I am an IGOROT... who are you?

My ancestors were among the first that dominated the lands of Baguio and Benguet. My great grandfather was among the early settlers of Bagiw which is now called Baguio City. My great grandfather was a simple small man who stood only less than five feet. But what he did for his family was great. He maybe small but he had the biggest heart of all. He worked hard for his family by farming. His farm was from the heart of Bagiw (where the Maharlika now stands) extending up to Sepic road all the way down to BPI Guisad.

When the American regime started, the land that my great grandfather tilled and cared for transformed into being the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The Americans evicted him from his grazing land for the reason that they cannot stand the smell of his animal’s manure. But my grandfather never said a word and so instead he moved towards Naguilian road (Bermuda, San Luis and Peday Asin Road) where he again tilled the land until they were developed.

My great grandfather as I’ve said had a big heart. He distributed his lands to his sons. Bermuda was given to Saguid, BPI Guisad was given to Zarate, and Peday Asid Road was given to Quinio. His other son, Nabus, whom he let his childless close relative adopt, inherited parts of La Trinidad.

The great SEPIC is my great grandfather. The Sepic Road was named in honor of him. But the road was changed to ROMAN AYSON Road. They changed it in honor of Roman Ayson, a city councilor, who resides within that area. Gone now is my great grandfather’s name. My great grandfather who was forced to move with his livestocks by the Americans was erased in the History of Baguio City. I am appealing for just one thing. To have that road be named again after my old man. It’s the only credit he will get from what he did for the city.

I am an IGOROT. My roots are from that of the great SEPIC. This is my heritage. Baguio and Benguet is my Home. WE OWN THIS LAND! WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO FIGHT FOR IT. NOT ONLY FOR THE TREES BUT FOR OUR PEOPLE!