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Milliners Heights - Part 2 (Jefferson x Reader) Sebastian Stan

A/N: Added the above pic to this story as i had a couple of people message me after part 1 to say they didn’t realise it was a Jefferson/Mad Hatter story!
Pic found on pintrest
Summary: Another night means another visit from Jefferson, but is he in my dream or in real life?
Word Count: 1752
Kinks/Warnings/Triggers: Naked Bathing, stroking, dream/reality blurred lines.

Part 1

Milliners Heights – Part 2

My eyes were drawn to the steam as it rose from my mug, the scent of the tea filling the room. And yet something was moving in the periphery of my vision, the sway of a thick brocade coat, the smooth sounds of leather moving against leather as the person walked slowly in leather breeches. I tried to blink, to rouse myself to a more awake state to fully take in what he looked like, yet sleep wanted to take me again. Through heavy lidded eyes I looked up at him and saw him for the first time;


I knew I was smiling as I said it, as if welcoming an old friend, my brain too far gone to acknowledge the fact that there was dark haired man stood in my bathroom as I lay naked in the bath. Instead I watched as he stopped next to the bath and crouched down, lowering his face until it was level with my own and in doing so I could finally see how beautiful he was.

“I missed you…” he whispered.

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vintage foresight

summary: “I want to show you what you’re missing out on. That you’re forgetting the soul you did manage to raise is able to live on, and is now a loving father of his own.” Marinette didn’t look up from the photograph. “If you had bothered to read any of his letters, you would know that little boy in the photograph is ours, and he is alive.
a/n: Been a while since I wrote anything proper for this fandom. Not sure how long this piece will be, but I had a basic idea. Hope you enjoy. ^_^

Once a peacock in a gilded cage, Gabriel Agreste had been reduced to nothing more than an aged pigeon trapped in a crown of barbed wire and self-regret. It was almost pitiful the way he hung his head in shame, refusing to look at her from across the table. 

A pile of letters, untouched, were at the centre. Each one neatly folded. 

“…Why are you here?” His voice was barely above a whisper. “Did he send you?”

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Still looking for the non-sepia Lifted cover image (my files are a little disorganized) but here is one of about a hundred test shots for There’s No Beginning to the Story EP. This was right around the time I got my hands on my first digital camera. I think this EP was shot on 35mm and the full album diorama was digital, but I could be wrong. I know I have an album full of prints like this somewhere that I got done at the local 1-hour photo.

I remember I went out and splurged on a pair of entry-level studio hot lights for this project (couldn’t afford strobes and no setup for them anyway). I tried everything I could to use a pair of $10 metal shop lights from the hardware store but it was impossible. Glare and shadows ruined it.

Construction for the Lifted cover image is the same as here. The backdrop was a posterboard smeared with three colors of kids’ finger paint. The base was a formed chicken wire mesh covered with strips of glue-coated newspaper, and then a layer of sculpted joint compound that was painted and followed with a diluted wash for shading. The foliage was dyed decorative floral arrangement stuff that I stabbed into the joint compound.

I mourned the decision to switch to sepia tone for a while, but I was quickly okay with it. It’s hard to imagine it any other way now. Looking at the original photos makes me nostalgic for that time I spent tinkering with handmade dolls in my old house’s basement, ages ago.


Broadclub Cuttlefish (Sepia latimanus)

…a species of cuttlefish that is distributed from the Andaman Sea, east to Fiji, and south to northern Australia. Broadclub cuttlefish are the second largest species of cuttlefish, they are dwarfed only by Sepia apama. Like other cuttlefish S. latimanus is capable of changing both its body color and texture. It uses this ability in courtship and to catch prey. S. latimanus feeds mainly on shrimp of the genus Palaemon and will “mesmerize” its prey with rhythmic bands of color.


Animalia-Mollusca-Cephalopoda-Sepiida-Sepiidae-Sepia-(Sepia)-S. latimanus

Images: Tongjin and Nick Hobgood

the story bit on the UnderTale kickstarter page has details on the day Chara fell in that kinda get lost in translation into sepia tone image stills.

For one it was raining on that day.
And Chara’s fascination for gaping voids in the ground is what got the better of them.

(Edit: I say it’s Chara since in game the true end flashback reveals the intro to be Chara also the calendar from the year 201X is marked with the day they arrived in the Underground.)


Progress in Carrie, I added some game play hint info that appears before a set number of rounds, in case folk skip the tutorial. It won’t appear on subsequent plays though it’s set to reset each game or after a lengthy amount of time passes on the menu, in case someone unfamiliar hops on, I guess.

I also made a tiny effect on the round select screen, for each round you complete it animates a gold bar that flashes, to make completion a little more rewarding. Speaking of I got the secret image finished, I showed a preview a few weeks ago. Each challenge completed reveals more of it, and once it’s revealed it fades from a sepia image to colored one.


Pharaoh Cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis)

…a large species of cuttlefish that is native to  western Indian Ocean, including the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, and much of the Pacific as well. Like other cuttlefish S. pharonis is active at night, hunting at shallower depths for small fish, crustaceans, and other invertebrates. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Cephalopoda-Sepiida-Sepiidae-Sepia-S. pharonis

Images: Silke Baron and Stickpen


Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon


He walks toward the adjacent wall, where family portraits from a similar time period hang sweetly, as if you’d expect to find a fireplace and warm rug beneath them. On closer inspection, the photographs are all post-mortem—funereal portraits of babies, propped up in bassinets, grandfathers in coffins surrounded by frozen-faced family members. All of the images are sepia-tinged.
“Look at all these women crying,” he says, and after a pause: “This is depressing as fuck.”

flylittlekoala  asked:

the Howling Commandos, Peggy, Stark, they all knew Steve and Bucky were a thing but since this wasn't done back then they never said but one of them wrote a book "the true story of Captain America and his Sergeant" where he goes into how wrong this whole homophobia deal is and that SteveBucky made him realise this and set it to publish like 10 years after his death or sth and that time happens to be... around now.

Okay! I was determined to keep this to 500 words, and then 1,000, and then, you know, fuck it, I do what I want. Let’s call this:

“Behind the Shield”
(Steve/Bucky, post-Cap 2, no warnings other than blatant happy-ending schmoop)

Steve knew the day the book was released.

He had to hand it to the publishers and their publicity folks—the book’s contents had been embargoed until the night before, with just a few tantalizing details leaked as favors to media allies. The next day, of course, the news was everywhere: Seniors woke up to their newspapers, and the rest woke up to reddit and HuffPo.

All bore the same basic headline: “Rogers, Barnes more than ‘best friends,’” and, “Behind the shield: Rogers had, lost male lover,” and, simply, “THE GAYEST GENERATION?”

The last was the pride and joy of The New York Post. Which Tony had pulled up on his tablet and was just staring at when Steve walked into the room. An actual hardcover of the book was on the kitchen island, and Clint, a couple of stools away from Tony and leaning on the counter, was flipping the cover open, then letting it fall shut, then open and shut again. (Mostly to irritate Tony, Steve guessed.) The cover showed the iconic photo of Steve and Bucky leaned together over a map, facing the camera, the sepia tones of Bucky’s image giving way to a crisp, full-color manipulation of Steve outfitted instead in Captain America’s current uniform.

The title? Brothers in Arms: An Eyewitness Account of the Company that Made Captain America.

Steve had to hand it to them, really—it was well-done.

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