• Me:*angry because of some obnoxious punk*
  • Me:*takes out phone and reads the ask on Westy's blog about Sci and Edge dancing in waterfall and being an adorable little married couple*
  • Me:All is good in the world again...

vaultloserboy  asked:

Okay another question for the original four. What if you were sperate from each other? Like Tank was sperated from Richtofen and Takeo was sperated from Nikolai. How would you four react being from your boyfriend for a long time?

Dempsey: If Tank would be seprated from Richtofen he would act like it didn’t really affect him towards the people around him, but on the inside he’d miss him so much

Richtofen: Edward would be paranoid as shit, because ‘Oh God Tank is such a handsome devil and everyone could be hitting on him right now’

Nikolai: The Russian bear would be super silent and not talk to anyone, because honestly he can’t really function without Takeo

Takeo: Takeo on the other hand would first be releaved he gets some peace, but he’d quickly realize that he can’t stop thinking about how much he misses Nikolai

((Mod: The cheesey factor is high with this one, guys))

scytheforhire  asked:

OC questions: 1, 7, 12, 20 ^^ have fun

1.) 1: Origins! How did you come up with the concept for your OC?

// The original idea I had, and I’ve mentioned this once before, is this: What if the Dragonborn killed every NPC in an area except for one, what would that NPC do? A fairly straight forward concept, yeah? Well, I realized about half-way into starting new threads that I’d written myself into a corner– My muse can’t very well return to Blackreach without giving up adventuring, because he’d have everything he’d want upon returning.

// Cue Latta 2.0, the muse I’m currently banging my head against concrete for because he’s from the Forgotten Vale, and the Vale has a lot of history dealing with the Betrayed and the Snow elves and blah, blah, blah… You all know what I’m talking about. The kicker is that I’ve never played the Dawnguard expansion, so I DON’T know what the Forgotten Vale is like and I can’t just cue up Skyrim and take a leisurely stroll around the gleam blossoms either, leading to some MAJOR frustration on my part :/

7.) 7: What does your OC look for in a friend? Do they value friendship a lot?

// He does, he really does, Latta may be an obnoxious little shit, but as mentioned previously I’m revising him: His isolated village within Darkfall Grotto will be attacked from the inside out by Feral Falmer: Colony members who’d raided the Chantry before hand and returned unaware of their vampiric symptoms, and consequently attacked their loved ones once the transformation took hold. This leads to Latta escaping the cave with Auri-El’s shield (stolen from the Chantry by either his father or grandfather) and leading him to live in the forest for many years, studying plants and practicing the dark arts to try and cure his tiny village. *Cue Dragonborn* The PC beats the ever loving fuck outta him and leaves him for dead, steals the shield, and this sparked an adventure fueled by… Revenge? I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12.) What scent calms them? Reminds them of home or something soothing?

// Herbs, I guess? He’ll probably carry with him some gleam blossoms and various other Vale specific plants for his alchemy. I’m also planning on giving him a small pack made from Vale saber cat skin (pelt?)

20.) What are Tropes you associate with your muse?

// I’m not to familiar with TV troops ^^;

When Gilderoy suggested that the two of them attended the Valentine’s Dance together she thought it was a stroke of genius. No one wants to go alone and this way Gilderoy didn’t have to upset any of his bevy of girls. Plus it gave her a front row seat to any drama that might come along. 

The two had gone their seprate ways for now and Rita was making her way through the crowd, stopping when someone caught her eye. 

“Well, look at you! Don’t you look fantastic.”

All you need to know about: the use of le subjonctif!

So since I stuggled a lot with this grammatical concept (since it doens’t exist in English) I decided to make a post to help anyone who’s having troubles with it! C’est parti!

Basically Le Subjonctif is a seprate tense in which you have to conjugate verbs in some situations. (always after ‘’que’’)
1.If you want to express feelings (aimer, avoir envie, préférer) you would use the subjonctif.
For example: ‘’I want you to come’’
J’ai envie que tu viens. -> this is incorrect since you’re expressing a feeling.
J’ai envie que tu viennes.  ✔
2. Expressing obligation, most common phrases are
il faut que          
il est nécessaire que
il est obligatoire que
all of them mean ‘’it’s necessary to/that’’ and all of them use le subjonctif
For example: ‘’I have to do my homework/it’s necessary that I do my homework’’
Il faut que je fais mes devoirs. -> since you’re expressing an obligation ‘’fais’’ would me incorrect to use soooooo:
Il faut que je fasse mes devoirs.  ✔
3. Phrases expressing time:
Avant que = before
Jusqu’à ce que = until
En attendant que = while waiting for
For example: ‘’We will wait until you come back’’
On attendra  jusqu'à ce que tu reviens.  ✘
On attendra  jusqu'à ce que tu reviennes.  ✔
4. Phrases expressing purpose:
pour que = so that
afin que = in order that
de peur que = from fear that
de crainte que = from fear that
For example: ‘’I gave him your number so that he can call you’’
Je lui ai donné ton numéro pour qu’il peux te téléphoner.    ✘
Je lui ai donné ton numéro pour qu’il puisse te téléphoner.  ✔    
5. Phrases expressing condition:
à condition que = in condition that
pourvu que = provided that
For example: I’ll lend you my dictionnary provided that you give it back immediately.
Je te prête mon dictionnaire pourvu que tu me le rapportes toute de suite.*
*there’s no change in this case because the conjucations just match
6. Possibility
Il est possible que = it’s possible that
For example: ‘’it’s possible that he comes’’
Il est possible qu’il viens. ✘
Il est possible qu’il viennes.  ✔
7. Phrases expressing concession:
bien que = although
quoi que = whatever
sans que = without
à moins que = unless
For example: “he’s my friend although he has a lot of cons’’
C’est mon ami bien qu’il a beacoup de défauts.  ✘
C’est mon ami bien qu’il ait beacoup de défauts. ✔

NOTE: to use the subjonctif the two subjects have to be different:
J’aimerais qu’il vienne. -> two different subjects.
J’aimerais que je vienne. -> the same subjects, so incorrect
instead use:
J’aimerais venir. 

That’s about it, I hope this helps! :)
P.S. if you notice any errors send a message!