Sea Of Shoes

I don’t know if I’ve ever fallen more in blog love than I have with  The blog is run by Jane, a sixteen year old girl living in Texas. Not sure if she’s a model or what, but she is the cutest thing in the world and I will be spending a good part of today going through her archives. I found her via, but feel like I’ve see her before (in a magazine? on tumblr?).  Check her out!

From the Mailbag:

Dear Jessica:

Two questions!

You seem so inspired when you pick your outfits out and put them
together- what’s your inspiration personally?

Also, what’s your inspiration professionally?



My inspiration is so different on a daily basis. I usually have a running list in my head of different things I want to wear in the upcoming week. I may not know how I’m going to do it, but at least its a starting point. If I know I have a lot going on, I might even hang out outfits as a whole, but my mood is so different morning to morning.

As far as inspiration goes- 90% probably comes from style bloggers and magazines and the remaining 10% goes to girls I see on the street in NYC. I look for color combinations I like as well as different silhouettes that look good together. I am not concerned with being “trendy”, but we all gravitate towards things (in my case clothing) that is aesthetically appealing. Often times, those things are new to the market. But I really try to stick with what I love– natural waists, colorful legs, short skirts, skinny or super wide jeans, 80s plaids and so on.

In terms of my work place, I work as the Design Director, so I can pretty much be as out there as I want. I may tone things down or dress a little more corporate if I have a meeting with a big national client, but I like to keep things current. Working in the fashion industry makes it a bit more important to be put together. Even if I’m dressing like an Olsen twin, I want to look– well, like I meant it.

I’m curious as to what inspires YOU! Share with me via e-mail and I’ll do a big wrap up post. Please include your age and location. :)

Retail Therapy

Shopping makes me happy when I get a lot of things that don’t cost a lot of money. Like with gift cards and such. Going back to H&M to get a dress I passed on yesterday and some mustard tights. :)

Fashion Tumblrs?

Tumblr has it’s resident stylists, but wondering if anyone could point me in another direction with other fashion based tumblrs. It would be nice to get some more perspectives.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

In about 20 minutes I’m catching my ride to the airport for another trip to Hong Kong. My company has an office there and I’ll be putting together a summer 2009 line for our “urban” (re: bling) line. All rain and no play, but here’s to hoping I can catch some photos of stylish Chinese girls if I get any free time.  Of course, I’ll be taking breaks for the rhinestones and denim treatments to post some good reader questions (send ‘em please!!) and product reviews.

C-ya on the flip side. :)