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An Almost Flawless Fault

Went to see The Fault In Our Stars yesterday. Though I have read the book and re-read it before watching, I opted to see it on its first day to spare myself from spoilers and stupid people (ooopps). Hahahaha I’m gonna give my comments later so you can call me stupid or you can just skip that part. That’s my cliche mini-artwork, btw! :)

I also watched the movie on a weekday and at school/ office hours because I wanted the moment to be intimate. Better grab the chance while most people are busy. Yknow, so that you can properly feel the feels. Hahaha! 

Ate a little while waiting for some friends to arrive. Shanghai rolls hihihi. :)

Many people fell in love with the book. And thanks so much to the movie team for giving justice to it! (Not like what they did to Divergent where Shai and Ansel were both actors haha.) As usual, I’m gonna give the movie a little review. :D You’ll be reading a mix of positive and negative comments. Haha, here we go.

  1. The movie was 79% accurate.
  2. It got most of its lines from the book, which was A-okay.
  3. However, they delivered the lines in a way I didn’t expect them to do so. Lacking emotion or what.
  4. Hazel’s house and car were really nice. They’re not supposed to be that rich.
  5. Their texting moments turned out to be extremely cute. :D
  6. Isaac was handsome. Not the kind of boring guy in the book. lol haha
  7. They didn’t show a physical Phalanxifor. And BiPAP. And she didn’t call her tank Philip. And it looked like a school bag. =)))
  8. The encouragements were ugly. :(
  9. There were no biscuits and lemonade at support group hahaha. And I expected more from support group.
  10. Kaitlyn was one of Hazel’s very few friends, and she’s not there.
  11. Hazel’s mom wasn’t the mom I was expecting. And her dad wasn’t the crying type.
  12. Either Ansel has a small body or a huge head. But he’s an amazing actor! HAHAHA. And he sure knows how to make someone feel giddy.
  13. There. was. no. poetry.
  14. No Caroline Mathers.
  15. I know I must’ve looked up Funky Bones cuz it’s not fictional. But I didn’t and I almost laughed when I saw it.
  16. I thought Amsterdam looks like a historical place. It looks really really classy. And Lidewij was very very very very very extremely pretty! OMFG. Anne Frank Huis was half as pretty. I thought it’s really old. :D
  17. Peter Van Houten’s supposed to look like Santa Claus. Not a boring old guy haha.
  18. Shai did a great job at the getting-mad-at-Peter-scene.
  19. Everything that happens after Amsterdam took place pretty fast.
  20. The first time my tears fell was when Gus was almost dying at the gas station. Because ANSEL YOU’RE SO GREAT UHM GRAMMY’S.
  21. My tears didn’t stop since then. T.T
  22. When we read the book, we all thought that Hazel was the one who’s gonna die. It didn’t feel much like that. Gus still died tho hahaha!
  23. Shailene’s penmanship was not so nice hahaha.
  24. The movie was great.
  25. The ending was not as dramatic as the book, though.

Ofc I can’t state every single detail that’s not put into the movie or added to it. But those are some of the things I noticed. Regardless, it was really great. I love you John Green and Josh Boone. And everyone behind this film.

After the movie, we can’t decide where to eat. And the best solution, food court! Hahaha. Tried Oriental Seoul. My friends were watching so much K-drama these past days. Haha. My order, Beef Bulgogi Dolsot - P89.Added 10pesos for the egg. :)

Egg Ramyun - P79. Eating in a casserole, in the mall, was weirdly nice. One of the reasons why I ate there, I admit. :D

The boring bulgogi now looking nice and colorful. :D

My friends ordered Chicken Katsu with Rice - P89. Their food was fine and surprisingly heavy. And very affordable! The owner’s a legit Korean and she greeted us Annyeong Haseyo! Plus 10 points. :)

Mariel ordered Bibimbob from Kimbob. Hahaha why Korean food, why?

Took selfies lol and talked and played The Voice. Well I was the only one who played The Voice, actually. Singing with a not so nice voice at the mall was both embarrassing and fun! :D

Thanks guys! They’re supposed to watch the movie today (Friday) but I ruined their plans. Sorry! Hahaha. Not the usual set of my movie buddies but still had a great time! Because so many people love fault you can watch it even with a stranger. :D