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A Pakistani Muslim man offers the daily Asr prayer, near his goats feeding in a field on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Sept. 24, 2012. 

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First ever Bechloe post.

Okay. So I suddenly got curious. Like what’s the first post on the bechloe tag. And who. So I decided to do a little research.

Pitch Perfect came out on September 28, 2012 ( According to the result of my search. )

The Pitch Perfect tag contains posts dating waaaay back on August 2011. The first post wasn’t even about Pitch Perfect yet. Here’s the first post about PP. Hahahaha.


Next date’s around December 2011 to January 2012

It’s a goood date to go back to I think! The posts are about being extra in the film by the college students here on tumblr! And some photos of them too with AK and the others!


Date’s around late September 2012. There were early screenings and was already out in theaters. I found posts about beca and chloe! They don’t have a ship name yet though!

I compiled some of the posts. They’re just still called beca and chloe. Some were dated Sept. 29!


September 30, 2012. There were already fanfics of Beca and Chloe! Still no ship name though! It was tagged as beca x chloe.


October 6, 2012. We’re still on the beca x chloe tag. Ooooohhh. The tags though! Becloe and Bloe.

October 7, 2012. The BECHLOE tag was born!

The first post on the bechloe tag is a fanfic! 

All right! Soo that’s all for now! I need to sleep already. Feel free to add or comment something though! It’s fun to see old posts!

anonymous asked:

In your post on goodbyeadulthood you mention "Strong Day." When was that and why has it been given this name? I'm insanely curious!

The anniversary is today!!!!!!

I sort of expected this question in my inbox, since I so vaguely said Strong Day in the GBA post.

So, this will start out as a sad story that will have a happy ending.

Buckle up.

Sept 16, 2012.

This very tweet was tweeted from @Louis_Tomlinson (and alienated half of the Larry shippers) Important thing to mention is that @Louis_Tomlinson was not tagged directly in the first tweet.

We named it Bullshit day and dreaded the anniversary.

CSI fandom found out that in 2013 on the anniversary of the Bullshit tweet, this was posted:

Notice the BS on Harry? Like BS = Bullshit and she points an imaginary gun at it…

Now, in 2014 on the anniversary of the bullshit tweet, Harry tweeted this:

then posted this on his insta:

Note what you see:

- 2 guys (it has been found out who they are, but it is not that important now)
- 2 guys standing close to each other, shoulders barely touching
- the caption says Strong and without context this picture would not make sense. BUT. Strong is their song. It is about THEM. It is THEIR song. And Harry chose this day of all days to post Strong.
- the 2 guys wore these shirts 3 DAYS before the insta got published, so Harry basically waited 3 days to be able to post it.
- this gives no chance for misinterpretation. Cannot be twisted like the dentist tweet saying it was not Mary Lambert’s lyrics. It is crystal clear. 2 GUYS. GOING STRONG.

Wait, it gets better.

Lottie liked Harry’s picture

And then 1D posted this picture

which became  Louis twitter profile picture.

We call it STRONG day.

Jenelle relationship/pregnancy timeline

2008 - Starts dating Andrew (Jenelle says they were engaged at some point of their relationship but didn’t specify when)
Dec 2008 - Gets pregnant with Jace
Aug 2009 - Jace is born and Andrew leaves
2010 - Starts dating Kieffer
Oct 2010 - Jenelle and Kieffer arrested for breaking and entering, drug possession.
Jan 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer (shortly gets back with Kieffer)
Feb 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer (gets back together shortly after)
Aug 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer
Sept 2011 - Starts dating Josh
Sept 2011 - Moves in with Josh
Sept 2011-  Breaks up with him after dating for 5 days
Nov 2011 - Gets back with Kieffer
Dec 2011 - Breaks up with Kieffer
Jan 2012 - Starts dating Gary
Jan 2012 - Gets matching YOLO tattoos with Gary
March 2012 - Starts dating Kieffer again
May 2012 - Starts dating Gary again
May 2012 - Gets engaged to Gary
May 2012 - Breaks up with him 2 weeks later. Claims he stole jewelry and broke into her house
June 2012 - Gets back with Gary
June 2012 -Jenelle says Gary choked her. Both charged with assault, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and Kolopin.
June 2012 - Calls of engagement to Gary
July 2012 - Starts dating Kieffer again
Aug 2012 - Alleged engagement to Kieffer?
Sept 2012 - Moves to NJ with Kieffer
Sept 2012 - Breaks up with Kieffer
Oct 2012 - Starts dating Courtland
Oct 2012 - Breaks up and gets back together with Courtland
Nov 2012 - Gets engaged to Courtland
Dec 2012 - Gets married to Courtland
Dec 2012 - Breaks up with Courtland after a few Twitter feuds
Jan 2013 - Spends NYE with Courtland and says they never broke up
Jan 2013 - Gets matching tattoos with Courtland
Jan 2013 - Announces pregnancy
Jan 2013 -  Jenelle filed four counts of assault on a female and two counts of battery of unborn child against Courtland.
Jan 2013 - Gets back with Gary/moves in with him
Jan 2013 - the “Kool Aid” miscarriage w/ Courtland’s baby
March 2013 - Breaks up with Gary
March 2013 - Starts dating Courtland again
April 2013 - Jenelle and Courtland arrested for heroin and assault 
May 2013 - Gets back with Courtland after their heroin arrest
May 2013 - Jenelle gets pregnant with Courtland’s baby
June 2013 - Courtland goes to jail, they break up
June 2013 - Jenelle has an abortion
June 2013 - Jenelle starts dating Nathan
June 2013 - Jenelle thinks shes pregnant with Nathan’s child (she isn’t. She still had pregnancy hormones from the abortion she literally just had.)
June 2013 - Jenelle and Nathan move in together
June 2013 - Starts trying to have a baby with Nathan (yes, after being with him less than a month)
Sept 2013 - Gets matching name tattoos with Nathan
Oct 2013 - Gets pregnant with Kaiser
Dec 2013 - Announces pregnancy
Dec 2013 - Jenelle and Nathan fight, Jenelle is arrested for "breach of peace"  
May 2014 - Jenelle is finally able to (according to law in her state) file for divorce from Courtland
June 2014 - Kaiser is born
July 2014 - Nathan proposes
June 2014 - Officially divorced from Courtland
May 2015 - Jenelle is arrested for 1st degree criminal physical assault on Nathan
Aug 2015 - Calls off engagement with Nathan
Aug 2015 - Seen with Kieffer again
Sept 2015 - Starts dating David
Sept 2015 - David moves in with Jenelle
Dec 2015 - Jenelle gets pregnant
end of Feb 2016 - Jenelle has a miscarriage
April 2016 - Alleged break up with David. David changed his FB relationship status to “It’s complicated”
April 2016 - Gets pregnant with Ensley
Aug 2016 - Announces she’s having a baby girl with David
Jan 2017 - Ensley is born 
Feb 2017 - Gets engaged to David
March 2017 - Jenelle and David move into their home they built
Sept 2017 - David and Jenelle will be having their wedding on their land

I think I got it all 😅Please let me know if I missed anything/messed anything up and I will correct it 

Whaddup peasants, it’s ya king XxRichardIII here with another hide and seek vlog


Today is Sept. 7, 2012 and this is our 192,490th episode, we’ve been hiding since Aug. 22, 1485 and we are 527 years strong. For the past hundred or so years I’ve been hearing


Noises coming from above my grave. What could they be? Are they trying to find me? For the past two days I’ve heard people talking and diggin and. No. They’ve found me,,, nO. THEYRE GONNA STEAL mtDNA FROM MY FEMUR AND TEETH FUCK.

Mass Shootings in the U.S.
This partial list dates to 2007, the year of the Virginia Tech mass shooting.

Oct. 1, 2017. Las Vegas July 7, 2016. Dallas June 12, 2016. Orlando Dec. 2, 2015. San Bernardino Nov. 27, 2015. Colorado Springs Oct. 1, 2015. Roseburg July 16, 2015. Chattanooga June 17, 2015. Charleston Oct. 24, 2014. Marysville May 23, 2014. Isla Vista April 2, 2014. Killeen Sept. 16, 2013. Washington, D.C. June 7, 2013. Santa Monica Dec. 14, 2012. Newtown Oct. 21, 2012. Brookfield Sept. 27, 2012. Minneapolis Aug. 5, 2012. Oak Creek July 20, 2012. Aurora April 2, 2012. Oakland Oct. 12, 2011. Seal Beach Jan. 8, 2011. Tucson Aug. 3, 2010. Manchester Feb. 12, 2010. Huntsville Nov. 5, 2009. Killeen April 3, 2009. Binghamton Feb. 14, 2008. DeKalb Dec. 5, 2007. Omaha April 16, 2007. Blacksburg