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  • Forever in Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond
  • Cassy O’ - George Ezra
  • What’s in a Kiss - Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • The Great Pretender - Roy Orbison
  • Romeo’s Tune - Steve Forbert
  • Make It Easy on Yourself - The Walker Brothers

(I’m getting tons of really cheesey love songs here. I’m not sure what’s happening)

  • The Village Green Preservation Society - The Kinks
  • Love Comes to Everyone - George Harrison
  • Casting Couch - Sylvain Sylvain
  • Blockbuster - Sweet 

(Well that last one changed the tone!)

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the best part in the devil is a part timer is when lucifer goes from being badass antagonist to freeloading shut-in in like two seconds


(Poetry Every Day in September)

“Sincerity never matched the lengths of your eyes, and in the spotlight of your gaze, I twirled until the lights blinded me.” -N.E. / Art by Flo Wie Klo

Summer Anime 2016

This summer we have so many anime with an all-male cast, I was so happy I decided to to a rec/ranking/review/summary. Note: I only watch anime with mostly males I’m sorry it’s just what I like lol so this list may not match yours. (I cannot stand female leads - except maybe Gintama? - because they will escalate into romantic relationships and they annoy me to no end. It’s like the only purpose of females is romance and I hate that.) And a warning is that I’m kind of shallow so I normally look at the guys’ looks and then their character. But good character and relationship developments are definitely essential to me too.

1. Fukigen na Mononokean

I’ve rec it so many times I feel like I’m part of the official publicity comm but it’s really good :) My favourite character is Abeno cause he’s really adorable and tsundere (?) haha. If you like youkai, friendship and touching moments, do try this out!! It’s a little similar to Natsume Yuujinchou too.

2. Servamp

It looks really interesting so I watched it and when I saw the OP I screamed cause all-male cast! Compared to Spring 2016 this season does look more appealing to me. And I’ve ran out of anime with all bromance (other than sports anime) and no romance. So anyway for Servamp, Kuro was a really cute cat, and the setting seems interesting enough for me to chase. I feel like I might not like the main character as much though but we’ll see. 

3. Fudanshi Kokou Seikatsu

Ahh this is really cute I can relate so much to the main character as a Fujoshi myself :D and I can hardly find friends who can fangirl with me. It’s really sad to be embarrassed for liking gay ships ;n; The only bad thing about the series is that it’s too short each episode haha.

4. D.Gray-man Hallow

I’ve read the manga but didn’t understand most of it. Still, it’s likeable and I like Allen and Kanda. I felt like this season they beautified all the characters and Kanda definitely looks better with his new hairstyle/fringe :DD I hope they can animate most of the manga and I hope we can finally understand what is going on with the 14th.

5. Handa-kun

I just watched the 1st episode today and all I can is that it’s really good and hilarious omg. Only it’s too short with the first 9min trying to break the fourth wall and I couldn’t understand the humor at all. Still, the rest of the episode was worth it! Can’t wait for the rest!

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quadrant90  asked:

Have you thought about putting your Mafia AU onto a site like Smackjeeves or your own site as a seprate comic? It seems to be evolving in to one. Whilst I'm here are there any plans to redraw the earlier pages in your new, improved artistry and story revisions? Or is that gonna be too much work that you want to devote to newer ideas or your other comics currently on hold?

I’ve been thinking about it a bit recently, yeah! XD
Since it’s kinda evolved into more than what I was intending o3o
I’ll maybe put it up on SJ sometime this week?
Not sure, really depends on how much energy I have ^^

Hmmm, think you’re probably referring to ORD?
In which case, yeah, no, I’m not gonna go and redraw those pages no matter how shitty they are XD
That would take ages!
Gonna draw Natsu and HIsawa’s story, then have a story where there’s this dragon god and a phoenix boy o3o




(Has a bad habit of sticking her finger in too many pies)

How to animated with tweening

So I did promise that I’ll redo the tutorial.. so I now is the right time-

Firstly this is how many (often) ur animation will need drawings/frames

without counting the mouth/lip syncing- often for a tween animation u need around 10 to 20 drawings for a 20 sec.. but that’s just for me it really depends on what u r trying to animate- also ur drawings should be png so it can work-

Now next u open Flash then find ur audio, hold and drag it to ur screen.. if u don’t see it then it’s most likely in your libraly-

and if it isn’t there….. boi what version of Flash do u even have??? idkthen-

U do this same step hold and drag ur first pic and throw it on your screen- ah and make sure to crete layers one for audio another for animation and then background!

Now how to ad more frames? Well u need to press the hot key F5 and it’ll add frames!

And when u want a certain place for ur first pic to stop.. then press the hot key F6 two times!

Then press ur second seprate keyframe(?) and ctrl + z that sh ed :D

And finally for the animation part right click ur mouse anywhere on the center and..

I got lazy :’D I’m sorry-

after this start it and see the result of ur first pic either moved flipped zoomed depending on what u wanted it to do c:

When ur animation is finished open Swifel and turn ur swf file into mp4 file!

Dating Namjoon Would Include

A/N: Based on my opinion on how dating RM would be like, this is for anon and I hope you like it !!

Dating Namjoon would include …

- Him cuddling you A LOT !!! he could be tired, moody, or simple wanting a cuddle you can expect your self sandwiched between him and a Ryan plushie

- You both going on cute dates, coffee dates at a cafe or walking around a park with fingers intertwined

- Namjoon would defiantly take you to visit the Kakao Friends store in Gangnam, just picture him squealing while looking at all the plushies and eating pastries shaped like the characters

- He would treat you so good, he’d hug or kiss you any chance he gets 

- When he is stressed out or upset he would go to you and rant on and on about what is troubling him

- Namjoon would be really romantic so he’ll bring you flowers or even spoil you once in a while with a gift

- When you’re feeling stressed or upset he’ll be there to comfort you and let you get everything off your chest

- He’d take you to meet the rest or the boys and once he does of course he’ll let them now that you’re his but the boys quickly become a second family to you

- You’ll go to his concerts and feel so proud of him because he is achieving everything he has worked hard for. 

- Every relationship has it’s hardships so when you’d fight you both would go in seprate rooms and calm down, at the end of the day you both would make up

- Overall, dating Namjoon would be the best thing ever he’s the boyfriend anyone would be lucky to have and that lucky person is you

When Anais Bordier saw a YouTube video of Samantha Futerman, who looked exactly like her, she Facebook messaged her and discovered they were both adopted and born on the same day. They were identical twins, separated at birth, who’d found each other through happenstance and social media. (source)

anonymous asked:

TFA Jazz and Prowl (seprate) with a human S/O that's more on the hyper side (like they're hyper but can calm down easily when asked to) please?



- It’s definitely unexpected when, of all people Prowl chose as a lover, he chose the most hyper person on the team. 

- Prowl is definitely the complete opposite to your normal state of being. He’s calm, collected, and soft-spoken; while you’re basically Miko from Transformers Prime on drugs. Or an energizer bunny. Either works.

- While he is sometimes offput by how spazzy you tend to be, he never gets upset at you for it. He only asks you to calm down so he may focus on the task at hand. He’s always appreciative when you stop, and when you almost instantaneously go from hyper bunny child to a regular human being.

- He does find a lot of ease whenever you are in one of your crazier episodes. Your very presence gives him a strong feeling of love and compassion, enough so that he doesn’t mind if you’re practically floating with how high you’re skipping.


- Definitely much chiller about it than Prowl. He finds it silly how hyper you are; it makes for a good time. 

- Jazz is never bored around you, and that’s what first drew him to you. You bring trouble and adventure wherever you go; singing or jumping around aimlessly. He calls you “hyperdrive” or, after learning about the creatures, “bunny” due to this.

- He’s definitely the one to be a bit calmer about you letting your energy out. When you want to calm down, he knows you will; and end up coming to him for a kiss or two as you chill out.

- Whenever it’s time to get serious about things, though, he will sit you down and ask you to calm down. You always comply, and he’s always super grateful.

- All-in-all, he doesn’t really mind you being really hyper. He thinks you’re adorable either way.

Solitare cardomancy divination

So i had an idea while playing solitare: what if you could use solitare to divine? I began to think on it and eventually came to a solution for how you would divine in a situation of simply finding the next number of a different color. Then i realized each house of cards (ex:hearts) has its own seprate meaning for its number. So its able to say what can happen without repeating meaning.

How to set it up:
7 rows represent the seven days of the week. The first row has one card, second row has two, and so on adding one more card until the 7th row (which should have 7 cards). Now flip the first card of every row and get out a pad of paper to write them down for each row, the first card is how the day begins. Now solve the shuffles (look up how to play solitare) and whatever card gets added or revealed on a row is written after the first card as what happens next. Moved rows mean the events of one day may connect directly with another. Although do not write down a moved row’s meaning onto another day if its more than 2 cards (for simplicity).
The ace rows is not included in the reading. They are just for solving.
Do not remove card meanings because they join the ace groups at the top.
If the shuffle is solved the week has potential for things you’ve been meaning to do. but if the shuffle is unsolvable than you may be stuck in a bit of a rut that week.

So to simplify:
newly added cards are categorized under the row their added to. What is added or revealed to a row is what happens next, no matter the order. What is put away is not counted as part of the reading. Moved rows are not added to another rows meaning if its more than two cards. If the shuffle is solved the week has potential for things you’ve been meaning to do, but if the shuffle is unsolvable than you may be stuck in a bit of a rut that week.

Don’t be shy to dm me and tell me how well this works for you, im curious about it!