what your midheaven wants to be, what your ic needs

Your Midheaven (10th house) tells us our role in the world, which is often related to the career path- what we want to achieve and our true vocation.
Your 4th house, on the other hand, relates to our origins, our roots, what supports us from within, what nourishes us and the source of our inner power.

Find your Midheaven (MC) here:

Aries Midheaven wants to be a bold and dynamic pioneer in the world, whilst being nourished from their relationships with others (Libra IC).

Taurus Midheaven wants to showcase their ability to shape the material world, drawing nourishment from their powerful instincts (Scorpio IC).

Gemini Midheaven wants to be a leading disseminator of ideas, rooted in a deep sense of vision (Sagittarius IC). 

Cancer Midheaven wants to emerge as a leading defender of tradition and for those who need help, care and attention, rooted in a deep sense of responsibility towards others (Capricorn IC).

Leo Midheaven has a powerful need to take a risk, express itself and shine, whilst drawing nourishment from a sense of brotherhood with a greater whole (Aquarius IC).

Virgo Midheaven wants to be recognised for their problem-solving abilities and their practical contribution to the world, drawing from a deep sense of inspiration and spiritual connection (Pisces IC).

Libra Midheaven seeks recognition for their beauty, harmony and aesthetic style, whilst being driven by a childlike faith in themselves and their abilities (Aries IC).

Scorpio Midheaven seeks to be a worldly agent for change and transformation, drawing sustenance for this task from a deep inner sense of permanence and stability (Taurus IC).

Sagittarius Midheaven wants to be seen as seeker, a teacher and a visionary, rooted in a deep inner sense of curiosity and thirst for knowledge (Gemini IC).   

Capricorn Midheaven seeks to grow into a position of responsibility, worldly power and respect, whilst rooted in the loving care and support provided by family structures (Cancer IC). 

Aquarius Midheaven seeks to be seen as an innovator and humanitarian, rooted in their own abundant creativity (Leo IC).

Pisces Midheaven wants to be recognized as a dreamer and for their imaginative, creative or philanthropic work, drawing on their ability for discipline and hard work (Virgo IC). 

10 years ago today, at 8:50 am, four terrorists committed such horrific actions it completely shook London, Britain and the world. They changed the lives of over 700 people and cut short the lives of 52. We must never forget these people and they’re precious lives that were ended. Not only was a nation broken that day, but it was also pulled together and became stronger and more defiant. Lest we forget.

Hi, everyone!

What do you think about THE HINTS? I mean, we soon experience a 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL COMEBACK *heavy breathing* and we know that:

- full album with 11 song

- Donghae wrote something

- Team One Sound wrote something

- MV will be sexy (maybe suit style)

- there is a big chance that the MV will be out of the box (members sns pix, and recent SM comebacks filmed outside or not in the usual flashy box.)


Doctor Who Challenge

Day 43: Something Epic

↳ Time Crash

“You know, I love being you. Back when I first started at the very beginning, I was always trying to be old and grumpy and important, like you do when you’re young. And then I was you, and it was all dashing about and playing cricket and my voice going all squeaky when I shouted. I still do that, the voice thing. I got that from you.”


Hey taylorswift, just four days until we see you at MetLife Stadium! We ‘Wish You Would’ Share a Coke with us too! Hopefully you’ll be able to see our posters from section 312! See you Friday! Xo

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I just applied for a fourth grade classroom position at the school where I was turned down for the intervention position…