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I was tagged by @the-original-b , and I’m very happy to participate. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Oh boy, here we go: 1. I am eating an oatmeal cream pie at this very moment. 2. I just shaved my legs. I missed a couple spots though. 3. I’m a poor college student studying Journalism & Mass Communications. 4. I hate strawberries. 5. I’m allergic to tropical Skittles. 6. I really reaaallyyyy want a pet giraffe. 7. I speak French. 8. This is hard. I’m a very uninteresting person. 9. I have a heart condition called Ventricular Septal Defect. 10. When I was 5, I sprained both my ankles at the same time because I jumped off the swing after my mom told me not too. She made me walk to the car afterwards. 11. When I’m nervous I stammer incoherently or giggle hysterically. It’s either one of the other, there’s no inbetween. 12. My favorite food is macaroni & cheese. 13. I’m 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Or 160cm. 14. Uh, I’m not even sure I have 15 followers…

15. Oh wait, I just checked. I have 37. Yaaayyy!!! Okay. Okay. Okay, so I’m passing the torch to @qweenishly @juansendizon @timothydevaughn @journalinq @writtenbysauce @ohpoetryprincesss @thelightoffireflies @dopeaskay @spiritualdiscovey @rainydaysandinkstains @preternaturalfamiliarity @a-beautiful-queen @meyendglimpse @salooner @katrinnac

So over this wedding nonsense.

Had to leave my appointment this morning in order to make the rehearsal. But I had the EKG done. Left before it was interpreted which is a shame because it read as abnormal; I took a look at it and I wasn’t having a heart attack or anything buuuuut it did say “septal infarct”, which is basically a heart attack. But it could also be showing a previous one which wouldn’t be surprising, especially since no one stopped me when I left.

So I have Tuesday off and I’ll have to get it all done then I guess. So much for potentially going to residential idk Wednesday-ish. Blegh.

Should be interesting to see what my next EKG says.

I’ve honestly been expecting to be told I’ve had a heart attack. A cardiologist made a comment about one of my EKGs years ago. So if I’ve had a heart attack, I’ve had a heart attack.

But if I have, I’m promising everyone right now: I will defer from school and go to treatment for as long as I need.

Blegh. We’ll see.

What Part of the Brain Processes Emotions?

According to, the limbic system is thought to be the part of the brain related to emotion and emotion regulation. This system is made up of several interconnected structures that are responsible for memory and various emotional states. The limbic system is located in the front of the brain.

Parts of the Limbic System

The limbic system includes the hippocampus, which controls memory; the amygdala, which controls fear and love; and the hypothalamus, which is a gland that is thought to control the limbic system functions.

Emotion and Memory

Memories are believed to be tied to emotion. An event that makes you happy or afraid is more likely to stay in your memory than is an event that had no emotional impact.

The Amygdala

The amygdala, along with the hippocampus, the septal nuclei and the thalamus, plays a part in the emotions of love and affection. The amygdala also is instrumental in identifying danger and plays a big part in self-preservation.

The Hippocampus

The hippocampus is important to long-term memory. If the hippocampus is destroyed, the ability to remember things disappears, along with the ability to recognize danger or threats.

The Hypothalamus

The hypothalamus plays a variety of roles in the control of emotions. It is believed to be involved in the emotions of rage and pleasure, but it also plays a part in sexuality, hunger, combativeness and the body’s sense of hot and cold.