The Mechanisms - Once Upon A Time In Space

Guys, guys, someone went and wrote a STEAMPUNK FAIRY TALE SPACE OPERA ABOUT LADIES WHO LOVE LADIES like they thought it was my birthday or something. It’s actually turning out to be pretty great as I listen to it.

So thanks for the heads up from Ashley and Sepiachord, and you should all go give The Mechanisms money.

Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin' On

I haven’t done a music review in a long time, but Sepiachord was kind enough to publish my review of Timber Timbre’s Creep On Creepin’ On:

Though the Sepiachord motto is “Music now for a past that never was,” that falsified past generally consists of a few easily recognizable historical touchstones; Victorian influences abound, as do vague references to cabaret culture and a dust-hued vision of the Old West. Timber Timbre approach musical anachronism from a different angle. Their music is an alternate soundtrack to an American post-war period that never existed. Imagine an overheated gumbo of spectral blues, film noir doo-wop, and sinister pop plaintiveness and you’re halfway there.

The overall atmosphere on Creep On Creepin’ On is equal parts cinematic and ghostly. If David Lynch were to direct a skewed take on the detective genre, this would surely be tapped to provide the sonic backdrop. Indeed, the way the album proceeds is downright Lynchian; Timber Timbre’s musical underpinning harkens back to a simpler, more innocent era of songcraft, but the band subtly and not-so-subtly warp the naivety of an antiquated and quaint American sound with a series of dark left turns. Midnight jazz horns, creeping bluesy bass, vintage keyboards and strings, reverberating guitars, and vocalist Taylor Kirk’s Nick Cave-esque croon rise and fall in fierce, maddening crescendos, while the songs shuffle and sway like they’re coming from a hellish remix of a 1950s prom.

The more structured songs on Creep On Creepin’ On are punctuated by cinematic interludes such as “Obelisk” and “Swamp Magic,” as well as internally by bursts of unexpected cacophony. These textural changes are important within the scope of the overall album; without them, Creep On Creepin’ On would risk drifting away into the ether. Again true to a Lynchian aesthetic, the lyrical concerns on Creep On Creepin’ On are the failure of romance and the obsessive fugue that inevitably follows. Taken together as a kind of concept album, songs such as “Woman,” “Lonesome Hunter,” and the title track paint a bleak picture of a protagonist who is agonizing over a lost love and struggling to come to terms with their own identity in the face of a profound, defining loss.

It’s something of a cliché to call these themes “haunting,” but the albums lyrics lay that convention bare by making oblique references to “omens,” “spells,” love that creeps like a zombie, and ectoplasmic coils of regret that hover like a halo over the head of the beloved object of obsession. The album’s final lyrics in “Do I Have Power” hint at the possibility of surmounting one’s personal trauma, but this is a dream deferred; the protagonist’s assertion of self-determination is swallowed whole the melancholic swell that follows it. On there is no escaping the haunting pull of the past.

When We Go Out Drinkin
  • When We Go Out Drinkin
  • Oakland Wine Drinkers Union
  • Oakland Wine Drinkers Union, Local 88

When We Go Out Drinkin by the Oakland Wine Drinkers Union.

this little tune was inspired by the late night conversations, passions, and friendships that are found at the dive bars and honky tonks around the US. Hope you love it as much as we do.


vagabondageband is playing a woohoo fancy pants show to release the first ever physical copies of our new ep Slow Room Bar tonight! with @dinnerwiththekids and @lestertraww at Oakland’s Stork Club. So what did we do? We made a little preview video for ya of our #TomWaits cover ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find’

You can find more of our music at

Hope you like it!

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Freight Train Heart by Oakland Wine Drinkers union

You know how sometimes you meet a special someone who makes you wanna quit your rambling ways? Haha, just kidding.

But you know how sometimes you meet a special someone and you want them to travel with you? This song’s about that.