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A/N: Ahh. So here is the Renee Young fic I promised you all. I think I wrote the first 400 words over about 3 days, and the last 15000 words I’ve written since 8PM tonight. I hope I did your request justice, my lovely anon! 
Plot: Renee is dating WWE wrestler (Y/N), and the draft has been announced, leading them both to be worried about seperation. When the draft finally comes, (Y/N) is drafted to Raw, and they are seperated, but a few months later, (Y/N) comes up with a plan from the help of Daniel Bryan and Shane Mcmahon, to surprise her girlfriend by being Smackdown Live’s first trade from Monday Night Raw. 
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Unpopular opinion, but when I look at my dash I see an awful lot of gushing over a married couple, and I keep asking myself what’s wrong with my eyesight?

Last time I checked the picture I refer to looked like this:

Never have Sherlock and John been further apart.

They are decidedly NOT looking at each other.

In fact, the opposite is the case. They don’t even focus their attention on the same object.

To me they look as if they are pursuing different goals, which could well be the case taking into consideration that John Watson is still wearing his wedding ring.

Which serves as much as a wedge between those two as the third person in the picture does.

Placed front and centre between the two leads is Mycroft Holmes:

He’s the man in charge.

Where the other two are looking at the ground, he’s the one looking up.

Is he therefore the one with the clear vision?

What does he know the others don’t?

Are they still searching for answers he already has?

This picture tells me that Mycroft Holmes is one of several (?) people who is standing between Sherlock and John in series 4.

He seperates his brother from John.

He stands closer to the latter, looking in the same direction as John.

Further indication that Sherlock might be on the wrong track?

In any case, the picture states clear as day, how seperated, how cut off, how alone Sherlock really is.

Altogether, this shot doesn’t even come close to representing Johnlock to me.

If anything, it symbolises the creator’s attempt to tone down any romantic speculations.

Are we really going to find proof for our theories only by tinkering with photoshopped versions of the original, both literally and figuratively?

Are we really going to twist and turn everything we get from now on, until it finally supports our vision?

How can we defend ourselves when they accuse us of reading too much into things, of creating our own versions? 

Are we no longer interested in interpreting what is actually there?

Are we so afraid to loose?

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