Dear Charlie,

I love him. he doesn’t love me.

he does nothing but hurt me yet I still fall for him.
I miss him but he never thought about me.
he breaks my heart into a million pieces and I still pick them up and put them back in his hands.
if I had a penny for every time he made me feel worthless, I’d be worth something by now.
I would say I forgive him, but really he’s not even sorry.
- E🌙


It’s an encyclopedic exploration of the pop idol’s world, blended with the inimitable codes of Another Man, and it is remarkable in both its intimacy and aesthetic. “It was all so exciting that everyone involved could feel it,” says Mackie. “We’ve never gambled on one person like this before, and it’s the most pop that we’ve ever gone – but he’s more than a pop star. Way more. It’s been the most amazing trip.” –  Alister Mackie talks curating the new issue of Another Man Magazine with Harry Styles.