September 3
Started this day, well awake. I’m still adjusting and it’s tiring. Working during the night and sleeping through the day just makes me feel weak and i can’t work right. Anyway thing that happened to me today are basically boring but somehow it’s okay cause i just need life to be boring right now. It’s more easy that way. Anyway here are my highlights for the 3rd of september:
-went home laughing like weirdos with co-workers
-read a bit of 5th wave
-slept till 3pm
-took a shower and dressed up
-went to church
-went work
-went to a meeting then went back to work.

See how normal my life is and this is where I want to be at the moment.


The town of San Miguel de Allende is one of those must-see towns in Mexico (I was told that in my first hour in Mexico City). It’s about an hour away from Guanajuato, cute, small, calmer then Guanajuato, very colorful, and mostly famous for being a place with a large number of Americans settlers/retirees.

It’s obviously not a poor town, but for the short trip it was, it did not quite seem like the American colony that Mexican urban myths make it seem. Maybe on a deeper layer it may be more visible, but I still mostly saw mostly Mexicanness (danzon events in the main square, churches were busy on Sunday, tacos stands, hat shops, the colors..etc). 

I still think Guanajuato with its cultural scene has so much more to offer for a weekend holiday, or even a longer term stay. (And I might be developing a certain bias, but it remains my favorite town.)


Ok, since I am still learning this, here is some basic information. These are the ruins of Peralta, named after the nearby village (San Jose de Peralta, located in the state of Guanajuato, about an hour and a half drive from Guanajuato the city). The site is the remains of a city that existed in the pre-Hispanic era and developed (as I understand) somewhere between 300 to 700 AD. It is only but a small part of a much bigger city, and many more of these pyramidal shaped constructions have been identified in the area but not yet excavated. Those quasi pyramids were characteristic of the pre-Hispanic era architecture; this one is rather a lesser known site, and the biggest and most famous are to be found further south near Mexico city.  Hopefully I will get to go see them, in the meantime, I shall try to get the history straight…