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>>Some doodles I did earlier this afternoon as I waited for the shuttle. Here are some of the muse’s that bring out the inner child in Sepia.

Child!Nightmare ( @asicklydreamdemon ): She likes playing house with him

Tea&David Dupre ( @fostercareofmanymuses ) : She enjoys adventuring with them

Isaiah ( @worlds-unnumbered ): He’s like the elder brother type. She likes it when he praises her.

Alice (@therules-enforced ): She tries to behave like the older sis but gets a little too excited and becomes the child.

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5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

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  • Secretly likes to collect interesting trinkets for Sepia
  • In the rare times he catches Sepia asleep, he will actually make himself comfortable and cuddles in her hair.
  • Likes to shake his tail feathers in front of the fireplace after a bath.
  • Actually defends fireflies from predators.
  • Has a journal where he draws pictures of Crysta and him doing fun activities like; making cookies, collecting atheists, star gazing etc.


  • She tries her best and practices waltzing at home (sadly never improves)
  • Makes sure that the gators have good dental hygiene so every week or two she hunts them down to brush their teeth.
  • When she yawns/sneezes/shiver her hair puffs up like a bird does with their feathers.
  • Collects anything that’s broken and tries to fix it ( imitates Julius by tieing her hair in a low ponytail, putting on glasses and an oversized coat)
  • When she changes clothes, she tries to admire herself in the mirror (she likes wearing cute lingerie ) but shies away.

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