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not to toot my own horn or anything - this feels rather awkward for me - but i've written this little fic and people seem to be enjoying it, so i thought i'd submit it in case it puts a smile on someone's face :) archiveofourown*org/works/8105920

this actually sounds kind of hilarious, thanks for writing in!

Just Like The Movies by velleities

Tony found what he was looking for. On the screen, sepia-tone soldiers marched in front of a tank with the main cast prominently displayed. He turned to Clint.
“Okay, listen. It’s like this: these guys, I call them geniuses, heroes, lords and saviors, they made a movie for what we’ve all been thinking – Cap and his assassin buddy doing the do.”

Or, that one time Steve and Bucky accidentally sat through a porn parody of their WWII selves and finally managed to pick up the hint.

Gyrfalcon, sepia watercolor on board, ©Rebecca Latham - one of several new falcon studies of the Midwest Peregrine Society’s birds. #wildlife #watercolor #art #animal #painting #miniature #artist #miniatureart #realism #animallovers #falconry #falcon #falcons #gyr #gyrfalcon #birdsofprey #raptor #birds #birdlovers #workinprogress #naturalism


[ Did you just smell me? 

~ colored version of my b/w contribution for the Becoming- A Fannibal Coloring Book.
Be sure to check here for news/updates and the files to download/print for coloring!  



i….. i just like her a lot… she charmed me with her inconvenient to draw face and delightful to write character…. and ford keeps appearing in the background every time i do anything with her, dunno why