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What's champion of the scarlet wolf about? The goodreads reviews aren't very helpful!

Hello, hello! Well, first thing you need to know is that, while Champion of the Scarlet Wolf is a 2-book series in itself, it’s also part of a bigger series - the Cadeleonian series. So technically, if you’re thinking of getting into this world, you should start with Lord of the White Hell (book 1 and 2) and then move on to Champion of the Scarlet Wolf (book 1 and 2). Technically, you should be able to read Champion of the Scarlet Wolf as a separte story, as well (I’ve heard people do that sometimes, or read them in a wrong order) - it’s about different protagonists, different adventures etc. But it is set in the same universe, aka some of the world building may seem confusing to you (or, maybe, intriguing?) if you haven’t read LotWH, and also the main characters of LotWH appear at some point in the story in CotSW - and, I forgot to mention the most important detail - the main character of CotSW was a side character in LotWH, (he was the best friend of one of the MCs.) //huff it’s complicated. (also, just my opinion - I didn’t love LotWH very much. That’s why I wasn’t very eager to start CotSW after. But I finally did, and I’m so glad, because it’s so, so much better. I’m loving it so far - I’m on book 2 rn). Anyways, moving on.

What is it about? Basics: it’s a m/m high fantasy story. There’s romance (not in the centre of the plot, though), magic, witches, dukes, food, people don’t like to bathe bc it’s considered dangerous… It’s great - the world building in particular, when you have different countries with different social norms. 

Champion of the Scarlet Wolf is about lord Elezar Grunito, who’s famous for being, basically, a beast. He challanges high born men all over the country to duels, and kills them. Beastly, right? Right? Or is he? Is he a mindless monster? Or does he have a reason? If he has a reason, does it make his actions less beastly? Questions, questions… Anyways, a fight goes wrong and he is sent to a different country - to save his life, but also, he’s on a ~~mission from a duke. The country he’s sent to is different than his own: it’s full of witches and magic and there are queer people who are open about their sexualities, and Elezar… oh man. There’s also Skellan - a street witch, who has fended for himself since he was 10 years old - or even longer, when you think about it, and he keeps friends with trolls, and he’s really good at “scrappy” magic, and he’s my child. He talks to rocks. Better yet, rocks talk to him! Nice. Anyway, the city is also in danger, from a mysterious ~~violent flame. And, also, there are other - dangerous - witches, called grimma, and there’s war coming…   

Did I answer your question, my dear friend? I’m not done yet, so I can’t say how it ends, or if it ends happily (it’s Ginn Hale tho, so I have faith), so yeah. 

vacations <3

what a long day… -.-

i woke up at 8:35 a.m. realizing it was my last day of the summer workshop at high school…. that i had to be there at 9:15 to take a final( which i passed with a 96)…. then at two got in my car to drive all the way to captiva for the weekend….. and now im bored….. and tired.

but its all worth it! the people are super nice, and the beach is super calming, and the resort i’m staying in is awesome :) and i’m so disconnected from the world…. its so nice down here.

i wish i could stay here for like two weeks and more <3

see you laterr :)

Separation Anxiety

Getting attached is just so hard that it will come to the point that you become afraid. Afraid of letting go, afraid of being left alone, or simply afraid because you already created an eternal bond between those people that it will hurt you so much when it comes to the fact that the chances of seeing each other again are limited. Although hard to believe the only thing left to do is accept it, maybe because there are reasons why or maybe it is all part of God’s plan, but whichever the case being thankful is most probably the best thing i can do because, there are people like them who have contributed to my life and accepted me for my flaws and short-comings. People whom i was able to share a laugh with, memories that will surely be remembered, a capacity that i never thought i would have, and a kind of friendship that not anyone can be able to give. And now, whatever may happen i am so thankful to have each and every one of them to be part of my first year in college. if ever you can read this. Thank you so much :’)

Last week we looked at the differences between an order and a parenting plan.  This week I thought we would look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  I want you to think about which option is right for you.

Bearing in mind the main difference between a parenting plan and order some of you may be thinking that the answer is simple – why wouldn’t you go with an order to ensure that you have the ability to enforce it?  On the face of it, that is a logical conclusion to draw.  Unfortunately though, it isn’t always that simple. 

Firstly, when a final order is made (i.e. an order after a final hearing or consent orders on a final basis) there is a presumption that those orders will remain in place until your children turn 18.  For some of you, that may be some time off.  Once final orders are made, there must be a significant change in circumstances or both parties must consent to have the orders are varied. Depending on your scenario this may be difficult. 

Conversely a parenting plan offers parents the flexibility to change and alter the agreement as their circumstances change or, ask the court to make orders if you cannot reach a new agreement. 

If you do have orders, you are of course able to agree between each other to change the terms of the order.  This might just be a verbal one off agreement or you may want to draw up a parenting plan to formalise the terms of the change if it is something that will be on an ongoing basis.  Be careful though, any parenting plan entered into after Court Orders are made will trump the prior orders.  To be clear if you have orders then enter into a parenting plan changing the terms of those orders, you cannot at a later date seek to enforce the original terms of the court orders.  If at any time you are thinking about entering into a new agreement after orders have been made, we encourage you to seek fresh independent legal advice to clarify your obligations and rights at that time.  Whilst it may cost you money to speak to someone then, it may save you a lot of money in the future. 

Our Children Australia supports separating and separated families.  The information contained in this blog is of general nature only.  You should not act on the information contained within this post without first seeking independent legal advice from a qualified legal practitioner.  If you would like any further information or to stay up to date with information concerning separating families sign up to our newsletter here.

In 35 days my school is over. Forever. I can’t handle this because everything will be different. My life will change. I will never come home again with the thought “aw he smirked at me today” or “we had this special eye contact today yay” or “omg I already miss him even though I saw him 5 minutes ago”. I will never search for him again in the entrance hall. I can’t. I’m not a part of the school anymore which means that our ways will separte. Serious, I’m not sure if I can handle this. I’m really really afraid. 

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I really love your pixel squid art, I'm curious as to how you start the drawing model, because for the life of me I cant make a simple model without using a reference

Why thank you! This is just I do my process for these squids.

When I first made my base, I originally created a sketch of what I wanted it to look like and then I sized it down to a reasonable pixel art size (I normally put it down to 100x pixels)

I then do the lineart using the default legacy pen, which has the same density on every pixel you touch, making it great for pixel art!

I made two separate layers for the boy and girl tentacles so that I could just change them around depending on which squid I’m drawing.

I draw arms separtely since each pose is generally a bit different

and thats how I make my base!

Random Charms
Such a random charm, So tired to separte them ugh. So heres there group picture k. Lav ya minters enjoy this not so fablous charms teehee. 2.2
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