Tell Us What?

  Its a lovely day in Haven today, the sun is shining, both the mermaids were swimming in their tank, near the fighting grounds, watching Reaper and Grillbz spar. Night and Allie were either pigging out on pizza or watching a movie and kissing. Nick and September were gardening, the smaller angel giggling and helping Nck, who in turn smears dirt on her face. Then gives her a kiss, his cheeks red.
  Matt and Mira were cuddling on the grass, under a tree, just relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Luna was with Error and Crimson. Its nice….too..nice.
  Matt sits up straighter, pulling away from Mira’s embrace and walks off to the front of the house. It seems he’s sensed it before the others did. Then it happens, a weird feeling when someone new enters Haven, Matt’s there watching the newcomer with ane eagle eye then relaxing when he sees who it is.
  “Matt. We need to talk-” The stranger starts, but Matt cuts him off. “About her? Yes. Father refused to tell the others. We might be able to help. But on one condition.” The older demon says, looking at the angel in front of him. The angel is way way older than him, but he doesn’t care. This needs to happen. They deserve the right to know. “What is it?”
  “Tell them who she really is……” The brown haired angel looks at him before nodding, holding out his hand. “Of course…..” Matt shakes his hand and leads him to the back.
  “Guys! Look who’s here! Dylan’s here!” He says, loud enough for Allie to hopefully hear.