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For over a century the Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy has been fascinating and terrifying visitors with its massive cram of reconstructed animal skeletons. Established in 1898 in an effort to preserve a number of then-scattered scientific collections, the multi-floor galleries of fossils and bones present one of the most wide-ranging and comprehensive presentations of natural artifacts in the world. The museum is divided into two separate galleries, each with a staggering collection. The Gallery of Paleontology is filled with amazingly complete fossils and most impressively, a number of massive dinosaur skeletons arrayed amongst the buildings ornate glass and iron architecture. However the real show piece of the museum is the Gallery of Comparative Anatomy. In this section of the museum, over 1,000 animal skeletons are packed literally wall to wall in the massive gallery. The remains of each beast are faced in the same direction creating the illusion of an undead stampede as visitors enter the space. Horses, elephants, large cats and any number of other creatures are represented in the giant bone collection. 📸: Photo regrammed from the intrepid @mondaymorningturningback

anonymous asked:

What is Sam and his pr staff hope to gain by posting this picture of two disinterested shabby people looking anything but uncool. It just give sites more evidence against Sam for whatever they are trying to prove. Sam ,live your life,but less is more.FFS

I don’t think it was posted so much to gain anything but more to avoid losing.
So far this little NYC “tryst” with MM has featured:

- a party pic that featured Sam and MM. Posing together, but separately.
- a gallery opening red carpet pic with Sam that looked more like a guy who ended up having to take his cousin to the prom when his steady girlfriend’s parents wouldn’t let her go.
-a #failed “ double date” for Sam and MM with Sam and Cait’s South African friends at an escape room that left Sam looking like he had just been made to snack on broken glass
- a holiday in Southern France for one…or at least not for these two. The streets of Rousillon will undoubtedly keep their secrets but it doesn’t seem at all likely that any of them involve Sam, though there were a few other interesting persons in the vicinity, and that certainly would need to be kept secret…
- a concert date with MM and a large purse at Summerstage in Central Park that interested no one-not even Sam enough to bother tweeting about it. Though to be fair maybe he actually. didn’t see the concert but left directly after the phot op and obligatory fan pic to mark his “appearance”? And he did show up for the event in his best “I’m doing a public appearance here” outfit. In fact that outfit was apparently so appearance worthy that he did another appearance in it the next week for his Barbour line opening.
-a whole weekend of fun for Sam at MPC. But just Sam. Maybe a second ticket to Scotland was too expensive?
-a whole day of Barbour promotions in NYC that featured only Sam and clothes, and no “girlfriends”. Oops, did she maybe get lost on the way over- perhaps get left at the petrol station when she got out to get another of those ubiquitous bottles of water?
-a Sam and Cait charity event to benefit both their complexly intertwined charity interests. Which, when you think about it is such friendly, completely not coupley thing for two people who obviously have completely separate lives to do…

So that’s been it so far, for the Sam and MM “All Loved Up and In New York” campaign and so far Sam’s sign has pretty much summed it up: #fail!!

Those pap pics are old- likely taken on the 9th of September before Sam left for what was most likely Budapest for a few days and MM went to France. And so far the single one they have released is pretty much a #fail as well, and it is likely the best of the lot in terms of them looking chummy, or even happy, or whatever, or why choose it for trying to make your story of an afternoon spent as a couple walking the streets of NYC between Sam’s Barbour appearances. But then Sam himself sent a video of him in the car being transferred to his next appearance for Barbour. Oops, so not walking then, oops!

So I think even though the pap shot is not very convincing they went with what they had- which was an older pic from a pap photo session done back before the S3 premiere- when it was decided it might be a good time to try to somehow interject MM back into a story that she hasn’t been featuring in very heavily these past days that have had so much focus on Sam alone, and on Sam and Cait.

And if the best pic they could come up to go with this little story of a Sam and MM afternoon was a weak and older pic, then that’s pretty telling if you ask me about how much time these two are really spending together…

Jay De Feo. Untitled (Everest), 1955.


Abstract Expressionism made its first appearances in the United States in the early 1940s, though nobody was calling it that yet. By the end of the decade, art critic Robert Coates helped turn it into a named and nameable thing and Abstract Expressionism as we now know it morphed into a bonafide capital A&M Art Movement with painters like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko at its center. As the story goes, the expressive generativity of modernist masculinity embodied by these painters was the creative locomotive of midcentury experimentations with form in painting. 

But all stories are partial and unfinished and the avant-garde practically begs us to make revisions plural and continual. We can, for example, include the women who have been mostly left out of the canon of Abstract Expressionist artists. This, in turn, might help us to speak differently about modernity, our bodies — even formalism itself — and then even to start painting differently because we see as though we have new eyes. 

Dr. Gwen Chanzit, the curator of Modern Art at the Denver Art Museum, generously agreed to answer a few questions for us about the Women of Abstract Expressionism show that is on display there until September 25. 

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Architecture (3): The Great Pyramid of Giza

The pyramid complex at Giza was built in the 4th Dynasty, during three generations of pharaohs – Khufu (Great Pyramid of Giza), Khafre (Pyramid of Khafre), and Menkaure (Pyramid of Menkaure).  The complex contains on a grand scale all of the architectural features associated with royal tombs.

Thousands of blocks of stone were transported along the river, and then dragged by sled to the edge of the desert, to build the pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered the peak of Egyptian pyramidal architecture, and has been influential on modern architecture – for example, the Louvre has the same form.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest one – 146m high, covering an area of 52,000 square metres.  On each side, a pit was dug and a boat put in, so that the pharaoh’s spirit could travel freely.  The Funerary Ship of Khufu was reconstructed from the remains found in one of these boat pits.

Funerary Ship of Khufu; a boat pit next to the causeway, with stairs going into it.

The three pyramids lie in a nearly-diagonal line, with their mortuary temples on the east side, facing towards the Nile.  To the west, a mastaba cemetery housed the bodies of high officials.

Map of the pyramid complex.

East Field of Mastabas.

West Field of Mastabas.

The Sphinx was built in association with the Pyramid of Khafre, out of a single outcrop of limestone.  It is a lion with a pharaoh’s head, head-dress and false beard.  The Sphinx was a the guardian of the royal tombs, and it is the earliest-surviving example of this form.

The Sphinx.

The king & queen’s burial chambers, and an underground chamber, were accessed through 3 stone-lined corridors (descending & ascending).  The longest is over 100m, and they are undecorated.  They were a passage for the deceased.

Internal structure of the pyramids.

The king’s chamber was roofed with 5 tiers (each built of 9 stone slaps), one above the other, with relief chambers in between.  Above these tiers was a vault of two relieving stones.  Two narrow shafts led from the chamber to the outside.  The king’s chamber was separated from the gallery by an antechamber, which was protected by a portcullis.

The pyramids were originally cased in limestone, and the reflection of sunlight would have been dazzling (perhaps intended to associate the dead pharaoh with Ra).  A pyramidion would have capped the pyramid – a gilded, pyramid-shaped stone with prayers inscribed on it.

A pyramidion from the private tomb of Amenhotep-Huy.

The Great Pyramid’s core was made of thousands of locally-quarried blocks, weighing 2.5 tonnes each on average.  They were transported by human power to the site, and then manoeuvred into position, with the help of a thin lime mortar lubricant.

Most of Egypt’s pyramids are made of core stones which fill the bulk of the pyramid.  They were built up in tiers, making a crude step pyramid, and then masonry (packing stones) filled in the steps.  A softer stone (packing stone) was put between the core and casing; and finally the pyramid was cased in a smooth outer layer of limestone or granite.

Four relieving stones were placed on top of the pyramid’s entrance, to relieve it of much of the weight from above.  This shows that the Egyptians understood how to apply physics to monumental architecture. The entrance was then sealed and covered in limestone casing, increasing security by making it invisible from the outside.

Entrance to the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The relieving stones form the upside-down double V.

The ascending gallery leads to two levels of chambers (the king’s & queen’s burial chambers).  It is made up of seven projecting courses, each one supporting the one above it (corbelling!)  It is undecorated, reflecting the “restrained monumentalism of the pyramid with the continued use of large-scale masonry”.

The gallery.

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I was tagged by @evolutionofacosfitter to post 7 selfies from 2017! I know the last one is technically 2in1 soo you guys get 8 because I couldn’t find them separate in my gallery 😂😘

I never know who to tag in these things, but I love you all!

Teaching Violet ~Disaster (Pearlet)

A\N- this is my new fic I have been talking about! I am still writing Young Blood but I felt like writing but not particularly Young Blood so I began this! I’ve been wanting this plot line of a pearlet fic for the longest time so I made one myself! Please enjoy, I’m going to try and finish Young Blood so I can continue with this.


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Successful artists run factories, not studios. And while the vast majority of artists weigh down the “struggling” end of the scale, and work from home or rent a studio with three other people and a colony of rats, the true mark of a successful rock-star artist is an opulent studio space. Take Damien Hirst, one of the highest-paid living artists in history, whom you may better know as “that dude who pickles cows.” Hirst commands a vast, 2.2-acre studio complex that contains a personal gallery and separate formaldehyde building for whatever animal corpse he feels like exploiting that day. And don’t start picturing Hirst himself in a bloodstained lab coat and clown mask, because it’s unlikely he does any of the work himself. At one point, Hirst had as many as 150 employees carrying out his every bizarre whim.

5 Shockingly Dark Secrets Of The Art World

Some advice on seeking jobs as a game art graduate...

Nisi – a tumblr user I met earlier this year asked:

Hello dear Anjin Anhut,

We’ve met during your talk on ‘diversity in games’ as an opening for the last gamejam at our university in Dieburg.

I’m following your amazing blog for a while now and wanted to know, if you’ve got some advice for a self-taught artist who wants to go professional. 

In the past three years, I’ve been making 2D + 3D art for game projects at my university and am now looking for a job. Since my university was no help at all with the stuff the students were doing, we had to do everything on our own and I feel a little bit stuck with my art skills. 

I want to set up something like a training plan to get the basics covered and going further on but I’m still struggeling how to start. (if it helps, I’m trying to get deeper into character and animal/creature design)

Many thanks in advance for your time!

— art-of-nisi

I asked Nisi to be a bit more specific with her question:

Hello again and thanks for the quick respond! Since you suggested tackling one question at the time, I’m going with job-seeking tipps first. As mentioned earlier, I’ve done 2D + 3D art at university for about 3 years and am looking for a job. I’ve applied at several gaming companies so far and have been told that my stuff is too diverse/not specific enough which made me concentrate on 2D art again, but still no luck with jobs. Thanks again in advance for your time! 

Hey Nisi..

I took a couple of days but here is what I can say to help out. Please note that there are many opinions on that topic and that I can only draw from my personal experiences as a job seeker and as a recruiter (did both), as well as from conversations with others who do the same. My advice is educated but please ask around more.

I took the liberty of checking out your online stuff and would like to translate “you are too diverse” into something you might be able to work with. “Too diverse” is a nice way of saying “we are not convinced that you have what it takes to become(!) what we are looking for”.  Your work shows many many interest in the realm of game art, such as concept art, 2d game art and 3d game… but none of these disciplines are shown with enough work samples to be individually convincing.

This is not to say that you lack the talent or skills to find a job, but I think you need to structure your presentation better. Let’s get started:

Mental preparation:

First let’s sort out what you can offer: You are a graduate level game artists and there is nothing you can do to change that. That means many jobs are not available for you – you need to find companies who are willing to recruit graduates right now. But that also means you don’t have to pretend like you rock game art like a 6 year veteran, so there is that. What you need to be able to “sell” about yourself is that if I as a recruiter spent a couple of months mentoring you, that you will be able to be productive short term but also a super neat game artist long term for our studio. Companies have to invest some work into you to get productivity out of you but also hope that you will develop into exactly that kind of artist the team needs. I can totally see you make that promise with the skills you already have.

But this is where “being too diverse” becomes a problem. If you do not present yourself as someone who has decided to work hard to become bad-ass in one(!) specific skill – there is just so much stuff you wanna do – how can I as a recruiter be confident in you becoming that bad-ass artist for me? It’s pretty hard to find a job as a “graduate all-rounder” – because only very few companies are looking for a professional all-rounder. 

If I want to put some graduates in my concept art team, I will ALWAYS prefer applicants who present themselves as graduate concept artists over those who are graduate all-rounders. I don’t want to put money and work into graduates who still have to find themselves or are undecided as to what they wanna become. I want graduates who are already determined to become the very kind of artist I need and who only need the resources to do so. 

Okay, so what kind of artist are you then? 3D art is usually easy to understand. You create 3d models – hi res and lo res – which then can be used in the build of the game and or rendered for promotional purposes. However, when you say “2D artists” I have no idea what you mean and your portfolio is not helping me understand that. Are you a concept artist? Or are you a 2D game artists who makes illustrations and animation which become assets for the actual game? These are two different jobs. So we have 3 directions to choose from.

Does this mean you have to specialize? Not necessarily. It would help if you could just like that commit yourself to one direction. But I don’t expect you to do that, you don’t seem to be the type who only likes to do one thing or who would be happy with just one thing. The least you can do is apply for jobs in a specialized way. Which brings us to measures.

Stuff you can do right now:

- remove confusion, prepare individual portfolios: don’t try to create one convincing portfolio for 3 traits. Make 3. A 3D portfolio with 2D and concept as an extra, so you can send that portfolio to companies who are looking for 3D artists. And one with 2D focus and 3D/concept as an extra… ect. They can all be hosted on the same site, but don’t make recruiters search for the relevant stuff themselves. Make it convenient like hell. Direct links to exactly the galleries they need to see only and make sure that you also custom make your list of skills for each trait. Apply the same “specialization” in your presentation to your pdf portfolios as well. (always send <2mb pdfs with any email). This is not about pretending to be 3 artists, this is about creating individual “mixtapes” for each potential kind of employer, so that everybody gets instant access to what they are looking for.

- separate professional galleries from private online fun things: On your portfolio site, do not link to your tumblrs or deviant art pages… this only distracts from the carefully crafted galleries and they are your personal spaces where most people usually post personal sketches and practice and skribbled jokes and reblogs and whatnot, which are all not professional material.

- put contact data on everything: Everything? EVERYTHING! Each portfolio samples – each jpg – should have a very small and subtle but readable info line with your name and contact data (or web url). You don’t know where your images will travel online and within companies and you don’t want anybody to struggle to contact you. Don’t try to make that contact data pretty. Be clean and non-distracting.

Improve your chances long term:

- build relationships: go to tradeshows and events, and talk to recruiters and representatives. A letter from a person you have already met is always more interesting than a random envelope in the mail. Always bring business cards, not because they would want one – sorry no – but so you can ask to trade cards and get THEIR contact data.

- beef up your galleries:

I suspect once you separated your portfolio into three individual ones you might find that each portfolio is a bit thin on work samples. So pick your personal favorite and start beefing stuff up. To make your portfolio pieces feel as professional as possible I recommend structuring them around projects. These can be actual game projects but also fake projects. Create art pieces in relation to each other. Creating a roster of characters based on classic fairytales for example – making them look like they could belong to the same game – is always more convincing then a gallery of random unrelated character sketches. You could also include your development process (research, sketches, variants) as well. …and you could create locations for that fake game and props.

- apply again… ;)

I hope this gives you something to do. I know how helpless it can feel if you don’t get positive responses or responses at all. But don’t let that freeze you. You can always improve your portfolio and research more companies to apply to. Good luck.


Felicity Guest Bed and Bath

Simple guest bed and bath, perfect for a Sim who likes to entertain and constantly has guests over. Both rooms are very simply furnished but still retain that very feminine and luxurious theme.

> Download
Both of these rooms can be found in the gallery under my username AlwayOlive, #AlwayOlive or #Simkea.

Note: They must be downloaded separately from the gallery. 


NEW: Missdelrey’s HQ gallery! Since I’m personally a big fan of portrait/people photography, I’ve always been a big fan of Lana’s photoshoots. Every time there are new pictures available, I get super excited and immediately post them. I often get questions about where I get the pictures and if I can post a link. I’ve been thinking about making a separate gallery page on the blog for a while now. And today, I finally decided to make one! 

The first photographs I’ve posted are 120 pictures from the 2015 Billboard shoot. I’m already working on posting the next shoot. Want to see a specific shoot featured on the page? Requests are very welcome! 

█ ▌ EVENT!

  • Location: Gallery (hallway) + Hotel (lobby)
  • Time: 11pm
  • Eye Witnesses: anyone in the lobby of the hotel, anyone that happened to be in the hallway at the time. Others might be able to HEAR the noises from else where in the hotel




Not to deep into the night, those with good ears might have heard a scraping coming from the within the gallery.
Of course, this was nothing NEW right? Everyone knew well by now some of the artworks in this galley where more than meets the eye

They were alive. 

      They had minds of their own.

                         They were on the move.



The sound of something heavy making its way slowly, slowly into hallway separating the gallery and the hotel. Hotel? Why was it heading to the hotel? That had always been their safe haven from the horrors of the gallery after all. 


Come the morning there appears to be a new addition to the hotel lobby. A headless mannequin, standing firm in its place arms outstretched yet unmoving towards the elevators

Now… what in the world was THIS doing here?