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Here’s to the Anon that requested BTS’s “First Love” and “Begin” wallpapers. I decided to go with a basic translation that sounded the best in English (since there’s more than one way to translate them.) I did a few different colour options - I hope you like them, Anon. Please let me know :3

The lyrics I chose from “First Love”

그러니 절대
너는 내 손을 놓지마
두 번 다시 내가 널 놓지 않을 테니까

and from “Begin”

슬픔은 잘 모르지만 그냥 울래

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NCT127 Mad City lyrics got me like

Mark is absolutely fully capable. No more rules, just dial my number If you’re ready to have your house blown

To all those suffering from lack of attention SHAME ON YOU

Why are they doubting, TY? How have we done it can’t you just see why. How we worked crazy for it always kept the music going

Why are they doubting, TY?

blue night radio - 150115
a letter from listener “j”

(the letter) “after listening to blue night every night, i’ve finally found the courage today to write in. i’m one listener (of many) who falls asleep with jjong-d’s “come take a rest tomorrow too” farewell ending each night. to tell the truth, i have synesthesia. it’s a disability that makes you visualize sound as a certain color. as a result, i find it difficult to go places where i can hear too many people’s voices, or too many noises.

when i walk the streets, i usually go around with my earphones plugged in, listening to a song i’m used to. but i still trip over often. it’s become an old habit to close my eyes whenever i listen to music. in middle school, i first heard jjong-d’s music through a recommendation from my sister. it seems like just yesterday when i first thought, “so, there are voices that look like autumn sunlight, too.” but now i’m about to graduate university, and i’ve moved to a quiet neighborhood where i’m listening to blue night now.

these days, i fall asleep watching a golden voice swaying and rippling from the radio. so, i wanted to say, thank you. i’m not sure how to conclude this. every night during your farewell i would think, i hope you get some rest too, jjong-d. my song request is epitone project’s “cactus.” thank you for reading this”

(response to the letter) jonghyun: so, you see my voice as the color of gold. how difficult it must be to bear, really.. i get the feeling that it would be confusing to hear many people’s voices and perceive them as colors. and it seems like you avoid those kinds of places because it’s hard to bear, and that you normally try to shut those sounds out a bit. i’m so happy that i can give strength to someone like you through radio, and i hope that, at least during the time you’re listening to the radio, you’ll feel comfortable and your day will end glittering with gold.

(jonghyun then shared a telephone call with “j”.)

jonghyun: to say my voice is the color of gold, first of all i’m so thankful to you for (saying) that. you expressed it in such a luxurious way.
j”: ah, well since we’re on the phone now…, your voice really is that color.
jonghyun: what color?
j”: on an autumn day with really clear skies, (the color of) sunlight reflecting on the ground and sparkling. it’s that kind of yellow color.
jonghyum: ah, really?
j”: yes. so it’s really, yes…, it’s nice to see.
jonghyun: (laughs) thank you. please keep listening to blue night. let’s see, today, wow, thank you so much for saying such nice things today. i think it was a really fun time for the blue night family, and i hope it was a, how should i put it…, warm and pleasant time for “j” nim too.
j”: yes. ah, could i ask you for a favor?
jonghyun: yes, yes!
j”: please continue singing (for us) lots in the future.
jonghyun: ok. i’ll sing diligently

(s/n: jjong was very respectful throughout the call. at the start he asked “j” to clarify how they should describe her condition (e.g. whether they should refer to her condition as “suffering from” synesthesia, or as simply “having” synesthesia. she said the latter). when “j” momentarily seemed hesitant to answer a question he immediately assured her she doesn’t have to answer anything if she’s not comfortable.

the listener shared many things about her synesthesia during this phone call, such as the fact that she usually sees piano as a gray tone, and violin as red if performed well. jjong asked how the colors appear to her, i.e. if they look like a kind of haze, or perhaps lines. she says the colors can appear as different textures depending on the source, such as a haze, or bubbles, or even “silk” a friend of hers happens to play piano in such a way that it looks like a “snow-like powder falling through the air.”) (source: sullaem)

[note / update: jonghyun confirmed during an interview with pops in seoul that the lyrics to “view” were written in the viewpoint of someone with synesthesia, and most are pretty sure that this conversation / letter led to him finding inspiration for it.]


          난 아직도 믿기지가 않아

I still can’t believe it

      이 모든 게 다 꿈인 것 같아

It seems that everything is a dream

       Butterfly, like a Butterfly

마치 Butterfly, butterfly 처럼

save credits and dream okaay

(edit @wakemeup-in-seoul) (lyrics @kimmy-trans

내 맘에 깊이 가득 차버린
공허한 세상 나를 구해줘”


  • 내: My (shortened version of 나의)
  • 마음: Mind, heart
  • : Short for 마음
  • 깊다: To be deep, to be bottomless
  • 가득: Filled, crammed (with), fully 
  • 차다: To be filled (with)
  • 버리다: To throw away (auxiliary verb)
  • 공허하다: To be empty, to be blank 
  • 공허한: Empty, blank
  • 세상: The world
  • 구하다: To save (a life)
  • 주다: To give
  • : 주다 with informal present tense conjugation (주+어 = 줘)


가득 is an adverb that carries the nuance of “fully”, and is a word that is included more for the feeling. So 가득 is often paired with 채우다 or 차다.

“-버리다” is an auxiliary verb (an assistant verb located behind the main-verb, to help add meaning or make the meaning clear.) So “-버리다” is used to further emphasise the state of the verb (i.e. the completion of the verb is stressed). 

Since 버리다 means “to throw away”, when 버리다 is added as an auxiliary verb, it can imply to “do something and be done with it” adding to the finality of the verb. As an extended meaning, speakers can use this expression to imply the speaker’s feeling which can either be: 1) a happy feeling about finally completing a task and getting rid of a burden, or 2) a sad feeling that something happened in a way that the speaker did not want or expect. So putting the whole sentence together, the auxiliary verb (버린 is the adjective form) is helping to communicate how the speaker’s heart is full (with an empty world) and it’s causing them anguish.

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“One time when I traveled to Israel I used a rug to sit on the sidewalk,played my guitar and sang. While I was playing, one Israeli person came up with their guitar, sat next to me, and started to play with me. Then another person came up with their guitar and started playing until we were four people in total. Some b-boys happened to be passing by and started dancing in front of me. The entire town came, and it started to turn into a dance festival there.”
“You know that was a foreign country. What kind of songs did you sing there?”
“Actually, there weren’t any lyrics. I just sang lalalala~!”

“제가 이스라엘에 여행을 갔었어요. 여행 동안 거적대기를 쓴 채 인도에 앉아서 기타를 치며 노래를 불렀죠. 그러다 다른 한 이스라엘 사람이 자기 기타를 가지고 제 옆에 앉더니 같이 노래를 부르더라구요. 그리고 또 다른 두 사람이 기타를 가지고 합류해서 4명이 노래를 불렀는데, 그 때 또 우연찮게 비보이들도 지나가다 절 발견하고 저희 앞에서 춤을 추기 시작했어요. 그랬더니 마을 사람들이 전부 다 나와서 다 같이 춤을 추는 축제가 되더라구요.”
“거기가 외국인데 무슨 노래를 부르셨어요?”
“사실 아무 가사도 없었어요. 그냥 라랄라라라랄라~!”