(Poetry Every Day in September)

“Sincerity never matched the lengths of your eyes, and in the spotlight of your gaze, I twirled until the lights blinded me.” -N.E. / Art by Flo Wie Klo

When Anais Bordier saw a YouTube video of Samantha Futerman, who looked exactly like her, she Facebook messaged her and discovered they were both adopted and born on the same day. They were identical twins, separated at birth, who’d found each other through happenstance and social media. (source)

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AI love the imagines, keep up with it! AU where Grace meets seprately with the different 3 paths of 2nd job Adds, her thoughts and reactions to them and how they interact with her. Thank you!

MM: She would stare at her son, before hugging him and apologizing. She’d play with his long hair, listening as he tells her of all his adventures.

LP: she would be a little shocked at how her son turned out. He towers above her in height, but it doesn’t stop her from gently touching his earrings. She will smile and get over it, wanting to talk to her son after so many years.

DiE: she will be terrified. Her son had suffered until the very end because she had not foreseen this outcome. She hugs her son close, telling him it’s alright now, and that nothing will hurt him ever again.

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Was Hopes injury a seprated shoulder?

her first shoulder surgery was a reconstructive surgery done in 2010 to fix a 360 degree tear of the labrum (which helps keep the head of the humerus bone in place), a biceps tendon detached from her shoulder, broken bones, a worn-down joint and a lack of cartilage. 11 anchors were put in place to stabilize the shoulder joint. her recent shoulder surgery at the end of last year was a complete replacement of the top of her humerus bone with an artificial socket and titanium rod that goes down to her elbow.


Here’s what I have so far. I will probably make a seprate page when I make more Karamatsu.

The 1st design was made by me. It is free to use, but please credit me.

2nd design and anatomy was made by @blakkiek. I only drew over her anatomy. I did do the face though. If you want to use his design please ask @blakkiek NOT ME

3rd design is from the show/phone app but with brighter colors

Last design was done by the show, but different colors.