seperated couple

  • me: currently working out how me n my friend are both gonna get into the club alone with different versions of her id cause our other friends BAILED smh

-do you understand the difference about like and love?

-yeah,you like me.I love you.

Regarding Asgore hate

TDLR; I detest the fact that people are hating on a depressive, broken and possibly suicidal character and will never give him a second chance. Also, the Dremurrs are as good/bad as each other.

Long version:

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I seriously detest how cruel most of the community are to Asgore. It’s like wow, that guy is going through depression and is broken.

  • He even fucking smiles when you kill him in neutral route, like he wishes for death.

  • Or he commits suicide when Flowey doesn’t kill him, saying his wishes are a fantasy and that Asriel would have wanted freedom for you.

Do people know what they look like when they bash asgore mindlessly? Do they? That’s right. Assholes who don’t bat an eye at broken people with depression. Assholes who don’t care that Asgore suicides to give YOU freedom, after being forced on all sides to fight you, hence destroying the mercy button to force you to fight him. Either way,depending on who lives, someone will benefit, and in both cases, it’s not him.

Asgore would rather offer you a cup of tea. He tries to comfort you about death in case you’re scared, and even give you many chances to back off. Hoping you’ll do it.

Forced to kill or be killed with no chance of a third option unless someone gives him one, right? He never intended to live if you win, without outside interference. Think about that for a moment.

Or do they hate Asgore because it gets in the way of their SansToriel shipping? That’s even worse, isn’t it :D The fans are still doing what alphys discourage people to do, ship people who have very real lives.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against shipping in general but when people use what alphys say as a reason, it’s really an excuse when they’re shipping other characters.

Asgore still loves Toriel, and will do anything to reconcile. Even tries to be a better person.

Does he not even deserve a second chance? Why doesn’t he? It’s understandable she’s distraught after losing 8 children, it’s really really painful to experience.

But is Asgore not suffering due to the loss of his family and the despair of his people? Sure, he could like, not proclaim that and try to find another way to get out. The latter which he did try with Alphys. But look at how well that went. It didn’t work.

Which would you rather, the lives of 6 children, or the suffering of an entire race? There’s no easy answer to this, really. 

Both are bad and anybody would like to avoid that if they could. And remember, when Toriel uses the more moral approach when she is queen, they never quite got out of the underground, did they.

Toriel rebukes him very harshly, which is unfair as hell especially they’re both grieving in different ways for the loss of children.

This is not saying that Asgore is innocent. He did after all place a target on all humans. This is saying, Toriel is no pure angel goatmom, she is as bad as Asgore is when it comes to personality and a woman with very real flaws. She is as likeable as he is, but can be a tad unfair to those she doesn’t agree with. She even blames him for the deaths of the children, even though, in reality, he never killed anyone before you reach his castle. To add onto this point, if you pause to think for a moment, none of the equipments that the children used are near his castle. In fact one of them died in the Ruins! It’s the girl with the faded ribbon and toy knife. Likely fell to her death climbing down, as her toy knife is all the way up to the balcony, but her ribbon is at the bottom.

Hell, if you fight him, his attacks when your hp is low(like 2hp) always bring you down to 1hp even if they could have been more, showing a reluctance to actually kill you. You die if you get hit at 1hp, but he will always not kill you if you are above 1hp.

Think. If she knew the fastest way to stop the suffering, why doesn’t she act on it when her husband is too wussy to? That’s right, it’s because of her own morals and kindness. Because she doesn’t want to kill. The same morals and kindess that makes Asgore reluctant to proceed. It’d be more forgiveable if it’s more hiearchy reasons EG. Queen cannot override King’s decisions but we’ve always seen Toriel not really caring about that and kicking Asgore’s butt.

However, she doesn’t have have the pressure that Asgore faced. Her stakes aren’t as high, so she can get away with the moral high ground of not killing and turning her nose up to it. She can afford not to have blood on her hands.

Asgore however is constantly pressured by the monsters who place so much hope on him, I’m sure we all know just how much. You’ve read the text. He couldn’t let them down, when they need hope.

Does he not know that they are suffering? Of course he does! That’s why all the more he couldn’t let them down.All the more he couldn’t retract that statement, because his people will suffer even more and chaos will ensue when there is not enough hope E.G the endings where people overthrow Toriel.

And all because of a statement he made in anger and grief due to the loss of two children.

How many of you never say brash things when you’re upset not even once in your life? That’s right, didn’t think so.

I guess this is why most pictures of SansXToriel irks me so much, if because they’re cruel to Asgore. It is likely unintentional but it’s very cruel. I don’t blame most for shipping them, but please also think about Asgore, okay?

As much as Toriel keeps personal boundaries she still have some stuff that reminds her of him subtly.

Look for it. One of them is the golden flower in her room. Try looking for the rest. It’s not as obvious as Asgore’s but it’s there. And she still bakes butterscotch cinnamon pie. The pie that he LIKES.

It’s like she’s subconsciously thinking of him and still have him in her heart while saying she doesn’t want to be friends. Given, she has the right to personal boundaries. But who’s to say they won’t reconcile?

The fitting punishment Asgore deserves for placing a target on humans is getting his ass kicked by Toriel. Not to say go seperate ways as a couple, but the punishment he deserves is this, which he did get in the True pacifist end!

And in closing, here’s a quote from sans himself from the official tumblr

“it’s not good to dismiss people, either. i mean, even the person who posted the lies shouldn’t be written off as a “bad person.” something in their life led them to this point, you know? just remember: there’s a difference between protecting your friends and destroying someone for your own justice. for honesty’s sake, investigate the truth for yourself, then ask: how is this going to help people? “

Show some compassion, won’t you?

Edit: Wow so many likes and reblogs! Thank you for being so supportive and kind to spread the message, everyone! P.S you’re also fighting a king who dresses up as Santa Claus to give presents to children(Papyrus is too old to be receiving gifts haha)

Edit 2:my gosh it’s still going? Thank you so much!!Love you all!



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first year
first year is the sorting hat and being worried because what if you aren’t in Slytherin?
first year is not being a Slytherin.
it’s being a gryffindor.
first year is seeing parvati patil for the first time and thinking that she’s beautiful but not knowing what it means.
first year is learning that being from a Slytherin family is almost the same as being scum to griffyndor.
first year is begging mcgonagall to call you lavender brown and not lara lestrange.
first year is almost saying lara instead of lavender.
and most of all, first year is learning how to lie.

second year
second year is being quiet. lavender? who’s lavender? oh, her.
second year is the library and befriending madam pince.
second year is taking herbology and finding a home with the hufflepuffs. second year is spending more time in the Hufflepuff common room than gryffindor tower.
second year is dying your hair blonde.
second year is befriending ginny weasley because she spends as much time in the library alone as you.
second year is tearing up in the bathroom because she might be dead.
second year is wanting to thank harry potter for saving her but not wanting to approach another gryffindor because they don’t like you.
and most of all, second year is learning that your family defines you.

third year
third year is finally being old enough to go to hogsmeade.
third year is pretending the permission slip is a dueling club form, because that’s the only way narcissa and lucius will sign it.
third year is the boy who was practically your brother stopping talking to you.
third year is seeing a boggart and hoping, praying that it’s not those gryffindors laughing.
third year is your boggart being the door to the coat closet creaking outward and being confused.
third year is going into hogsmeade with dean thomas because he doesn’t laugh at you.
third year is holding his hand and feeling nothing.
third year is the girls in your dormitory talking to you more because maybe she’s normal.
third year is kissing dean under mistletoe.
third year is the girls talking about boys they’ve kissed and about how amazing it was and wondering why you didn’t feel that too.
third year is noticing parvati didn’t say anything either.
third year is divination and hanging around north tower with parvati and thinking that this is where you’re supposed to be.
and most of all, third year is learning that having friends isn’t so bad.

fourth year
fourth year is sitting with ginny on the train and listening to her talk endlessly about quidditch and hogsmeade and how excited she is to finally be thirteen.
fourth year is loving the light in her eyes when she talks about it.
fourth year is the beauxbatons girls and how beautiful they are.
fourth year is breaking up with dean thomas.
fourth year is the yule ball.
fourth year is wanting to ask parvati to the ball.
fourth year is going to the ball with seamus.
fourth year is taking ginny to hogsmeade and holding her hand and finally feeling something.
fourth year is kissing her in the library and feeling your heart skip a beat.
fourth year is realising what your boggart meant.
fourth year is being called names, for a reason that wasn’t your parentage.
fourth year is crying in the bathroom.
fourth year is also the year you learn how to pretend to like boys.
and most of all, fourth year is learning that you aren’t like all the other girls.

fifth year
fifth year is umbridge.
fifth year is ginny saying she’s in love with someone else.
fifth year is being best friends with ginny still because she’s still the most amazing girl you could ask for.
fifth year is parvati and the roof of the astronomy tower.
fifth year is talking with parvati and finally, finally, holding her hand.
fifth year is being the happiest girl in all of Hogwarts.
fifth year is people finally knowing who lavender brown is.
fifth year is dumbledore’s army and having friends.
fifth year is o.w.l. year and thinking about being a healer.
fifth year is endless studying with hannah abbott because she wants to be a healer, too.
fifth year is laughing with hannah, parvati, and ginny over the decree that’s seperating so many couples.
and most of all, fifth year is learning how to be friendly.

sixth year
sixth year is narcissa flatly telling her that lucius wants her to stop kissing girls.
sixth year is tears again, tears at draco, tears at narcissa, tears at lucius, parvati’s tears at lavender.
sixth year is being lavender the popular girl.
sixth year is more divination and more studies.
sixth year is visiting firenze and talking about the stars.
sixth year is o.w.l. results and crying in happiness because finally, finally, you’re going to be able to help.
sixth year is comforting hannah as she tries to piece her life back together and give herself something to do with her life.
sixth year is comforting draco when you find him crying in the library.
sixth year is not going to the malfoy’s for the holidays because you know nobody’s going to be home. sixth year is ronald weasley and pretending to like him for the sake of it.
sixth year is hating every moment of their relationship, every kiss and every touch.
sixth year is pretending to be jealous of hermione granger.
sixth year is being so very happy when ron leaves her.
sixth year is secretly meeting parvati in secret passages, the owlry, the astronomy tower, the boathouse.
sixth year is telling professor sprout everything because even though you aren’t in her house, shoulders to cry on are running short.
and most of all, sixth year is learning that pretending to be something you’re not is the hardest thing in the world.

seventh year
seventh year is the hardest year.
seventh year is ginny crying constantly because her brother is off fighting you-know-who.
seventh year is neville trying to protect luna from the carrows.
seventh year is hiding from snape and the carrows in the boathouse with parvati.
seventh year is dumbledore’s army.
seventh year is learning the secret passages inside and out.
seventh year is sneaking food into the room of requirement.
seventh year is trying to comfort draco.
seventh year is draco hexing you.
seventh year is the battle of hogwarts.
seventh year is healing the wounded with hannah as curses fly by.
seventh year is standing back to back to professor sprout with neville and ernie sending plants into the battle.
seventh year is seeing professor sprout illuminated with a curse.
seventh year is professor sprout using her last words to tell you and neville that you would have been excellent hufflepuffs and that she’s proud.
seventh year is neville meeting your eyes in the crowd as he yells to voldemort.
seventh year is defeating voldemort.
seventh year is gathering up the dead with hannah.
seventh year is finding parvati in the aftermath and asking her to marry you.
seventh year is her saying yes.
and most of all, seventh year is learning to be strong.

—  because lavender brown’s life isn’t explored nearly as much as it should have
Fairy Tail couples in public

So some of you already know I made a gif set about Fairy Tail in school. And I got a request from imaduffyo to make a gif set of Fairy Tail couples in school. So I thought since school is a public place too lol, I’ll make a gif set about my favorite Fairy Tail couples, whom I ship together with, how I think they would be around in public. These are my opinions and my favorite couples / ships.  ^^

Gray & Juvia / Gruvia

I think that Gray and Juvia would be and open couple. First , when they started going out Gray would a little more shy to show his friends and family, but then later on  Gray wouldn’t be embarrased one bit anymore to show the world who his girlfriend is. He wouldn’t be embarrased to kiss in public either, he would kiss her as much as he wanted to. He wants to show everyone that Juvia is his and his only. And then of course, they’d be the closest people to each other, have fun and joke around with as well, I think that’s importnant in a realtionship. ^^ 

I think it’d be really adorable, that when the couple would seperate and go to different classes they’d meet up before class and be like

‘’I’ll meet you here after class, okay?’’ Gray caressed her neck.

‘’Okay’’ Juvia said as she tip toed and gave Gray a kiss that lasted a few seconds. 

They didn’t want to let go, but they knew they’d survive an hour wiithout one another. It was just one class today, and tomorrow they’d be the whole day together. 

Juvia started walking to her class, her eyes never leaving Gray.

‘’I love you’’ He smiled at her and did not lay his eyes elsewhere.

‘’ I love you too, Gray’’ 

I suck at writing fanfiction fml.


Natsu & Lucy / Nalu

Okay, in my opinion Lucy and Natsu would be a couple that would be open, enough to everone to know they belong to each other,  but not too open, including kissing in front of everyone, that they haven’t achieved yet which is okay, in my opinion cus it takes some time. They’d mostly just have fun and joke around with their friends. ^^

Jellal & Erza / Jerza


Gajeel & Levy /Gajevy

Who thought the iron dragone slayer would not give since damn if someone cuaght him dancing? Nope. When he’s with Levy he just does not care about anythng else; just her. 

Mira & Laxus / Miraxus

Laxus is still a little embarrased but he’s getting there and he lets Mira kiss him in front of his friends and family! ( he would blush too, wouldn’t you think too?)

‘’Laxus, I’m gonna kiss you’’

‘’M- Mira, n- no in front of everyo- mm okay /////’’

Sting & Rogue / Stingue

I think these two, would be similar to Miraxus. 

For me, I’d see Rogue to be the embarrased Laxus, and Sting as Mira. But they’re getting there! 

‘’Come on Rogue~’’


These two are just so adorable and as you can see, one of my favorite ships. ^^

Bacchus & Cana

These two would probably be the most open couple. Do I need to explain more? Do they not kiss? Of course they do! I just chose this gif be cause just look at that, yesssss!


Lyon & Meredy / Lyredy 

Before you guys say anything… I don’t know why I included these two cuties. I’ve seen so many fanarts of them and then I started to think.. ‘’hmm.. they would make a pretty cute couple’’ They’re not in my favorites, but I wanted to put them in this post.  I HAVE MY REASONS, So If you have a problem then please leave. 

What can I say, another open couple. Enough said. 

I just want to remind you that these are MY opinions and what couples I really like / love. So don’t come here and start a fight with me, nor tell me what couple I should ‘ship’, like hell to the no.

Sorry for the long texts, ugh. I’m not exactl good with explaining am I. 

Thank you. ^^

Flower Power and Cameras | Jomente

So it was Sunday and the day for their first date. Joey had left early in the morning but thank god that Clemente was a morning person, he got a goodbye kiss before they seperated for a couple of hours. He had eaten a healthy breakfast before he had jumped into the shower. Putting on a long white shirt and jeans, he didn’t fix his hair. Taking his sunglasses and sunhat, he exited the room and started to look for the boy he adored.