sept. 2012

"Proof" dan and Phil have gotten more comfortable on camera

Randomly decided to count how many times they intentionally touched in PINOF 4 vs. PINOF 8

(I didn’t count their sides touching because that would basically be all of PINOF 8 and I only counted each instance once: ex. Even though Phil touched dan multiple times while saying “yeah boi” I counted that as one)

PINOF 4 (sept 12, 2012)
3 times (this was being generous)

PINOF 8 (nov 29, 2016)
23 times


The only Patrick + Elisa wedding pics on the internet!!!!

Sept. 29, 2012. Chicago. It looks like Elisa had a black and white motif. Bridesmaids wore variants of a short black dress. Bridesmaid bouquets were green and white, but Elisa’s bouquet had little touches of pink flowers. And of course, Elisa’s gown was fantastically fluffy – a modest yet elegant, fairytale-esque princess gown. She pulled her curls up in an updo and wore a white flower in her hair, topped off with a long, cascading veil.

My goodness she was gorgeous. I wish we had photos of Patrick in his tux, but who even cares about him?? 😂

Just imagine Patrick bawling the moment he saw her. Pretty sure he did. Because I do 😝


Did you guys have favorite action figures growing up? And then, the shocking question for which no media training could prepare them:

Who’s Action Man? I don’t know who Action Man is.

5 Sept 2012  xx