seoul boy

They worked for every ounce of that award and the fame they have. they gave up everything, Yoongi suffered intense depression and his family told him they didn’t support him, he had to abandon them, be so poor he could barely eat to finally break through and show his talent to the world. Jungkook gave up his childhood for this, he was just a little kid with an amazing voice, he was basically raised by 6 other kids who didn’t even know what they were doing themselves. Jimin suffered from low self confidence, he was just a kid himself. Jin was the oldest, he had to take care of a bunch of kids, rap monster literally worked through so much hardship to lead him and his friends to greatness. Hoseok literally suffered constant panic attacks and anxiety issues, he was definitely not the sunshine we see now, he was depressed and didn’t even know if he’d make it. Taehyung was just a small kid coming from his grandmothers strawberry farm. he had no money so his grandmother bought him a fancy jacket so the boys in seoul wouldn’t judge him. and now they’re here, a billboard music award under their belts and hundreds of millions of fans. they deserve every ounce of it, if not more.

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ok but i want to talk about this.

bts has literally had the biggest fucking gap in votes for this award, like winning shouldn’t even be a question by now. But this? this is just unbelievable. They have. EVERY. SINGLE. REASON. to get this win yet they are STILL crossing fingers they are still hanging on this hope to win like I’m sorry but this level of humbleness is so great, so UNBELIEVABLE like I always knew they were humble but this, this just makes my heart grow 7 times and you cannot tell me not to be annoying about them, not to SHOUT THEIR NAME at the top of my lungs, not to give them my FULL support when they have come SO FAR and yet all they show is STILL those 7 boys from Seoul, Gwangju, Daegu, Busan and Gwacheon