seoul bunny


✧   A playlist for stars and chill   ✧

orbit; jonghyun ✧ signal; f(x) ✧ aurora; jonghyun ✧ romance in seoul; neon bunny ✧ when i’m alone; f(x) ✧ neon; jonghyun ✧odd eye; shinee ✧ 4 walls; f(x) ✧ don’t stop; shinee ✧ automatic; red velvet ✧ i wish; luna ✧ dream; suzy & baekhyun ✧ kiss my lips; boa ✧ no matter what; boa & beenzino  ✧ cosmic; bada & ryeowook ✧ play me; taemin ✧ night; taeyeon ✧ starry night; onew & lee jin-ah  ✧

multilingual playlist series (2/?) photograph by david alan harvey

playlist: 이슬 (spotify)  I  language: korean  I  duration: 37 mins 

 “late nights with the window cracked open, the dewy air filtering through and coalescing with the surface of your skin”  


One of These Nights Red Velvet/Wi Ing Wi Ing Hyukoh/Romance in Seoul Neon Bunny/Pieces of You and Me Fromm/Palette (ft. G-DRAGON) IU/Calling in Love (ft. Beenzino) Suran/Sooni (I’m your fanatic girl) SunWoo Jung-A/Pride and Prejudice (ft. Suran) Zico/Awoo Lim Kim/When I’m Alone f(x)