Ducati Xdiavel s

Someone says Ducati is an elegant, But I don’t think so, Ducati’s beauty proportion has more violently in these gentlemanly design like imprisoning a holy beast “Cerberus”… @ducatimotor #ducati #ducatiart #ducatidrawing #motosepia #diavel #drawing #black #gentleman #ducaticorse #ducaticlub #ducatiporn #motorcycle #motorcycledrawing #motorcycleart #motorcycleaddict #ducatiaddict #illustrator #illustration #diavelx #ducatidiavel #ducatidiavelx #painting #xdiavel #ducatixdiavel #xdiavels #ducatixdiavels

Moto Sepia :

Good morning riders (🇯🇵:00)!!
I got this cup from my friend as a birthday gift little time ago !
Really good choice 👍🏻
Don’t you prepare a gift for friends or couples with Moto Sepia drawings ?
Don’t worry, I can save a secrets of you would make surprise 🏍👍🏻
Of course available to world wide shipping !🇦🇹🇺🇸🇭🇺🇩🇪🇨🇦🇯🇵🇬🇧🇨🇭~~
I’m waiting any motorcycle to draw!
great regarding.
Have a nice day !

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Some more premade blank ebook covers up for sale. 

Evil clowns (sorry, @fantomwing) judging you. I love making grotty grungy horror images. The clowns are masks with real eyes and teeth added in.

Historically inaccurate but really ripped barbarian dude & his wolf buddy. About half the work was covering up the shitty dollar store costume and abjectly fake tattoos on the original stock of the guy.

Fifty shades of sepia. He’s hunting wabbits.

And another I mainly did because I loved that stock image of the sky (what, you were focused on the naked lady?). Recently I’ve had to airbrush a model’s buttcrack out of existence and turn slinky lingerie into granny panties to meet Amazon standards - don’t you just love freelancing? - so I just went ahead and added undies before I submitted it. Also: hard to tell but that;’s Tafelberg in the bg. 

@puddinbun wtf that is so weird what is wendys aus like??! is everything the same weird sepia toned plastic? are the floors always wet?? i feel like wendys nz maybe doesn’t even exist to anyone but me


So excited to share the news that my book DRINK SLAY LOVE is going to be a TV movie!!!!!  It will star Cierra Ramirez (Freeform’s The Fosters) and Gregg Sulkin (MTV’s Faking It) with Bella Thorne serving as co-executive producer!  Sepia Films and Just Singer Entertainment started filming this week, and the movie will air on Lifetime in 2017!  Eeeep!!!!!!!

Here are some articles covering the announcement:


[ Did you just smell me? 

~ colored version of my b/w contribution for the Becoming- A Fannibal Coloring Book.
Be sure to check here for news/updates and the files to download/print for coloring!  


When you get told to stop obsessing over Evan.. 😅😍


Sepia toned pencils on paper.

I saw this BTS photo of Jen, and just had to draw it.

Special thanks and hugs - as always! - to @fairytalesandtimetravel​ and @amagicalship​ for their Art Beta support. :-) 

This and other OUAT drawings can be purchased here on my Redbubble page. Please don’t Tweet, and please reblog instead of reposting. Thank you very much!

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Psychedelic Collages Featuring Different Eras Assembled Humorously 

Barcelona based artist Víctor Santiago creates amazingly humorous experimental collages which are a psychedelic fusion of cosmic backdrops, vintage photographs in monochrome, sepia and mixed colors of different time periods such as the 60, 80s etc in a comic scene.

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