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Snapshot 10: The Separation of Spouses pt. 4

A/N: SURPRISE. lol. Betcha didn’t see this coming.

Day 100.


Arizona raises her eyebrows at the accusation. She’d forgotten what a baby Callie was when it came to things like this.

Sofia, She flicks her gaze briefly to her daughter who’s already on the verge of laughter. Do you think Mommy is being a sore loser?

The little girl giggles before nodding easily. Callie makes a loud scoff like she’s been betrayed.

I hate this game anyway. The brunette mumbles, crossing her arms. All luck. No skill.

Arizona smiles, rolling her eyes. They’re all gathered around the coffee table, playing monopoly. Well, playing monopoly until Callie got bankrupted by Arizona’s Boardwalk. Now, the blonde couldn’t help having flashbacks of the year during their marriage when they’d tried to instate family game nights; it was then that she’d learned about Callie’s fiercely competitive nature regarding generally anything that came in board form.

Aw, come here. She cooed at the other woman, stretching out her arms, much like she’d done time and time before (when they were married, of course) You want a hug?

Get away from me.

Come on Sofia. I think Mommy wants a hug.

I swear Arizon—

The words don’t get out by the time the blonde has basically lunged at the other woman and wrapped her up in tight embrace. Callie falls back onto the carpet, yelling like she’s being attacked.

Get off!

Stop being a baby!

Arizona starts laughing when Callie’s screams turn into dramatic yelps. She quickly swings a leg over the brunette, effectively pinning her. Sofia, not wanting to be left out jumps on top of both of them, laughing unaware of the awkward position her mothers are now in. Arizona realizes too late that her pelvis is smashed into Callie’s, and the only thing really separating their torsos is the brunette’s uncomfortably bent arm.

Uh oops.                                        

What? Callie grunts, trying one last time to wiggle from under her ex before finally sighing in resignation.

I’m… Arizona feels odd talking so closely to Callie’s face as Sofia basically bounces on her back. This got a little weird.

Callie smirks awkwardly. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve been on top of me.

A grimace takes over Arizona’s expression. Dirty jokes, really?

Oh, I’m sorry? Are you the only one who can play dirty? Callie tries to tilt her head in a suspicious manner, but in her restrained position, it looks more like an uncomfortable twitch. I know you were stealing money from the bank.

Arizona leans in just a bit, grunting only slightly as Sofia wiggles on her back. I have no idea what you’re talking about, you big baby. She clicks her tongue

Yeah right… Callie purses her lips and Arizona looks down at them amused for a moment. The brunette was wearing dark lipstick today, she notices. Very pretty.

Sofia jumps again, and Callie makes a face of discomfort at the sudden pressure. But Arizona doesn’t seem to notice that much anymore because she just stays peering at her ex. A weird look on her face. The brunette furrows her brow slightly. Are you planning to let me up any time soon because mi culo is starting to chafe?

Arizona immediately looks embarrassed, realizing how long she’d been basically straddling her ex. She tries to pull away but is once again reminded of the warm weight resting atop her back.

Sof. Baby. I think Mommy got the hug she wanted. Let’s let her go, okay.

Ookay the girl giggles, bouncing once more against her mother’s back before getting off. Arizona shoots up to her feet, shining a wobbly smile at her daughter.

You wanna play Candy land? Let’s play Candy land.


Later on, after Sofia has nodded off into a restful nap, the two women find themselves sitting on the living room couch together, flipping through television stations.

Ooh Jurasstic Park is on. Wanna watch that? Callie throws over to Arizona without ever taking her eyes off the screen. The blonde makes a casual eh’ sound, shrugging her shoulders.

I never really cared for it.

Callie snorts, flicking her eyes over to her ex for a moment. You’re joking right?

No. Why?

Suddenly, Callie’s flipping stops, and Arizona feels the sofa cushion beside her dip a little more. She turns to see her ex leaning toward her and staring with intense eyes.

What, Callie?

What do you mean ‘what’? You don’t like Jurassic Park? Who are you?

Arizona Robbins.
Callie rolls her eyes at the quip. I married you. How did you never tell me this?

Arizona scoffs. I’m sorry, Calliope. Maybe next time I’ll wear a disclaimer.

Callie reaches over to put her hands on both of Arizona’s shoulders. Are you telling me (she gives the other woman a very grave look) that you’ve seen all of Jurassic Park, and you genuinely don’t like it.

Arizona bites the inside of her cheek. I’ve seen approximately (she pauses for a second in thought) 24 minutes maybe.

You’ve only seen 24 minutes, and you’ve made the assumption that you don’t like it!?!

The other woman shrugs.

Alright, fine. Callie sighs lifting her hands from the blonde’s shoulders and returning to her original position on the couch. Arizona breathes, quietly relieved (the contact was irritatingly warm). It seems your noncommittal nature has cheated you out of a good movie.

Oookay… Arizona sends the brunette an eyeroll.

I guess we’ll just have to watch it tonight and right that wrong. Callie declares, setting down the remote and crossing her arms.

Arizona makes a face. Do we? She sighs. Do we really?… Because I’d rather do anything else.

Callie bites her lip for a second, thinking. Okay, we’ll make it interesting then. If you watch the entire thing, and it turns out to be good, you give me something. And if it turns out bad, I give you something.

Don’t we already have a bet going?

I’m sure the Betting Gods will forgive us for doubling up. Callie retorts.

Haha… Arizona shoots a look at her ex before pursing her lips in consideration. Okay, fine.  She finally says, turning toward Callie while bringing her leg to rest up on the couch. If you win, what do you want?

The bed. The answer some instantly. One night. The bed. And you sleep on the couch.

Arizona bites the inside of her cheek for a moment before nodding tentatively. The pullout mattress wasn’t that comfortable. It was springy. And itchy.  And it also had the faint odor of pennies. Old dirty pennies.

Fine. The blonde sighs, reaching for Callie’s hand to grasp it in a loose shake. Oddly, she finds this contact to be irritatingly warm too, but before she can pull away Callie is grasping her hand back. Arizona clears her throat, resettling her eyes on her ex’s. But if I win, she starts. I want you to cook breakfast tomorrow. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, the whole shebang.

Hm, that’s fair. Callie quickly agrees, letting go of Arizona’s hand after a firm squeeze.



Arizona turns to see wide, excited eyes peering at her. Eh she shrugs.

Suddenly the wide, excited eyes narrow in confusion. What does ‘eh’ mean?

It means ‘eh’.

Did you like the movie or not?

The blond hums in thought for a moment, watching as Callie’s expression goes from anxious to impatient to irritated. She smiles. It was okay. Would I ever watch it again? Probably not.

Callie’s face falls, and suddenly, Arizona wishes she would have said she loved it, even if that meant having to spend the night face down in a penny-scented mattress.

How could you not like it?

I’m just not that interested in dinosaurs…

Callie places her hands over her face in disappointment, and Arizona coos, reaching over instinctively to pull gently at the other woman’s wrists. She smiles when the brunette releases a quiet groan.

Poor baby… Arizona placates. She watches Callie do the adult version of pouting and feels something happy flutter in her stomach.

Shut up.

Don’t get grumpy.

How do you not like it? It’s a classic.

Coming from the woman who doesn’t like The Breakfast Club!

Callie blows out a heavy breath. Jurassic Park and The Breakfast Club are nothing alike. One is visionary genius, and the other one is overrated.

Whatever. The blonde rolls her eyes, humored and irritated at the same time. All that matters now is one thing anyway.

And what is that?

Arizona smiles mischievously, leaning in toward her ex before whispering softly. That you know I like my eggs scrambled with cheese.

Don’t insult me. The brunette mutters. I know how you like your eggs.


It’s late in the night. So late it’s almost morning, but Arizona can’t seem to find sleep. She rolls over to lie on her left side. Then her right. Then onto her stomach. All the while trying not to stir a sleeping Sofia beside her. She realizes after an hour of tossing and turning that her mind is just not in the mood to rest. It keeps going over the day, and then the week, and then the past few months. She tries to focus her attention on normal things. Upcoming surgeries. Events at Sofia’s school. Hospital drama. But for some reason, her mind keeps settling on Callie and all the conversations they’ve had of late. That time the brunette had rang her at 3 o’clock in the morning to discuss her orgasm deficit.

She smiles at the ceiling, breathing out a long stream of air. She’s ridiculous Arizona thinks fondly before rolling her eyes at herself. God, she mumbles absently. Closing her eyes for a moment. Just let me sleep.

But she can’t. All she can seem to do is remember. Callie on the couch with Sofia. Callie eating breakfast. Callie licking syrup off her finger. Callie singing along to the radio. Callie getting the words wrong. Callie beneath her, pouting. Callie’s lips. Callie’s eyes.

Arizona feels a familiar ache well up in her stomach and in her chest. She throws an arm over her eyes.

Oh goodness she whispers.


Day 101.

So when are you gonna tell Maggie?

Tell Maggie what?

Callie narrows her eyes a bit at the other woman’s avoidance. The surgeons’ lounge is pretty empty for it to be the afternoon, so the two had found each other’s company comfortably quiet. Callie had decided to stop by and chat after spending the morning with Arizona. She needed a breather. Not that the blonde was suffocating in anyway. It just was starting to feel weirdly familiar. Eating break fast together. Talking casually. Smiling at each other over the table. Last night, she’d forgotten to call Penny. It had just sort of slipped her mind until the next morning. She’d tried to call the redhead as soon as she remembered to, apology heavy in her throat. Penny had forgiven her easily; she’d waved it off with a ‘it’s okay. I understand’, but Callie was unable to ignore the tinge of uncertainty in the other woman’s voice. She’d felt a tiny bit of guilt grow in the pit of her stomach. She had come to Grey Sloan to take her mind off that. It wasn’t a big deal, but she was hoping for a pick me-up in the form of hospital gossip. But to her misfortune though, the only one that seemed to be free was Meredith who stood, her back turned to Callie, as she pretended to be deeply invested in making a cup of coffee.

You need to tell her you’re dating Riggs.

We’re not dating.

Callie purses her lips at the technicality. Well then, you need to tell her you’re screwing Riggs.

Meredith stiffens for a moment before continuing in her ministrations. Why do I need to tell her? She has a crush. It’ll go away…Besides, Riggs and I aren’t serious.

Serious or not…Keeping a secret like that from her when you know she likes him is kind of wrong.

Meredith scoffs a little, but doesn’t pose a counter-argument, instead choosing to change the subject completely. So how are things going with you and Arizona?

Callie rolls her eyes at the obvious diversion but goes along with it anyway. Things are fine. Nice….we have a lot of fun together. She smiles, but then immediately feels guilty as the thought of Penny all the way in New York alone comes to mind.

I’m glad you two are having so much fun. Meredith comments before adding nonchalantly. You seem closer than ever.

Callie scrunches up her nose a bit. What are you trying to say…?

Nothing. Just that you two are close .Meredith furrows her brow at her friend’s sudden defensiveness.

Is it weird that Arizona and I like to spend time together? Callie scoffs indignantly.

Um, not intrinsically no… Meredith mutters awkwardly as her cup finally begins filling with coffee. I mean, you do have a girlfriend, so I guess that’s a little…odd.

How? I’m not allowed to have a girlfriend and be friends with my ex?

No, but…okay if Derek were alive and we were together, I wouldn’t talk to Riggs on the phone everyday…or have sleepovers at his house. It’s none of my business though so—

Callie waves the other woman off. Arizona and I are friends. We’re allowed to be friends, and we share a child. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that I sleep on her couch when I come to visit.

Alright then. I guess that’s settled. Meredith finally turns around to face the other woman, coffee in hand. She can see that Callie is obviously having some sort of internal battle with herself, but she assumes the woman will talk to her about it when the time comes. So for now, she lets it go. Suddenly the door swings open and Alex comes trudging in looking more perturbed than usual. His gaze immediately falls on Callie, who’s sitting leg crossed on the couch. He grunts a little bit before sitting heavily beside her.

Had a rough day, Karev? Callie inquires to which the man irritatedly mutters.

Didn’t you get fired or something? Why are you here?

I quit. And I’m visiting.

This is the Surgeon’s Lounge. No squatters allowed.

Callie rolls her eyes, glancing up at Meredith who shrugs her shoulders. He just got off of a 6-hour surgery. She excuses. And technically, you’re not supposed to be in here. She adds the last part on casually, and Alex snorts amused.

Oh, by the way, Meredith turns her head toward the worn-looking man.  Jo is looking for you.

His eyes immediately fly open, and he sits up a little straighter. Why?

I don’t know.

You didn’t ask?

…Should I have?

Alex crosses his arms and tightens his jaw a bit. Well, she can keep looking for all I care.

Meredith rolls her eyes. Sure. But if you want to find her, the last time I saw her she was going for a nap in the on-call room by the cafeteria.

Alex shrugs like he doesn’t care. And both women, after realizing he was planning on keeping up the indifferent act, decide to carry on casual conversation. After a couple of minutes, Alex finally makes a loud grunt before muttering Can’t rest with all this freaking talking.

He gets up from his seat, glaring at both women before walking out of the room. Callie and Meredith only get a second to share knowing looks before the door opens again. This time it’s Bailey. Her gaze immediately falls on Callie, but unlike Karev’s, it quickly slides up to Meredith and settles.

Why is Torres in the Surgeon’s Lounge?

She’s a surgeon. Meredith answers innocently.

Hmph. Bailey purses her lips, finally resting her gaze on the tall brunette. Last time I checked Torres ditched this hospital and a more than generous paycheck to go chase a resident across the country, so excuse me if I’m a bit confused as to why she’s enjoying our employees-only sofa.

Callie smiles fondly for a second. She’d missed the other woman dearly. Even her scolding. Aw Bailey, I missed you too.

Bailey makes a face when the other woman rises from the couch and stretches out her arms for a hug.

Oh no, no, there will be no kumbaya-ing in here, Torres. You can go wait out in the lobby with the other non-employees.

Callie frowns. Really?

Bailey hmphs again, a tiny smile playing on her lips. Really. Goodbye.

Callie looks to Meredith who gives her a helpless sort of smile.

We can talk tonight. All the girls are meeting up at my house. You should come…And bring Arizona if you want. She adds on the last part kindly.


When Callie makes it back home, she finds Arizona and Sofia sitting on the couch, watching TV together. Sofia is excitedly explaining the Disney Channel show playing on the screen, and Arizona listening amusedly, a goofy smile stretching across her face as she watches her daughter gesticulate wildly. When Callie shuts the door behind her though, Arizona reroutes that goofy smile to the brunette, cooling it into pleasant surprise.

You’re back! She welcomes from across the room. We missed you.

Callie’s heart throbs at the declaration. I missed you both too.


Later that night, they all wind up in Meredith’s living room. Amelia, Maggie, Callie, Arizona, and of course, Meredith. Arizona had easily agreed to come when Callie asked her. The thought that Callie wanted her there made her oddly happy, but she tried to push it down or at least conceal it with indifference. They sat next to each other on the carpet. Callie with one leg propped up and the other outstretched. Arizona sat cross-legged, her arm touching Callie’s. She’d allowed herself the contact when the other woman hadn’t pulled away.

Owen is driving me nuts! Amelia groans. He follows me around. He dotes on me. He tries to monitor what I eat.

Oh, totally understand you, Callie interjects with an empathetic head nod. Arizona and Mark did the same thing when I was pregnant.

Arizona snorts into her wine. Oh yeah…we did do that.

Eh, Derek wasn’t really like that. Meredith comments. I was always the one worried about a miscarriage. He was just happy all the time.

If he tries to make me drink one more green, lumpy whatever-the-hell smoothie, I’m going to divorce him.

Good, then we’ll all be single. Maggie jokes, glancing between both of her sisters. Meredith looks slightly guilty for a second before she gulps down the rest of her drunk.

You know the worst thing about being pregnant? Callie changes the subject quickly.

Your feet hurt. Amelia says, rubbing the soles of her own.

Your back hurts. Meredith says.

Yes, both of those things. And sooo much more.  It’s like your entire body is in constant need of a rub-down

Oh god, Arizona makes a face thinking about it. When you were pregnant, I had to massage your feet every night.

You could have let Mark do it. Callie shrugs.

Arizona turns her head toward the other woman to stare disbelievingly. My hands would have fallen off before I let Mark do it.

Callie snorts, giving the other woman her glass and letting her refill it. You were so possessive. She comments.

I still don’t see how it was possessive not to want a guy rubbing against your girlfriend? I feel like that falls more under the ‘normal response’ category.

It wasn’t a guy. It was Mark.

Mark was the guy-iest of guys. Arizona refills the woman’s glass before returning it to her. Besides, she smiles briefly, you sometimes liked that about me.

Did I?


Callie pauses for a second in thought, and Arizona thinks she can pinpoint the exact moment the memory hits her. Her cheeks darken slightly, and the corners of her mouth curl up just a little. Oh… Brown eyes flick over to blue ones, and they both share a sort of knowing look.

Ahem Meredith clears her throat, reminding the women that other people are in the room. They look away from each other and to the array on confused faces.

Sorry, what were we talking about? Arizona breathes awkwardly.

Day 102.

Callie and Arizona decide to take Sofia, Zola, Bailey and Ellis to the park. Well, at first they had decided to take Sofia to the park and then, Sofia wanted Zola to come (and Meredith okay’ed it) and then Bailey had pouted and so the two mothers couldn’t very well leave him or his baby sister, so they’d simply offered to take all of the children.

When they arrive, the three older kids run off as soon as the car door unlocks while baby Ellis reaches her little arms up wanting to be lifted. Callie does the honors, holding the chubby cutie to her chest.

Aww she coos, nuzzling Ellis’s soft cheek with her nose. Arizona watches on, amused.

We could take her, you know. The blonde teases.


We could take all four and just skip town. No one would ever know.

Arizona pops her dimples and wiggles her eyebrows.

Callie laughs in return. Don’t play with me. I’m actually contemplating it. Look at them. She gestures toward their lot of kids, throwing sand at each other. Beautiful. She sighs.

Arizona watches the other woman, an old guilt welling in her chest. She tries to fight away the quiet thought of their old house filled to the brim with tiny Callie look-a-likes, (and maybe one or two that look like her.) She shakes her head. She was getting away with herself.


It’s later that day, and the kids are all tuckered out and sleeping in Arizona’s room. Callie is playing Spanish music aloud from her phone and making lunch. Arizona watches her on and off from the living room, every now and then glancing up from her medical journal to see the other woman swaying her hips and singing. She feels her heart throb with affection.