seph goes to engineering school

Got a call this morning and I got the job!
Now it’s just a matter of really thinking and making the decision to take it. It’s going to be a lot of work, and will probably be the hardest work I’ve ever done, but if I make it through this program I’ll be set career-wise for life. I’m also a bit giddy that all these year of schooling have finally paid off. Just wow.

psychollama replied to your post:Seriously fuck senior design though. I didn’t…

Well you never know; some people’s entire careers are around the designing, building and maintaining of one entire substation. That’s it, that’s their life. And some people love it *shrug*

I mean, the project is cool, but I wish it was a little more realistic. But, unfortunately, last year’s senior design class did SMRs so oh well.. It’s also hard to feel like I’ve learned absolutely nothing because this is like actual work rather than homework and it’s all so foreign. So much of our curriculum seems dedicated to just learning the language of nuclear engineering (which is absolutely necessary), but it just leaves me wondering how the fuck I’ll manage doing anything without looking like an idiot in the real world.

Also I’m just grouchy because I have a giant senior design report due tomorrow that’s taking an eternity to write and I’m panicking about job stuff (because if I don’t get a job right out of college, I’m a total failure who wasted all that money and will have to move back home and I should’ve never done this in the first place because I’m obviously not smart enough).

I still don’t know what I’m going to do this summer if I don’t get anything.

Option 1: Stay in college town alone and take a class while maybe getting to volunteer in the reactor. If the reactor staff will have me, it could be good experience to put on the resume. (Fun, but so much loneliness. Those little hometown shits better visit me)

Option 2: Go home and take a class at local state school. Downsides: having to do all the shit to figure out what I’m going to take, make sure the credit will transfer to my university, and register. Upsides: No loneliness. Non-shitty internet. Get to see hometown friends. Don’t have to do all the clean up after myself. Don’t have to feed myself.

Option 3: Go home and do nothing. Downsides: get judged by parents for being a lazy piece of shit with no job and no classes. Upsides: get to do whatever I want when I want which will amount to lying around in my pjs playing video games.