And there goes my attention span (and my temper, for different reasons), so I guess I’m not going to get any further on this scene tonight, alas, though at least I made wordcount first.

Snippet from Ezra 23.

Before a few days ago Ezra had never heard of Free Ryloth; Sabine and Zeb had had to explain it to him while they were in hyperspace on the way to join the Imperial fleet.

“They started fighting during the Clone Wars, when the Separatists occupied the planet,” Sabine had said.  “They must have gotten a taste for it, because when the Republic became the Empire they just get kept fighting.  Free Ryloth used to be just another terrorist organization like the insurgents on Onderon or Mykapo, but then they decided that they were bored with Ryloth or the planet was irreversibly corrupted or something and left.”

“To go where?”

“No one knows,” Zeb said, a little ghoulishly. “These days they just float around and make trouble for people.  Got a lot of ships, though.”

“What’s the point?” Ezra had asked, and they had both shrugged.

Who do you side with?

The Crimean conflict burns in Ukraine even still, from conventional tactic to cyber-warfare. There are also many sides, from Azov, Pro-Ukrainian forces, separatists, Russians, there must be a side to take. Who do you side with?

 I personally prefer the separatists, as their vote to leave Ukraine should have been held legitimate.