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Here’s to the Anon that requested BTS’s “First Love” and “Begin” wallpapers. I decided to go with a basic translation that sounded the best in English (since there’s more than one way to translate them.) I did a few different colour options - I hope you like them, Anon. Please let me know :3

The lyrics I chose from “First Love”

그러니 절대
너는 내 손을 놓지마
두 번 다시 내가 널 놓지 않을 테니까

and from “Begin”

슬픔은 잘 모르지만 그냥 울래

I’m happy to make more - it’s fun for me to do, and no trouble at all. ^^

This one is for @lyrics-to-my-seoul​. It literally has been at least three to four years, but I promised I would do every single request, and here it is~ I admit, I was a little stumped for a while and so I hope you do like what I ended up with! Hope you are doing well. Also have fun in Korea when you go!

Warning: Explicit Content 

           “I’m sorry, come again?”

           “I actually sort of hate it.”

           Yongguk gave you an incredulous look as he carefully pressed the saran wrap around his chest. There was a moment of silence as you looked at the red inflammation that rose along the etched words on his skin. It was classic Yongguk, but you hated how it took up such a large part of his body, hated how it seemed to mar what was once clear and beautiful.

           “Do I even want to know why?” His voice was low, and even though he was turned away from you, you knew he was hurt. Yongguk was never one to be apologetic about his actions or his thoughts, but you also knew that your opinions mattered a lot to him.

           “Maybe.” As a couple, you made it a rule to never mince words, or to lie for the sake of the other’s blissful ignorance.

           “Then tell me why.”

           Truthfully, you had two reasons. One was more legitimate than the other, but it was the second one that was your initial reaction. “I don’t like thinking that you still have to hide behind something. I know how deeply you feel about your art, and how it has taken a toll on you, but I wanted you to be comfortable being yourself, and not the person everyone on the outside want you to be.”

           Yongguk had suffered from severe depression and there were marks all over his body from his past. Every time he got a new tattoo, it was to cover one of them. At first, you were okay because they were small, just tiny patches of art that could make his painful history a little more beautiful. But this time, the angry words imprinted across his chest seemed more like a statement than anything, and you were scared that he was using it as a defense mechanism against the angry burn mark on his heart.

           He looked at you and his lips parted. There was a pained expression on his face, and it was obvious he didn’t think your objection was anything beyond superficial. He picked up your hand and kissed the top of it. “My love. I’m done trying to hide from who I am, who I was. This was supposed to be a celebration of that. I had spent the better half of my life rebelling against convention and getting spurned for it. This is my declaration, my revolution that regardless, I would just be myself.” He touched the transparent cover and smiled softly. “This isn’t some pretty picture or some angry words. This is me embracing my story.”

           Relief flooded you and then you wrinkled your nose. “There is a second reason, and this one is less noble than the first.”

           Yongguk chuckled. “Is it because you think it’s ugly?”

           You rolled your words around carefully in your mouth. “Not necessarily ugly, but just so in your face.”

           He gave you a serious look. “In your face?” he repeated. You stilled, waiting for more of a reaction. Was he angry? Was he annoyed? Was he upset? Yongguk shrugged. “Well, I guess there isn’t much I can do about that.”

           This final reaction left you completely nonplussed. It was too blasé, too nonchalant. Bang Yongguk, what in the world were you up to?

           It took you a couple of days of careful observations to figure out just what exactly your boyfriend had in mind. He underwent a wardrobe change despite it being hot as hell. “Really, Yongguk? A turtleneck in the summer?”

           “I work in a place with plenty of air conditioning, thank you very much,” was his terse reply. It became exceedingly obvious to you that he was now excessively covering himself up so you could not see his tattoo… or his chest.

           “We’re at home. Surely you can change to something more comfortable.”

           He pursed his lips as if deep in thought. “You’re right.” When he reappeared, he was wearing a high collared T-shirt. “Better?”

           You let out a tiny growl of impatience but suppressed any words. Yes, it was technically your problem. You liked staring at the clear expanse of his chest and collarbones, and could not mentally get past the black ink that now marred it. Now that the inflammation has settled, the tattoo no longer looked as abrasive, and from the occasional stolen glances, it was actually quite attractive. But your pride prevented you from outright admitting that, of course. Bang Yongguk would have a field day. So you bit down on your tongue and waited for him to make the first move.

           The turtlenecks and high collars continued through the hot summer for a good few weeks. “Are you not burning?” You glanced at him.

It was the hottest day of the summer so far and Yongguk had on a shirt whose collar went all the way up to the base of his neck. Your boyfriend hummed and ignored your question. You saw a trickle of sweat trail its way down the back of neck, however, and you tiptoed to lick it away.

           He jumped a little at the sensual movement and when you landed back on your heels, saw the ghost of a smirk around the edge of his lips. “But you think my tattoo is too… in your face. I’m merely sacrificing myself to heat stroke so as to not offend your eyes.”

           “Bang Yongguk. Don’t you dare try to guilt trip me into anything.” But it was too late. The damage was done. He knew full well that you were moving onto the phase of acceptance, if not even appreciation. But he was also one who liked to play with his food before he ate it. So Yongguk kept the gloating to himself, and gave you a few days of false security.

           As drastically as he started changing into high necks, he began to slowly come back to V-necks, and button downs, with the first few buttons completely undone. Each day was like a slow elevator strip tease as more and more of his tattoos and his chest came into view. Despite the significant more skin he was showing, he still didn’t touch you. In fact, it has been at least a good month since the two of you have kisses, much less had sex.

           It took one particularly bad day and an outfit that consisted of a low, low cut black shirt with a tie thrown haphazardly around his neck. You came home, already irritated, and seeing him sitting all calm and prim in his not at all innocent outfit made you lose all restraint. His ego can be stroked, and your pride be damned.

           “Take it off,” you snarled.

           Yongguk  blinked, completely taken aback. “Take what off?”

           You walked up to him and tugged not so gently on the silk fabric. “This. And this,” you yanked on his blazer. “All of it.”

           A lazy grin started to grow on his face as he obeyed. “Missed me?” The question was uttered softly and almost washed away your ardent desire into something more gentle. Almost.

           You gave him a lopsided smile and tiptoed so that you can give him a hard kiss. “Carry me.”    

           The moment your back hit the bed, however, you pulled Yongguk on top of you and started to make marks down his neck. He balanced himself on his forearms, trying to keep as much distance between you two but the low moans by your ear was satisfaction enough. You loved watching the red blooms sprout on his skin.

           “I thought you didn’t like markings on me?” He asked, amused.

           “I only said I didn’t like things covering your chest.” You mumbled, still distracted by how soft his earlobe was. You enjoyed time with Yongguk like this, with him lying between your legs and you playing with his body.  You bit down on a particularly sensitive spot and he shuddered.

           Taking advantage of the fact that he was still hovering over you, you slid down to kiss the outline of his tattoo. The words were written in an old-fashioned font and you curled your tongue over the elaborate decorations. He was trembling with both the effort of keeping himself up and the soft kisses. When you reached the scar that was now an artistic addition to ‘Revolucion’, you paused.

           “I decided it was time to make my past into a part of me too. I went through all that in order to be who I am. No more covering it up to make it not exist. I wanted to make my scars a part of the art.”

           You kissed the puckering skin before taking his nipple between your teeth. You saw his stomach clench. As frustrated as you were, you were having more fun taking it out on Yongguk and making him suffer as much as you had. You pushed him away higher as you fumbled with the clasp of his belt. The moment the leather strap was undone, you took his zipper between your teeth and pulled down.

           Yongguk rolled over, his arms giving out. He already had his hips up, giving you an easy time to get rid of his pants as well. You left his underwear, smiling as you saw the fabric tent upwards.

           You sat back on your heels and took off your shirt. When you peeked, you saw that Yongguk had his gaze fixed solely on you. His mouth was slightly open and he looked so vulnerable, with his hair in his eyes and his hands next to his body. His fingers curled, however, when your breasts came into view and you knew he was picturing them in his hands.

           You planted a kiss on his erection and slid up so that you were lined perfectly with him. You ached to feel Yongguk inside you but he had to be disciplined. You leaned forward and dragged your breasts against his chest. The sensitivity had you rolling your hips into his.

           “Can you say you didn’t miss me when you were pulling that stupid stunt?”

           He was still cheeky. “Well I had my friend, Mr. Right here.” He waved his right hand at you. You slapped his arm as you sucked on his collarbone.

           “I guess I’ll just leave you to Mr. Right then,” you snapped, preparing to get off him.

           His hands gripped your hips. “Please,” the plea came out in a hoarse whisper. Yongguk licked his lips and the desperation was clear in his eyes.

           Your hands went to your underwear and you let it drop down your thighs. “Watch me.” The command was unnecessary. As if he had ever stopped looking at you. Your hands went between your legs and he watched as you touched yourself. The hand on your hips tightened. You raised your finger to his lips and watched him curl his tongue around the digit, sucking it clean.

           You made quick work of his boxers. Enough of the games. The look of pleasure on Yongguk’s face as he slipped inside you was orgasm inducing itself. As you moved on top of him, Yongguk cupped your breasts in his hands and brought his lips to them, biting and licking, abusing the already sensitive skin.

           Yongguk tilted you over so the two of you were lying on your sides. You held onto his arms as he began to move faster. Your legs locked against his as the friction against your clit increased. The heady kisses you shared didn’t help. You cupped his face and allowed his open mouth to swallow your moans. You shuddered underneath him but Yongguk didn’t relent. Even when you tried to pull away, he pinned you down and peppered your face with kisses to distract you as he sought his own release.

           The two of you laid side by side, out of breath. The air was musky and you were still tingling from the release of pent up desires. Yongguk made the first move, sliding over to kiss the inside of your arm. “How was it?” His voice after sex always increased your heart rate. It was deep, low and a little raspy.

           “Let’s not do this again.”

           “What? That?” He sounded surprise.

           It took all your energy to turn and face him. “No. No more of this denial. I missed you too much.”

           A hint of the mischief was back. “Well I wasn’t the one with the aversion to new tattoos.”

           You rolled your eyes. He was never going to let you get away with it. “Fine. I like it. I think it’s quite sexy, actually, now that I look at it.”

           “Especially when it’s peeking out from a poorly buttoned dress shirt?”

           Enough was enough. You promptly rolled over so your back was facing him. “Go to sleep, Bang Yongguk. That’s enough of your inflated ego.”

           He pressed against you. “Hmm, I don’t think it’s just my ego that’s inflated.”

           As much as you enjoyed his stamina, you were tired. You let out a tiny groan. “You’re going to be the death of me.” But you smiled when he wrapped you in his arms, completely respecting your exhaustion.

           “Good night, love.”

NCT127 Mad City lyrics got me like

Mark is absolutely fully capable. No more rules, just dial my number If you’re ready to have your house blown

To all those suffering from lack of attention SHAME ON YOU

Why are they doubting, TY? How have we done it can’t you just see why. How we worked crazy for it always kept the music going

Why are they doubting, TY?

blue night radio - 150115
a letter from listener “j”

(the letter) “after listening to blue night every night, i’ve finally found the courage today to write in. i’m one listener (of many) who falls asleep with jjong-d’s “come take a rest tomorrow too” farewell ending each night. to tell the truth, i have synesthesia. it’s a disability that makes you visualize sound as a certain color. as a result, i find it difficult to go places where i can hear too many people’s voices, or too many noises.

when i walk the streets, i usually go around with my earphones plugged in, listening to a song i’m used to. but i still trip over often. it’s become an old habit to close my eyes whenever i listen to music. in middle school, i first heard jjong-d’s music through a recommendation from my sister. it seems like just yesterday when i first thought, “so, there are voices that look like autumn sunlight, too.” but now i’m about to graduate university, and i’ve moved to a quiet neighborhood where i’m listening to blue night now.

these days, i fall asleep watching a golden voice swaying and rippling from the radio. so, i wanted to say, thank you. i’m not sure how to conclude this. every night during your farewell i would think, i hope you get some rest too, jjong-d. my song request is epitone project’s “cactus.” thank you for reading this”

(response to the letter) jonghyun: so, you see my voice as the color of gold. how difficult it must be to bear, really.. i get the feeling that it would be confusing to hear many people’s voices and perceive them as colors. and it seems like you avoid those kinds of places because it’s hard to bear, and that you normally try to shut those sounds out a bit. i’m so happy that i can give strength to someone like you through radio, and i hope that, at least during the time you’re listening to the radio, you’ll feel comfortable and your day will end glittering with gold.

(jonghyun then shared a telephone call with “j”.)

jonghyun: to say my voice is the color of gold, first of all i’m so thankful to you for (saying) that. you expressed it in such a luxurious way.
j”: ah, well since we’re on the phone now…, your voice really is that color.
jonghyun: what color?
j”: on an autumn day with really clear skies, (the color of) sunlight reflecting on the ground and sparkling. it’s that kind of yellow color.
jonghyum: ah, really?
j”: yes. so it’s really, yes…, it’s nice to see.
jonghyun: (laughs) thank you. please keep listening to blue night. let’s see, today, wow, thank you so much for saying such nice things today. i think it was a really fun time for the blue night family, and i hope it was a, how should i put it…, warm and pleasant time for “j” nim too.
j”: yes. ah, could i ask you for a favor?
jonghyun: yes, yes!
j”: please continue singing (for us) lots in the future.
jonghyun: ok. i’ll sing diligently

(s/n: jjong was very respectful throughout the call. at the start he asked “j” to clarify how they should describe her condition (e.g. whether they should refer to her condition as “suffering from” synesthesia, or as simply “having” synesthesia. she said the latter). when “j” momentarily seemed hesitant to answer a question he immediately assured her she doesn’t have to answer anything if she’s not comfortable.

the listener shared many things about her synesthesia during this phone call, such as the fact that she usually sees piano as a gray tone, and violin as red if performed well. jjong asked how the colors appear to her, i.e. if they look like a kind of haze, or perhaps lines. she says the colors can appear as different textures depending on the source, such as a haze, or bubbles, or even “silk” a friend of hers happens to play piano in such a way that it looks like a “snow-like powder falling through the air.”) (source: sullaem)

[note / update: jonghyun confirmed during an interview with pops in seoul that the lyrics to “view” were written in the viewpoint of someone with synesthesia, and most are pretty sure that this conversation / letter led to him finding inspiration for it.]


          난 아직도 믿기지가 않아

I still can’t believe it

      이 모든 게 다 꿈인 것 같아

It seems that everything is a dream

       Butterfly, like a Butterfly

마치 Butterfly, butterfly 처럼

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“I like hip hop music, so sometimes I memorize the lyrics to a song and try to sing it. But I can’t memorize lyrics as well as I did when I was younger”
“Why is that?”
“I drink a lot, so I can’t do it.”

“힙합을 좋아해서 가끔 노래 가사를 외워서 불러 보려고 하는데, 어렸을 때하고 달리 가사가 참 잘 안 외어지더라고요.”
“왜 그런 거죠?”
“술을 많이 마셔서 안 되는 거예요.”