sephy chu


“You are good at this, I hope?”

The man smiled. “How prompt you are to doubt me. May I ask what led you to such a stinging lack of faith in my abilities?”

“In the very unlikely event that you were not watching, like the rest of the people in this hall, who I last danced with - you will find that you have some rather large shoes to fill.”

“Perhaps it will surprise you that unlike the rest of the people in this hall, I have a propensity for turning my back precisely when certain white-haired gentlemen decide to flail about for attention. And however convincing he may have been, I flatter myself in believing that our feet are of the same approximate proportions, so you need not fear.”

“How very bold, to liken oneself to the General.”

“My dear, I do not simply liken myself to him. You will find that, in some domains, I surpass him completely.”

“Don’t you think I should be the judge of that, sir?”

“Please. Be my guest. I shall put myself entirely in your hands.”


Genesis and Aeris in period clothing, because, yes. :D
This is entirely sephy-chu.’s fault for putting Genesis in cravats. Will finish/colour this later! :3 (Used screenshots from A Royal Affair as reference.)

Reluctant Summer Getaway

I’m not sure if he’s miffed at 1) having to socialize at a company holiday, 2) caught in a picture holding a drink with a tiny umbrella in it, 3) the possibility of such a picture being used in some weird Shinra propaganda

Also, Zack Fair - the only SOLDIER in existence who possibly dared to photobomb the famous General. 

(again, another male body drawing practice that turns into a Sephiroth drawing. This is really what this blog is all about XDD)

aaaah first post for March!! Was so busy with work and this is about the only piece of him that I’m somewhat happy with at the moment. he was supposed to lean that left arm on a (leather) sofa (that’s almost always written into every fanfiction that involves Sephiroth’s living space), but it got cropped out when I decided to resize the layout. 

But hey! Seph’s bare chest! XD