“"Coven” is one of the names used to define a cohesive group of Witches who work and worship together on a regular basis. The word coven comes from the same root as the modern English word convene, meaning “to come together.” Other terms synonymous with coven are grove, sept, touta, clan, and cove.

Covens come in all sizes and structures, many of them good, some mediocre. A few could possibly be dangerous. A coven may have only two members; I have known others containing as many as sixty. There are almost as many different types of covens as there are Witches, and certainly there are at least as many different ways to run a coven as there are individual Craft traditions. Though there are strong central tendencies and common practices to be found, variations on the theme are legion.“

- Edain McCoy
The Witch’s Coven: Finding Or Forming Your Own Circle

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