Squid School | ©Tony Rath   (South Water Caye, Beilze)

The Caribbean reef squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea (Teuthida - Loliginidae), is tropical species of squid that is limited in range by the distribution of coral reefs, primarily, and grass flats (Thalassia testudinum).

Caribbean reef squids occurs at depths of 0 to 20 m, mostly 3 to 7 m, in schools of 4 to 50 individuals of about equal size that cruise around the reefs or about the reef flats, or grass beds behind the reefs.

Sepioteuthis sepioidea lives in the ocean waters of Flordia and Bermuda through the West Indian islands and from Venezuela to Cozumel along the Caribbean shores of Central America and the northeast of South America.


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Shane Siers shot this short but amazing video of a brave little Reef Squid hatchling (Sepioteuthis) doing its best to look tough. Even teeny tiny tentacles are awesome.

“This little creature was less then 30mm long, but still managed to make himself look threatening! Couldn’t have been more than a few days old. Watch how the chromatophores, the pigment cells, expand and contract to change the color of the squid…fantastic!”