seperate we come seperate we go

jjungcockk  asked:

péripatéticien~ pleuvoir~

péripatéticien (wanderer): believe in ghosts?

yes! when i was about 10 me and my family went to this ww2 fort and i remember we had to walk down these stairs into this dark basement part of the fort and when we were walking up the steps my whole family felt a hand on their shoulder o.0 on a seperate occession at the same fort (we use to go there a lot lol) we were at the same bit but instead of a hand we heard footsteps coming down from a seperate set of staircases and we knew no one was up there bc we were just up there! very spooky

pleuvoir (to rain): do you blow dry your hair or let it air dry?

let it air day <3 ive heard blow drying it can damage ur hair so i dont