Block of Victorian row houses, Saratoga Springs, New York by Paul McClure

From our September 2011 Menu:

Set A: ~Café Figaro Royale~
Side: Green Salad: fresh summer vegetables (cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce) drizzled with our home-made raspberry vinaigrette sauce

Last day of November today! To those lovely Lords and Ladies who attended our last event, please remember to send in your feedback surveys. We’ll be having another raffle around mid-December, with the prize of a free seating at our next event. We look forward to each of the surveys and read through them carefully to maximize your comfort during future visits with us. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!


odessa, sighing: “i need more labyrinths in my life. i don’t get lost enough.” and, when opening up my laptop and seeing the wikipedia entry for “the allegaory of the cave” on my screen she said “mama, are you reading the synopsis of the essay by plato you have to read, instead of reading the whole thing? that is just wrong.” - sept. 30, 2011

Last day of September

My workmates and I were talking about food last wednesday. Then suddenly one of my workmate invited us to come over their place. Usually, we don’t have the same day off in one day, because we work different shifts, one is in the afternoon, the other one is doing the morning while me I do different shifts. They are my closest friends in my workplace, they are all from South Asia, one is a Nepalese (that’s my “bestfriend” in my work place) while the other two are from Bangladesh.

So, we went to my Bangladeshi friend and had some lunch there. Actually its a late lunch. We supposed to meet at around 2:30 but as usual, I’m forever late so we arrived there around nearly 4:00, I think?

This is her place.

A shot outside her house

She bought some flowers before we arrived to put in the dinner table.

My Nepalese friend holding the flowers

Since we arrived a bit late, we are all starving

Ayan! Pumapapak na siya

All the food I had were all first time, it is so good!!

Obviously its a fish, but it has a curry filling inside! YUM!

Chicken. Since I don’t eat chicken I just tasted the sauce. Its a bit similar with one of pinoy dishes


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September 27, 2011: Updates

Next Meeting

  • Our next meeting is being held next Monday, October 3rd, in UC2001 (Across from the bookstore and past Munsu).  This is going to be an introductory meeting so that everyone can meet each other and learn about our society!

Other Events

  • We are hoping to have a Halloween event, at least one contest, a fun outing in the city, and a Christmas/Winter holiday event.


  • Our theme challenges are going to be bi-weekly and completely voluntary.  You can do as few or as many as you like!  The first theme will be announced at the next meeting.  Completed themes can be submitted to the Tumblr page and the Facebook page.

Bake Sale

  • We are hoping to have a Halloween themed bake sale in October to raise money for the society.  More info to come.


  • We are currently working on our mascot.  Voting on the mascot’s name will occur as soon as he is revealed.

That’s all for now!  Hope to see you all on Monday :)

    Beautiful, or creepy.. followers, I have some news for you all!

    You’re all beautiful to me, even if you love creepy shit, as I do.  :’)  Anyway, thank you, guys, for following this new blog!  I do not have many followers, but I still get a nice amount of notes on everything posted, and I just wanted to say a little thank you to everyone, I really appreciate the good feedback thus far with this new blog of mine.  I was thinking, maybe, when we get around a few hundred more followers, I would open the option for others to help run this blog with me!  It’ll be a perfect opportunity for you if you love blogging, and love scary.. everything!  I feel like every 150 followers I get, I’ll open up applications to help run this blog, we’ll see when the time comes, and I’ll be sure to make a huge announcement about that.

    Anyway!  I wanted to say, that I am NOW opening up submissions and my ask box, to everyone.  This means, if you took a crazy photo, or came up with a bone chilling story of your own, you may submit it, and we will post it up for all to enjoy!  We always give credit, so we will give you credit unless you state otherwise.  If it’s a story or photo you got from someone else, tell us where it’s from, & we’ll give that credit, & so on and so forth.  So yeah.  Also, we’ll be doing something called Paranormal Experiences, where, if we get enough submissions, YOU can write in your own experiences with the paranormal or creepy creatures, and we will post one story every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  All stories will be posted (unless you’re like “There once was a girl.. & her name.. was BOB!”  Be serious, here, people.), so if you have something to share, feel free to do so!

    I think that’s it!  Keep checking in, and feel free to share anything with us, because both submissions and asks are open.. NOW!