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An unprecedented powerful magnitude of 6.5 earthquake just hit Seoul. This Saturday morning around 8 AM, Yonggwang District was struck with magnitude 6.5 earthquake. The meteorologists say due to this being the most powerful earthquake that ever occurred in the Korean peninsula, the entire Seoul experienced power outage and water supply has also been suspended.

Just got back from the Saturday Seoul iKON concert. It was awesome! Vlog coming soon, but just wanted to take the time to say how lovely ikonics (ikon fans) are. It’s amazing in Korea how well the concerts are organized. Instead of lining up from early morning and fighting and pushing, all the floor tix are numbered and people line up in the right order, politely checking it’s the right order by looking at each other’s tickets as they wait outside. I was in A section, in ‘the pit’ and it was no where near as crazy as concerts I’ve been to in Australia. Everyone was lovely to each other, and when the V app had a quick backstage broadcast, before the concert started, the girls around me shared their phones so I could see (I was saving my phone battery). When I didn’t understand something in Korean, they helped. And not even just to me because I was obviously a foreigner, but to each other they were all very kind, with girls they didn’t know smiles and laughs were shared… and this is at the very front where people usually get nasty. I was just so happy to see how lovely everyone was, even when it was a bit squishy, it just made the experience so much better.

International iKON fans who I have interacted with online have also been super nice which is refreshing in the world of Kpop. Maybe it’s just easier at the beginning but I hope ikonics can continue to be this nice and try hard to have a healthy and respectful fan base.

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