separated by decades


James March and you went back a long time, having met at one of his father’s political parties. They weren’t rich, but James was an excellent entrepreneur, managing to amass a wealth unlike any other. You had fallen for each other when you were younger, but never acted on it, leading to separation. You met nearly a decade later and by the time you fully remembered who he was, you were already stuck in an endless cycle of extravagant gifts and money when you struggled, but didn’t dare tell him.

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Ok but if someone could write a really long fic about Cat and Olivia’s decades long love affair from college to current day, I would love you forever

How to hunt for story ideas

You’ll need: Pen, paper and an interesting video

This is a very simple exercise for story ideas hunting when you feel completely out of inspiration or looking for an insight. Just pick a music video, or a short, a movie, a trailer, or even a gameplay from Youtube and keep pen and paper by your side.

As you watch the chosen piece, write down tags that best describe what you are seeing, be it a feeling, a visual element, dialogues or random ideas coming to you.

I’ve used the trailer of When Marnie Was There for an example:

And my tags are:

Train, moving, goodbye, outsider, small town, growing up, manor, old, familiar, childhood, beauty, party, prison, keys, storm, tragedy, secret, forever, moon, dream…

Now, from your tags, create one or more storylines, plots, characters and/or fictional worlds. When Marnie Was There tags give me two story ideas:

- Family saga of cousins growing up in their grandfather’s manor. When adults, each cousin goes their separate ways. Decades later, only one cousin is alive. Through his perspective, we remember all tragedies that happened with the family and how each member lost their way from the happy childhood.

- Daily life of girls living in a strict boarding school that looks more like a prison, two girls have a spiritual connection, allowing them to meet in their dreams.

From all ideas you manage to make from your tags, pick your favorite. Mine would be the second one.

So, are you ready for ideas hunting?

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Miscellaneous stories about my time as a delivery driver.

I delivered for two separate businesses in two separate towns nearly a decade ago. Nothing mind blowingly interesting to report, but I do have a few decent stories.

TL;DR: Smoked some weed, almost died, wrecked and abandoned a shitty car, pissed off a skateboarder, touched a butt, killed a deer.

Story one: Took an order to a house on the outskirts of town. Delivery instructions were to go to the garage. Get to the garage, it’s a man-cave of sorts. Customer is a 30-something dude, clearly stoned. Immediately notice a joint sitting on the table. As he hands me the money he says “Money’s a little tight right now, wish I could tip you more, man.” I point to the joint and reply, “No worries. You could burn that with me.” He goes “Oh shit! I thought I put everything away!” We have a good laugh, we smoke the doob, he ends up pulling a huge bag of pot out of the fridge and sells me an 8th. Good times!

Story Two: Had a driver in the oncoming lane fail to yield and turned left right in front of me. Wish I had a dashcam because I pulled the most epic evasive maneuver of all time, avoiding a serious collision by a matter of inches. Words cannot do this moment justice. It’s one of the proudest moments of my life.

Story Three: Same town, a few weeks later. Wasn’t super familiar with this town, hadn’t lived there long, had been GPSing every address. This particular order was to an apartment complex I had been to a few times, and I knew there was a shortcut through the mall parking lot. It was dark and raining that night. I attempted to take the shortcut. Noticed a few seconds too late that I was barreling into the dead end of a 3 way intersection. Tried to brake and steer out of the way, but hit a curb at a roughly 45 degree angle going around 30mph. Completely obliterated my front passenger side tire and wheel. Had the car towed to a shop. Spent two hours the next day at a pull-and-pay junkyard trying to find a replacement wheel. Took it to the shop. Wrong size. Two more hours at the junkyard. Back to the shop. Wheel fits but the collision bent my control arm. Tire would rub against the inside of the wheel well whenever I turned left. Horrible screeching noise at all times. The wheel literally fell off while I was driving it a few weeks later. Grabbed all my valuable belongings (which included a guitar + small amplifier), called my friends to come get me and started walking. Left the car there, never saw it again.

Story Four: New town, new business. Some teenager seemingly on purpose flung his skateboard into the road as I was driving by. Ran it over, broke the deck in half. Yelled “dumbass!” out the window and kept driving. I get back from my next delivery and the kid and his mom are standing in the lobby yelling at the manager. They’re accusing me of running it over on purpose. Demanding a new skateboard. I was agitated by the lack of honesty and sense of entitlement so I reply, “what if I need new tires? You gonna pay for those?” She didn’t like that very much. Rest of the details are hazy, but the owner ended up buying the kid a new skateboard. The kid came out ahead on that because he only needed a deck but got a whole setup.

Story Five: One of the servers lived in a neighborhood about half a mile away from the store. We had a little fling. If she wasn’t working, I’d routinely stop by her house on my way back from a delivery and fool around for a bit. Good times!

Story Six: Hit a deer on the way to some apartment complex. Two lane highway, busy traffic in both directions. Had somebody tailgating me pretty hard. No idea how the deer even got half way across the road, but he came from the left. Clipped his back legs pretty square as he was jumping across the road, he spun at least 720 degrees through the air and landed on the shoulder. Just kept driving, didn’t even touch my brakes. Had to look hilarious from the guy behind me’s perspective. Pizza guy is on a mission! Get to the delivery, my grill is destroyed. Deer fur stuck in my hood. Pieces of my bumper hanging on by a thread. Got a decent tip. Filed a police report. Insurance ended up doing roughly $3000 worth of body work, I didn’t have to pay a dime.

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By: Wolfanini

Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern analysis

So I posted recently on how I was writing a big comics paper for school, and one or two people expressed their interest in reading it, so I figured I’d post it on here. It’s edited: the original paper was a comparison between this as a positive example of a single-issue story and another comic as a negative example, and for the sake of politeness I removed all references to that; this is just the chunk of the paper analyzing Tom King, Doc Shaner, Chris Sotomayor, and Tom Napolitano’s Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern. Since I wrote this for school, it’s much drier and more formal than my usual writing here, and I’m writing on the assumption that the reader of the essay has essentially never read a comic before, i.e. is it successful at basic storytelling principles to carry the uninitiated, can you tell what’s going on if you’ve never seen or read a Green Lantern story in your life, etc. And for the sake of occasionally breaking up the text now that this isn’t in an academic context, I put in a couple splash pages from the story itself.

Spoilers under the cut; the assumption with this is that you’ve already read it.

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anonymous asked:

"Pro Sakura, pro sasu/saku" is a contradiction, imo.

For real like “I love Sakura that’s why I want her to be in a relationship with a guy who was never interested in her, rejected her, tried to kill her, and won’t even kiss her after being separated for over a decade” like guy really are you sure

I hope we could spend more time together.

A few hours is better than never. 

If we could only make it longer. 

A whole day would be fine. 

A whole week would be fine. 

A whole month would be fine. 

A whole year would be fine. 

A decade would be fine. 

A century would be fine. 

Forever would be fine. 

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87. “You were never just my friend.” James/Thomas :D

It’s quiet in the dark, only the chirp of crickets and the shifting of bodies further down the corridor. Thomas is breathing steadily at his back though not asleep. Neither of them have slept so far, as though the act itself would separate them for another decade of torment and despair. 

The plantation guards had let them embrace for a few minutes, eventually pushing Thomas to work again and James to be settled into life at the plantation. 

Only an hour apart made James shake, made him wonder if he was dead or dreaming. He looked out of any window he could find and always found Thomas looking back. They had shared that anxiety. 

In the evening they had retired to the sleeping area, a row of bunks separated by curtains. Thomas had lay down and drawn James into his arms. He had cried then, as he had in the field, and buried himself into Thomas as though he were James’ grave and he would finally find rest there. Thomas held him through it, quietly sobbing too though holding his body as still as he could. 

When he asked why they were allowed to sleep in the same bunk Thomas simply said “they think we’re old friends. Oglethorpe is a well meaning man, unused to affection but understanding that it is shared between men at times.”

“You were never just my friend,” James whispered into the dark later, holding Thomas’ hand and examining the new scars on the tanned skin. “You were my lord, my compass in harsh waters, a candle to illuminate the dark… Even before you were my lover you were more than a friend.”

Thomas kissed his head and tightened his arms around James. “I missed you more than I can say,” he admitted in a hushed tone. James whimpered, the tears falling down his cheeks again as he clutched at Thomas like a life line. 

“I’ll never leave again. I promise. You’ll never be alone again.”

They fell asleep next to one another, fingers entwined and bodies finally relaxed after a decade of tension and strife. 

Essays in Existentialism: Anya II

Saw this floating around and thought you’d kill us a little more: AU -  Lexa opens her eyes and there’s Anya’s face looking down on her, smiling. 

Previously on Anya

She wakes with a gasp, as if she hasn’t ever breathed before, as if her lungs were completely empty. Her heart races to compensate as her eyes immediately bulge with the inhalation. With a few blinks, Lexa registers only the sky and the clouds, the dirt and grass beneath her, and the oddly familiar giggle that feels as if it were from another time, another place.

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…So…my collection of really good and super cheap math texts has grown again…. The top two just arrived

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has ranked her world No. 1 in singles on seven occasions, from 2002 to 2017. She is the only tennis player in history (man or woman) to have won singles titles at least six times in three of the four Grand Slam tournaments, and the only player ever to have won two of the four Majors seven times each (7 Wimbledon titles and 7 Australian Open titles). Williams is also the only tennis player to have won ten Grand Slam singles titles in two separate decades. She has won an all-time record of 13 Grand Slam singles titles on hardcourt. She also holds an all-time record for the most singles matches won at the Grand Slams (man or woman) with 316 matches (through the 2017 Australian Open). Serena has also won four Olympic gold medals, one in women’s singles and three in women’s doubles—an all-time record shared with her sister, Venus. She has won the Laureus Sportswoman of the Year award three times (2003, 2010, 2016), and in December 2015, she was named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine. Williams’ accomplishments and success in professional tennis have led some commentators, players, and sports writers to regard her as the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Given the way they tend to be cast, I sometimes forget that Javert is over a decade younger than Jean Valjean. It doesn’t make much of a difference at that stage of their lives, but sometimes I think it might be interesting to explore what their dynamic might have been if they’d met earlier. 

Say if their paths crossed before Toulon, Valjean would’ve been 26 and Javert would’ve been…barely legal. Say they formed some sort of connection and were then separated…and a decade later they meet again from opposite sides of a prison, both so changed it’s a shock when recognition finally dawns.

things that destroy me across fandoms in no particular order: 

  • will and tessa and jem and the last 50 pages of clockwork princess, which, tbh, i am still not over and it’s been years
  • jamie and claire being separated for decades and still managing to love each other
  • Captain America’s inability to let Bucky go and vice versa
  • rhysand [i’d elaborate but i feel like it’s unnecessary]
  • we are groot
  • the marauders - every aspect of their friendship, deaths, and those they loved is heartbreaking
  • meredith grey did not deserve to lose the love of her life the way she did
  • rowan realizing that he loves aelin but trying to fight it 
  • jim kirk. oh captain, my captain. him and spock will one day live happily ever after and if you disagree FIGHT ME
  • robb stark did not deserve to die. he made ONE mistake guys, one really stupid, really frustrating, oh my god i need to stop this rant - 
  • which leads me to Jon Snow. his life has been so tragic and if he does not end up on that iron throne when all is said and done, i will riot
  • julian and emma and this stupid whole don’t fall in you love with your parabatai thing which is totally not going to come back to haunt them, nope sir it will not

reblog and add yours - i want a really long list of really depressing shit, guys

I went to Lucien’s last night, he talked with me at length after he phoned you—mad at me for hovering over and clapping hands and enjoying his telling you to write about him if necessary. He doesn’t really want you to, is serious, and I am to blame for urging you on all this time. He scared me. Encountered something in him I had not felt before, or realized, apparently he been ill since that drunken night, not eating much, having nightmares—keyed off by this situation. Communicated some of the chill dread to me. It’s more than I can bear, I’m sorry I intruded at all, Lucien feels I have tried to harm him, makes me feel it is so. Said he spoke to you on the phone and you were not going to write it, that’s good. Because it really pains him that much, and seems a life and death matter to him. He has lost weight suddenly and seems changed and naked, or I am mad, or both, it scares me. He loves us, reassure him better than I can. (And I accede to his wishes and feelings here).
—  Allen Ginsberg to Jack Kerouac, 5 November 1959

TV Guide  -  May 11 - 17, 1957

James Arness (May 26, 1923 – June 3, 2011) Actor best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon for 20 years in the television series Gunsmoke. Arness has the distinction of having played the role of Dillon in five separate decades: 1955 to 1975 in the weekly series, then in Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987) and four more made-for-television Gunsmoke films in the 1990s. In Europe, Arness reached cult status for his role as Zeb Macahan in the western series How the West Was Won. He was the older brother of actor Peter Graves.

After Gunsmoke ended, Arness performed in Western-themed movies and television series, including How the West Was Won, and in five made-for-television Gunsmoke movies between 1987 and 1994. An exception was as a big-city police officer in a short-lived 1981-1982 series, McClain’s Law, co-starring with Marshall Colt. His role as mountain man Zeb Macahan in How the West Was Won made him a cult figure in many European countries, where it became even more popular than in the United States, as the series has been rebroadcast many times across Europe.  (Wikipedia)

Commission from @meabhd​! I am utterly delighted by this. Seeing Annette and Ryan back together just makes me terribly happy. Meabh was super-awesome to work with and I just love her work on expressions and the poses and just… I am so happy.

For a bit of context, this is the first moment of informal reunion between these two. After being separated for well over a decade, the two re-encountered one another in a formal setting where a single mis-spoken word could have caused a war across several Courts. They agreed to meet one another once they survived the event to see what kind of people they’d grown to be beneath the masks.

Turns out that some things don’t change.

useless elf bf who fights children

so last night’s dnd was kinda wild? my elf warlock pc (theo) was pretty upset with his elf cleric npc bf (shouri), and for a very good reason, but theo’s also been tired of being angry/not seeing him/not being together/etc. esp because they were separated for many many decades already, so he just kind of let it go after a night of getting smashed with his best monk pal, eating stew he’d made for said bf without him out of spite, and talking about how dumb men are in fancy dresses. shouri and theo’s monk pal’s husband got to be wallflowers in the Bad Man Corner For Bed Men.

the following day was a carnival celebration and there were games to play with big plush owlbear toys as prizes, and shouri promised to win theo something to try and make up for being a Bad Man. there were three games; a game where you throw darts at balloons, a game where you knock bottles down with a ball, and a potato sack race. we’d seen other people in the party do the first two games, and shouri missed. every shot. in both games. his strength is supposed to be super high and he still missed. every single one. this useless elf man.

so theo subjects him to the potato sack race, because nothing like a little public humiliation to punish your bf for being a Bad Man. the only other competitors are children. the potato sack comes up to his thighs at best. a child trips behind him and cries for their mother. he almost LOSES to a child. somehow, some way though, he wins, and finally gets the owlbear toy.

as he handed theo the owlbear he punctuated it with “i’ll fight children for you” and theo just smiles and smooches him because. that was funny. and shouri is a fool. and theo loves him. and both of these motherfuckers are neutral aligned and care about very few things besides each other lmaoooo


Stevie performs at the concert to celebrate the premiere of ‘Sound City’ at the Hollywood Palladium in LA - January 31, 2013

“The crowd hoots and hollers with approval. Though two decades separate Nicks from her band-mates, you couldn’t hear a generational gap in the music.” - Josh Baron, Relix Magazine