seoul fate

Because of: ~(으)니까

One of the most common ways to say “because” is ~(으)니까. It’s usually used as a conjunction between two clauses, but it can also be used at the end of the sentence as long as the action being talked about is implied. It is commonly used with imperative form or suggestions.

바다에서 사람이 많으니까 우리는 산으로 갑시다. – There’s a lot of people at the beach so let’s go to the mountain.
인피니트 콘서트 티켓을 사 봤는데 저는 외국인이니까 못했어요. – I tried to buy an Infinite concert ticket but because I’m a foreigner I couldn’t.
안 가. 지금 너무 피곤하니까. – I’m not going. I’m exhausted.
비가 왔으니까 우산을 가져가라. – Since it’s raining, please take an umbrella.