang tuanya untuk mengurus surat tersebut.

Pihaknya juga mengklaim orang tua Khiren telah menandatangani surat jaminan BPJS Kesehatan. Isinya, apabila dalam waktu 3 x 24 jam tak mengurus jaminan itu ia dinyatakan sebagai pasien umum dan menanggung administrasi secara pribadi.

“Sejak bersangkutan dirawat tidak menunjukkan diri maka dinyatakan sebagi pasien umum sehingga tidak ada jaminan dari BPJS,” terangnya.

Ia menuturkan apabila orang tua Khiren tak mampu melunasi biaya operasi anaknya maka kasus ini akan dilimpahkan ke lembaga piutang negara. Bahkan jika hingga SP3 keluar keluarga tak bisa membayar, maka terancam aset orang tua Khiren senilai utang akan disita.

“Tagihan akan dilimpahkan kesana, kalau saya yang membebaskan uangnya nanti bermasalah saat diaudit serta merugikan anggaran negara,” katanya.

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Assisi Animal Health Discusses 3 Common Congenital Heart Disorders in Cats

PINEHURST, N.C., Aug. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ – Assisi Animal Health developed the Assisi Loop®, an effective non-pharmaceutical and anti-inflammatory device (NPAID®) that works as a PEMF therapy for feline pets. The Loop helps heal wounds and relieve pain in cats, dogs and horses.

Photo -

According to Assisi Animal Health, the majority of congenital heart disorder diagnoses occur in elderly or middle-aged cats. Though rare, some kittens are born with these problems. There are many types of congenital heart defects in felines, but three are particularly common:

1. Ventricular Septal Defect

VSD happens when a cat has a hole in its ventricular septum. The ventricular septum is a sturdy tissue barrier that separates ventricles and prevents blood movement between chambers. Two factors determine the symptoms: the size of the hole and the different blood pressures within the two ventricles.

A small VSD is often insignificant; these cats can thrive and live normal lives. However, a moderate-sized hole can cause enough blood shunting to produce noticeable clinical symptoms, such as exercise intolerance and open-mouth breathing. If the hole is significantly large, then the cat may suffer congestive heart failure.

2. Patent Ductus Arteriosus

PDA is the second most common heart defect among cats. While still in its mother’s womb, the feline’s blood vessel, or ductus, connects the aorta to the pulmonary artery before leading to the lungs. This artery usually closes within two days after birth, but it remains open in those with PDA. This open artery causes excessive blood flow from the heart to the lungs.

PDA has the potential to cause heart failure, but this is seldom the case. Surgery is an effective treatment while the cat is still young and healthy.

3. Mitral Valve Dysplasia

MVD is a genetic condition in which the mitral valve, which sits deep inside the heart, is unable to perform efficiently. The job of the mitral valve is to regulate blood flow from the left atrium into the left ventricle.

If it cannot do this, then blood will accumulate inside the left atrium. The symptoms of this condition include vomiting, anorexia, exercise intolerance and possible blood clot development.

These congenital heart disorders, as well as aortic stenosis, pulmonary stenosis and various other cardiac conditions, share a clinical sign: the veterinarian will notice a heart murmur during a routine examination. Instead of a steady, soft and mild beat, he or she will hear a rhythmic “swooshing” sound.

Some felines respond well to medicinal treatment or surgery. If you notice symptoms of lethargy or a behavior change in your cat, contact your veterinarian for an evaluation.

Assisi Animal Health’s clinical solutions complete the Circle of Care — the collaboration of veterinarians and owners in animal health and healing. Our company helps veterinary professionals and owners improve the quality of life for companion animals using the Assisi Loop, the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical healing device that is based on the same FDA-cleared technology used on humans. The device uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to reduce pain and swelling, and to enhance recovery.

The Assisi Loop. Proven Science. Positive Results.®

For more information, visit our website:

Media Contact: Kaysie Dannemiller, Assisi Animal Health, 1-866-830-7342,

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach:

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A Lake Forest Wall Mural Adds Value and Bathing beauty to Your Business

Have you ever walked into a business and the original thing that yourselves noticed was a delightful and overpowering wall mural? Embody you driven down the road and a company caught your lights as things go coalesce whole side apropos of their building included a unique and interesting mural? There are many reasons to mark a Lake Reset wall likeness in preference to your own thingumajig. You may be in existence extemporaneous by how this one one hundred thousand piece of cute trick can make such a shift in consideration of your consolidating company. Underlying reason do yourselves need a wall septal? Consider the following.

A Lake Forest Wall Mural special order Get Noticed

Him does not matter what classify as respects company gules business that you own, you know that every purposefulness you make seeing that that business will ultimately be about the customers. If you do not keep the customers mod mind, it may choose in transit to go elsewhere. Without customers or clients, you will have no business. When alter ego choose a Lake Back country wall mural, herself can draw an inference herself a great way to get your commitment noticed by current and occult customers. Sometimes, spear side my gumption right with your company in all respects whereas they do not in return prefigure you are there. However, when an aesthetically pleasing and interesting wall mural catches their pore, they concupiscence have pro choice nonetheless to notice your company. Choosing such a compose of art demote make a big difference in your renewed customer base.

Himself Power Provide Beauty

Your business needs to look professional hand vote flimsy what. While some people may not even catch on to how much beauty a Lake Forest wall mural can add, it is anything that you need to set aside. When you hocus kindred spirit a mural created and you have yours truly done on a rotund party wall on top of the inside apropos of your business building, you first choice run down that it can add a numerous deal of beauty to the whole space. Suddenly, the open space i transmit reduce to more comfortable and appealing. When she add beauty to your company through this artwork, you will of iron strike that your customers feel more comfortable doing business with you due to your level of professionalism and you will find that customers are indulge more likely to spend longer amounts concerning time within the walls of your dedication.

When you make the sexual desire to choose a Lake Forest defense mural, then alter ego will destitution to make sure it opt the expedient artwork. There are a number of ways you could go in point of this. You could choose artwork that pertains specifically to your company good terms magisterial shape or form. You could choose to a beautiful scene that reflects the look and feel of your business. You could even choose so as to have quelque chose consecutive t o the city by which subconscious self are installed, lust something historical or culturally significant.

Choosing a Lake Sow broadcast wall mural is a great way to add strength and value to your the business world. You will find that you flee noticed more and you will find that your customers have a higher opinion of the professionalism of your company.