sepia the raven

sarchengsey roadtrip selfies (”should they be in sepia or black and white?” asked henry, “who cares?” said blue, “sepia,” said gansey “im quite fond of sepia.”)

Adam Parrish is a delicate woodland creature

Okay time to put my pedantic book-quoting assholery pants on. It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

He was slim and tall, with dusty hair unevenly cropped above a fine-boned, tanned face. He was a sepia photograph. - The Raven Boys, Kindle Edition, location 349

He was fine boned and a little fragile looking, with blue eyes pretty enough for a girl. - The Raven Boys, Kindle Edition, location 763

What it did was make him look was more fragile and dirty, somehow, like a teacup unearthed from the soil, but Blue didn’t say that. - The Raven Boys, Kindle Edition, location 1660

She looked at his face, fragile and strange under the bruise. - The Raven Boys, Kindle Edition, location 3485

“Your hair is the color of dirt,” she said. 
“It knows where it came from.” -
The Raven Boys, location 4206

Adam Parrish, gaunt and fair; - The Dream Thieves, Kindle Edition, location 134 (Page 8)

He had the typical Henrietta prominent cheekbones and deep-set eyes, but his version of them was more delicate. - The Dream Thieves, Kindle Edition, Location 139 (Page 8)

His wide eyes and gaunt face peered back at him, troubled but not unusual. - The Dream Thieves, Kindle Edition, location 796 (page 61)

Adam fair and cautious, Ronan dark and incendiary. - Blue Lily, Lily Blue,  Kindle Edition, location 1902 (Page 166)

His face was strange and delicate in the sharp light of Gansey’s head beam. - Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Kindle Edition, location 2418 (Page 211)

His chin was tilted up in a wary, fragile sort of way, and his eyes narrowed at nothing. - Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Kindle Edition, location 3298 (Page 290)

Adam Parrish, in particular, had a curious face. Not as in, he was a curious person. But rather that there was something particular about his facial features. He was an alien, handsome specimen of this western Virginia species; feather-boned, hollow-cheeked, eyebrows fair and barely visible. He was feral and raw-boned by way of those Civil War portraits. - Blue Lily, Lily Blue, location 3820 (Page 337)

TL;DR version: Adam Parrish is tall (although not the tallest, who is Ronan), slim, delicate, with brown hair and blue eyes, he is tan in the summer and pale in the autumn and also gets about as much daily nutrition of a small forest bird which idk does not to me seem like it lends itself to muscle gain in spite of two physical labor jobs. If anything that kinda seems like it would have the opposite effect. Only Gansey is clarified as what place he takes up in the “One square, one built, one wiry” lineup (Square), but between Ronan and Adam I am pretty sure it’s safe to assume that while he might have some lean muscle he definitely is not ‘built’ considering you can literally word search “fragile” and “delicate” to find his physical descriptions in the book and he is the only main character you can do that with (Persephone is probably the second most often described with those words).