sept ante sept


Dear Ant ( @taegnsic ),
I know ive said this so many times before but i still can’t believe we were 10 years old when we first met??? We might hate shr*ti now but we should be forever grateful to her for introducing us to each other. As you know Im not really good at writing emotional stuff but i just want to thank you for everything. Youre the most supportive and loving friend one can ever have. Everything- from my sense of humour to my music taste- has been shaped by you. I am the person i am today because of you (idk if thats a good thing or not LOL). Also youre the best and most talented Krissica stan to ever grace earth. But umm #LongDostanceGoals (even though i think im better friends with anuga now).The day we finally meet will be the saddest day ever because we’ll have to leave each other again 😢. Good luck for you exams (beat Muru this time) and lets carry out our random, weird, bichy sessions on whatsapp forever.
Antik Entertainment CEO