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baby boy (m)

Title: baby boy

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Status: Complete

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Part I: 

You enter the café, the bottom of your sneakers squeaking against the wooden flooring, as you spot him in a booth near the back. It’s quite late at night, and the weather only seems to be getting worse. Deep down, you know you should have just ignored his text and gone to sleep. First, because you have work in the morning. Second, because  you’re no longer an intern at BigHit and you therefore have no reason to be in the same vicinity as Jeon Jungkook. But you never were good at turning him away.

Not then and certainly not now.

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Our Table

Pairing: YouxMinhyun

The cafe you work at is small. It’s located on a back street in Gangnam–it’s wooden paneled walls and hanging ferns contrast rather harshly with the posh aesthetic of the richest district in Seoul, but it’s definitely your favorite place in the bustling city.

You’d come to work there by chance. You came to Seoul about a year ago to pursue your masters in international relations and had been lucky enough to find a reasonably priced flat on the edge of Gangnam with the help of your scholarship sponsors. The place was, in your opinion, much nicer than what you were paying for it, and so you’d sought out the landlord of the flat to find out why you were able to pay so little. 

The landlord was an elderly man, approaching his late 70s but still extremely spunky in spite of his age. He’d told you quite bluntly that he liked to help out those who helped themselves, and when the scholarship sponsors had mentioned you’d secured a spot for yourself in a grad school here in Korea, far away from where you’d grown up by working your hardest through undergrad, he’d decided to help you by lowering the rent. 

You appreciated the gesture, but still wanted to earn your keep, so after much pressing your landlord said you could work part time at one of his businesses under the condition it didn’t interfere with your coursework. 

You’d agreed immediately, and ended up as a regular part-timer at the small cafe. To your chagrin, the kind landlord still insisted you be paid at least some sort of wage, which  c o m p l e t e l y  defeated the purpose of you wanting to work there in the first place, but you could only argue so much. 

Regardless of you feeling like you are getting more than you deserve out of the whole deal, you love your job at the cafe. 

Today is just like any other. A few customers litter the tables and chairs in the shop, most spots remaining vacant. The place is rarely ever full. It’s location on a small back street keeps too many people from knowing about it in the first place, but the owner (who you’re sure is loaded) keeps it open as a hobby, he himself spending much of his time in one of the squishy armchairs by the bookshelves when he isn’t out tending to his other businesses. 

The entrance to get behind the counter is closed off by a partition. One small table sits there off to the side, hidden away from the rest of the cafe but giving just enough of a view to see if someone walks up to the counter. 

You often sit at that table to work on your coursework when there aren’t any customers to tend to. You usually sit there alone, but sometimes one specific customer joins you. 

The first time you’d met him was during your first week of work. You’d just finished barista training when he’d walked up–the first customer you’d serve on your own. He always wanted the same thing–a cappuccino with an extra shot–and he always wore a white mask over the lower half of his face. 

That first day when he’d headed behind the partition you had left your school books on the table. You hurried in an effort to clear off your belongings so that he could have the table to himself.

“You can leave your things. If you don’t mind sharing the table, that is.”

You’d looked up at the customer, his smooth voice surprising you as you balanced the load of books in your arms, “a-are you sure?”

The customer’s eyes had crinkled in what you assumed was a smile. “I’m sure,” he reached out to take the books threatening to fall from your arms, setting them back in their previous spot before settling into his own seat.

And from that day forward you shared the table–you would study and tend to customers, and he would read a book of his own while sipping at his cappuccino. The two of you never spoke, instead just accepting each other’s company at the table and going about your respective business in silence until he eventually got up to leave, waving and saying goodbye each time.

When you asked your landlord about the customer, he just told you that he was a man who enjoyed his privacy and left it at that.

You never know what day the customer will come into the shop, but, when he does come, it’s always at 6 in the evening when the shop is the most empty. You aren’t sure when it happened, but you’d eventually found yourself hoping the masked man would enter every time 6 pm rolls around. The two of you never talk beyond him ordering his drink, but you still somehow managed to develop a crush of sorts on your tablemate. You don’t take it seriously, of course, but you definitely enjoy having company at the table. 

As the clock signals the approach of 6 o’clock you find yourself glancing at the door every few seconds, passively hoping to catch a glimpse of dark hair and the white mask. 6 comes and goes, and you sigh in disappointment. 

“Not today,” you mutter to yourself as you make yourself a latte and shuffle over to your table. 

Being in grad school means you always have something to do, and so you distract yourself from the subtle disappointment sitting in your stomach by burying your nose in one of your textbooks. 

You’re a few pages into your assigned reading for the day when the scratching of a chair being pulled out causes you to snap your head up. The masked customer is there, hanging his coat on the back of the chair before sitting down.

“You’re late today,” you blurt out before you can stop yourself.

The customer’s eyes widen for a moment in surprise before crinkling to signal a smile, “I guess I am.”

You both hold each other’s gaze for a moment, you still being slightly shocked that the two of you had actually said something to one another beyond his order.

“Oh!” you push yourself from your seat quickly, “I’ll make your drink.” You hurry away behind the counter so fast that you miss the way the masked customer laughs at your sudden outburst, shaking his head as you go.

You bring back the cappuccino, slightly less flustered after going through the familiar motions of making the drink, and set it down in front of him. He had picked up one of your books in your absence and leafs through it’s pages.

“You’re a student, right?”

You nod, and tell him the program you’re in.

He takes a sip from his mug, only lifting his mask enough to take a drink, but not enough for you to get a good look at his face. It’s always like that–to this day you’ve still never seen his face. 

“That’s impressive, Y/N,” he says, crinkled eyes meeting your own.

“Thank yo–wait, how do you know my name?” 

He lifts a finger to point to your chest, and you look down, puzzled. 

“Your name tag,” he supplies.

You feel your face heat up and you mutter out a weak, “oh, right,” before trying to cover up your embarrassment by taking a drink from your own mug. 

Silence falls between the two of you then and you swear he can probably hear your heartbeat. 

It takes all your courage to muster up a question: “what’s your name?”

The masked customer studies you for a moment, seemingly contemplating your question before firing one right back at you, “can you keep a secret, Y/N?”

You furrow your brow, puzzled, but nod slowly, “yeah, I can.”

He hesitates for a moment before reaching up to pull down his mask. 

His face is immediately familiar because who wouldn’t recognize a face that goddamn beautiful. You pass a billboard of that same face when you take the train to school. That same face pops up on commercial breaks and on cardboard cutouts in cosmetic stores. 

And even though Hwang Minhyun is now sitting in front of you, the only thing you can manage to say is, “oh…hi.” And it comes out as more of a squeak than an actual statement. 

Minhyun looks stunned for a moment, then doubles over, laughter shaking his lean frame as he clutches that white mask in his hand.

If your face wasn’t red before it sure as hell is now.

“Why are you laughing at me?” you grumble, face burning.

It takes another moment, but Minhyun composes himself, wiping at a tear leaking from the corner of his eye, “Sorry, that was just really cute.”

Just when you thought your face couldn’t get any redder.

“So you recognize me, then?”

your mouth drops open, “you’re kidding, right?” you throw your hands up, “I don’t think there’s a human being in Seoul right now who wouldn’t recognize you.”

He chuckles–a sound that makes your heart skip a beat–and swings the mask around on his finger, “so now you know why I wear this.”

You nod, and place hand on your chest in an effort to calm yourself. It feels surreal, a celebrity sitting in front of you like this, but at the same time it’s comfortable–the same as always. You can’t even count how many times you’ve shared this very table with the man in front of you–knowing his name, when you really think about it, doesn’t change anything. He’s still that same customer who always shares your table. 

So you stick your hand out, “well then I guess it’s nice to finally know your name, Minhyun-ssi.”

Your action seems to catch him off guard, but only for a second. He grabs your smaller hand with his own, his grip firm, and beams. 

“Just Minhyun is fine.”

From then on Minhyun comes to the shop more often, at least three times a week, and the two of you no longer sit at the table in silence. Instead you both converse constantly; him talking about his schedules and training and you talking about your classes and university life. When a test or quiz rolls around, Minhyun even helps you study, often reading definitions from one of your books and asking for the matching key term or checking your notes as you talk through a concept. 

Over the next few months interactions with Minhyun become your favorite parts of your week. He becomes a confidant, and someone who seems to align with your own sense of humor more so than anyone you’ve ever met before. He’s also by far the most considerate person you’ve ever come across, often asking if you’d slept enough the night before or if you were eating properly (which of course you aren’t because #college) but always changing the subject whenever the same questions are turned on him.

It’s strange, just how easily he seems to fit into your routine, and you don’t notice just how much you’ve come to rely on his presence until he stops coming to the cafe. You try not to let it disappoint you too much–when your landlord comments on how down you seem lately you plaster on a smile and say you’re just tired from studying, but you know that he probably knows. You avoid that billboard in the subway on your way to classes. When watching TV you change the channel whenever you see that smile that used to be directed at you flash across the screen.

It’d be stupid to admit that a boy you’ve only talked to at work affects you this much. It’d be stupid to believe that someone like Hwang Minhyun would have come to depend on seeing you as much as you’d come to depend on seeing him. It’d be stupid to cry over it. 

But you do. 

It’s six weeks before he comes in again, 

Your semester is wrapped up and you’ve taken on extra shifts at the cafe. You’ve fallen into a good habit of keeping yourself busy by washing dishes that are already clean or triple checking inventory when you aren’t serving a customer just for the sake of not hoping that a certain man in a certain mask walks through the door. So you don’t notice when he walks up to the counter and rings the bell for service. And you don’t even look up when you approach the register to take his order.

“Thank you for coming in, what can I get for you today?” your hands are occupied by a notepad and pen, ready to jot down whatever the customer wants.

“I’m hurt, Y/N. You usually always know my order.”

You look up then and lock onto those familiar crinkled eyes, your heart rate speeding up because he’s here.

You frown, putting down the pad and immediately turning around to make his drink. Your back is still to him when you say, “you can go sit down, I’ll bring it to you.”

You hear him move after a moment of hesitation, but you don’t dare look up to see him disappear around the partition.

You aren’t mad, just overwhelmed, and the methodical process of making his cappuccino gives you a moment to gather yourself. 

Your hands are shaking when you bring the mug to your table and set it down in front of Minhyun. 

Once settled in your own seat you steel your nerves and look up at him. The mask is off and the corners of his mouth are pulled down in concern.

He opens his mouth to say something but you cut him off: “You disappeared.”

A pause, then, “I did.”

“You didn’t tell me you’d be gone for so long.”

“I didn’t”

His voice is calm, yours is shaking, and you take a moment to consider your next words before saying them.

“I missed you.”

Minhyun doesn’t respond, instead staring at you with his mouth slightly open.

You stare down at your thumbs as they twiddle in your lap. Great. You’ve made things awkward–he’s back and you’ve just blown everything.

“I’m sorry, Y/N–” You squeeze your eyes shut, preparing for the rejection. “–I missed you, too.”

Your eyes snap open and stare straight at the man in front of you and he’s…blushing?

“You did?” you ask incredulously.

His brow furrows then, “of course I did, why wouldn’t I?”

Your own brows knit together in confusion, “because you just up and left and didn’t tell me anything for six weeks.”

Minhyun leans back and pushes a hand through his hair, “I know, and I’m sorry, it’s just schedules got really tight and it got harder to sneak past my manager to get out of the dorms for a while–”

“Wait what–you were sneaking out before?” Your mind is reeling at this point.

“Well, yeah. My managers wouldn’t be to keen on the fact that I’m going out to a cafe just to see a girl all the time. Not a great look for an idol.”

Your head feels like its spinning and you take a moment to collect your thoughts, “you sneak out of your dorms…to see me?”

Minhyun takes on the same incredulous tone as you, “why else would I come here so often, Y/N?”

“Because I make a mean cappuccino?” you ask sheepishly.

He laughs genuinely then, shaking his head before scooping up one of your hands with both of his own. “I come here to see you, Y/N.”

And there goes your face again, burning like it’s the damn sun. 

Minhyun plows on, “at first I would come here just for a break–it’s secluded and no one has recognized me here before so it was nice to have time to myself. But then you started working here and we shared our table and I just started to crave your company. And then that day came along when you spoke to me for the first time and found out who I was and you still treated me like I was a normal person and I just felt so accepted. So yeah, Y/N, I come here to see you. And I’m so sorry I was gone without telling you but I’m back now and I won’t let this happen again.”

You stare at your connected hands, too embarrassed to make eye-contact until Minhyun gives your hand a squeeze and speaks up again.

“Where’s your phone?”

You look up, thrown off by the question, and use your free hand to pull your phone from your work apron and unlock it with your thumb, “it’s here, but why–” 

Minhyun doesn’t wait for you to finish, instead taking your phone and passing you his own. 

“You said you missed me, so let’s exchange numbers?” He’s already typing in his contact info but pauses when you don’t respond. “…is this okay, or..?” he says, unsure.

You shake your head, beginning to punch in your own info, “yeah, yeah, of course it’s okay.”

He smiles, with a “good,” before passing back your phone and taking his own once you’ve finished creating your contact.”Now we don’t have to only meet here anymore. Because as much as I love our table, I think it’s about time we meet at some other places, too.”


I threw this together in one sitting with the intention of it being a one shot, but I’m not really satisfied with ending it here and i really don’t want to rewrite it…so I might add to it later? Like another installment? Maybe? Someone decide for me haha.  

Part two is out and can be read here!

The Bangtan Club (Namjoon/Seokjin)

Prompt No.2: “I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.” (could be funny/sarcastic, or fluff, honestly the writer has free reign). Based off of the Breakfast Club. 

Genre: The Breakfast Club!AU. 

Words: 13K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: Dear Mr. Lee, 

It is to our understanding that from today’s detention session that you wanted each of us to write a letter of self reflection, detailing our wrongdoings and what we’ve learned from committing such “heinous acts” in the eyes of the school officials; however, after much thought, we’ve decided to tell you the story of who we are as a whole.”

Tags: Namjin, VMin, drug (Marijuana) use, alcohol consumption, smoking, profanity, etc.

*Please read Author’s Note below the read more cut.

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All today's updates about top's health

T.O.P, who has been hospitalized due to an overdose of tranquilizers after being charged with smoking marijuana, will beleaving the intensive care unit tomorrow. A staff member of Ewha Mokdong Hospital, where T.O.P is hospitalized, told Sports Chosun on June 8, “He has gained consciousness. His vital signs are back to normal. We think that it will be okay for him to leave the intensive care unit tomorrow. He is to get psychiatric treatment afterwards.” The emergency team that has been taking care of T.O.P wanted him to get treated by neurologists and psychiatrists, but it was impossible since he was in an lethargic state. The staff member said, “He can now talk and eat. His vital signs are back to normal. He will be transferred to a unit/ward for psychological rehabilitation on June 9 and will continue getting treatment. The doctors will discuss with T.O.P’s guardian whether he will get psychiatric treatment in this hospital or move to a different one.” Earlier on, T.O.P’s mother arrived at the intensive unit with his manager and said, “He’s much better now. He looked me in the eye and recognized me.” On the same day, a statement of indictment was delivered to the 42 Squadron to which he was assigned. Police authorities said, “The court sent a statement of indictment to T.O.P on charges of smoking marijuana today. The statement will probably arrive tomorrow as it was sent through registered mail. T.O.P will be losing his status as a conscripted police officer and the authorities will further deliberate his status. His services will end immediately and be sent home.” According to the rules, conscripted police officers who have been prosecuted without detention are removed from their status once they receive a letter of indictment from the court. T.O.P will be tried in court, and the court will decide on the possibility of the continuation of his army service. First time drug offenders are usually sentenced with probation. In rapper Iron’s case, he was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation for smoking marijuana on three occasions in the first trial. The court will decide on whether T.O.P will continue his military service. If the court sentences him to more than 18 months in prison, T.O.P will dishonorably discharged from the military. He will no longer be obliged to do his military service. If he is sentenced to less than 18 months in prison, he has to finish the remaining period of his military service. According to the doctors, T.O.P is recovering quickly. Since he was in a lethargic state after overdosing on tranquilizers, the doctors think that the most important thing to do is evaluate his mental well being. Afterwards, he will be getting treatment from neurologists and psychiatrists. Meanwhile, the police started the investigation suspecting that T.O.P smoked marijuana in October last year at his house before he joined the police. The police tested his hair, and it came out positive. The police charged T.O.P with violating the drug laws of Korea and sent his case to the prosecutors. Afterwards, the prosecutors prosecuted him with without probation for violating drug laws. T.O.P passed the final test of the 348th test for recruiting conscripted police officers by the Seoul District Police in November last year. He joined the police in February 9 and was doing his service as as a member of the police band of the Seoul District Office. After being prosecuted, T.O.P was transferred to the fourth task group in Yangcheon-gu. T.O.P apologized and said, “I would like to apologize for all the disappointment caused by my wrongdoing. I’m too ashamed of myself to even stand in front of people and apologize face to face.” T.O.P’s first trial will take place on at the Seoul Central District Court on June 29. Source bigbang updates Man he’s only getting better and better with time let’s hope everything is gonna work out we have to support him he needs us through this

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MADTOWN Wins Lawsuit Against Agency For Contract Injunction

On November 8, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in MADTOWN’s favor in the group’s lawsuit against GNI Entertainment for injunctions on the members’ exclusive contracts with the agency. With this court ruling, MADTOWN is no longer bound by the terms of their contracts; GNI Entertainment no longer has the authority to enforce the contract terms, nor can they raise issue with the members’ individual entertainment activities.

As previously reported, all seven members of MADTOWN filed a lawsuit against their agency in August requesting injunctions on their contracts. The group originally debuted under a different company, J.Tune Camp, but was sold to GNI Entertainment when J.Tune Camp closed down in December 2016. Before the group had a chance to promote under its new agency, the CEO was arrested for fraud, stranding the members with no resources or support for almost a year.

Sun Jong Moon, the lawyer representing MADTOWN’s case, stated, “We wanted to be hopeful about the case and had expected to prevail. We are grateful for this positive outcome, which will grant the members their freedom.”

He added, “It appears that the members will each choose their own paths for the future.” The lawyer had previously stated on November 7 that the group was likely to disband.

However, MADTOWN has not yet completely succeeded in cutting their legal ties with GNI Entertainment. Their recent court victory does not mean that their contracts have been nullified. According to Sun Jong Moon, the lawsuit that the group filed against the agency for contract nullification is still ongoing. He explained, “We are still in the midst of litigation. Although this lawsuit was decided in MADTOWN’s favor, we must win the [nullification] lawsuit in order to become completely free from GNI.”


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Young B, K.Jun, and KIllagramz on SNL Korea trans for anon!

Seyoon (the boy in the beginning): My…name…is…
Young B: Oh Seyoon are you writing rap lyrics?
*On screen says “Yang Hongwon”, “Age: 17 years old”, “Specialty: My best friend in the first year”*
Young B: I’ll look over it once for you, show me.
Seyoon: Really?
Young B: Yeah
Seyoon: Yo yo~ Bling bling is Hongwon~ Fiery charisma Seyoon~ My name is Seyoon~ (Reference to SHINee Minho on SNL)
Young B: Mm…. It’s okay but can I make it become more alive?
Seyoon: Yeah..
Young B: Yo. Bling bling is Hongwon. Fiery charisma Seyoon. Yo students borrow my rhyme. It’s the b flow. In order to learn from me, you should beg to me. Studio MC, it seems that you need some rap lessons. I’ll do it for you. I feel on. (lyrics from “17 Remix” by Young B and NO:EL and Ja Mezz)
Seyoon: Wow you’re the best! Wow wow..
Seyoon: My best friend was our school’s best rapper Yang Hongwon. Hongwon was a friend that helped me open my eyes to hip hop. But after that incident I couldn’t meet him..
K. Jun: Attention everybody! 
*On screen says “K Jun”, “Age: 19 years old”, “Specialty: His role model is the KFC grandpa”*
Killagramz: Who is this kid named Yang Hongwon who supposedly raps well among you first years?
*On screen says “Killagramz”, “Age: 19 years old”, “Specialty: 120 kilograms”*
Obesity-Type (play on P-Type): Who is this kid who is fooling around just because he can rap a bit?
*On screen says “Obesity-Type”, “Age: 19 years old”, “Specialty: Scared of fire blasts”*
Seyoon: The three of them are the BBQ Brothers, all 19 years old.
Young B: It’s me
Obesity-Type: Oh~ 
Obesity-Type: “It’s me” Wow how scary~
Young B: If you’re a rapper, just start with rapping. I’ll start first so turn on the beat.
K. Jun: Ok ok show me what you got, show me what you got~
Young B: Studio MC, it seems that you need some rap lessons. I’ll do it for you. I…
K. Jun: I’ll do it for you??
Young B: I’ll do it…
K. Jun: Do it??
Killagramz: In my eyes, you–are–lacking–rhymes! (reference to Woodie Gochild’s diss rap to Killa)
K. Jun: Eliminated!
Seyoon: At that time I was a coward and turned away from Hongwon who messed up his lyrics. After that, Hongwon transferred to a school in the Gangseo District of Seoul. He left his favorite hair band and cross earrings.
Seyoon: Hongwon… I’m sorry…

Caught in the Middle

Humour. fluff, light hearted stuff just to make your heart flutter for a second on your daily tumblr scroll. 

Summary: You’re a student with a part time job cleaning Bangtan’s studio when the innocent late evening conversations with the maknae of hello’s and the weather turn into something a little more unexpected. 

Originally posted by nnochu

You were dreaming of the day this part time job would end and you’d finally graduate into a kick ass job in finance, Seoul being your favourite location of interest which is why you decided to study here for your final year. About the job- you couldn’t complain too much. It paid well, was only 12 hours a week and usually meant you could listen to your own music whilst mopping the floor. You saw the ad discreetly on your university job notice board and applied, had a brief interview and started working the next day after a quick security check. 

You didn’t know that the practice room in the high end of Seoul’s business district belonged to a really, really big band. At first, coming across BTS all sweaty after they finished practice was dizzying. You were there wearing gym clothes and armed with a mop, your hair piled onto your head like you had rolled out of bed. Not exactly the type of impression you wanted to leave on people like them. They didn’t seem to care though, which was a relief to you. 

You were just here to do your job, earn some cash and go back to your lectures and social life. Easy, right?

The first couple of shifts you had passed without trouble, either the boys would just be finishing when you arrived- exiting with kind greetings and small talk to be polite or not there at all. It left you time to call your family whilst you worked, or plan your evenings out with your friends on the phone. The job was generally chill, you could do your work and get everything done whilst also having some time to yourself. 

That didn’t last for long. A couple of shifts in, and with a comeback rolling around the corner you learnt that you would have to clean whilst the youngest of the band- Jeon Jungkook would continue practicing after hours. That cancelled out your mini dance party you had after they left, but Jungkook practiced with headphones in so that meant you could still go on messing around and talking to your friends on the phone. 

During the first week of him staying late, you noticed how he practiced until he was practically heaving and that scared you. You freaked out- bringing him his bottle of water closer to you since you figured he’d be so tired to walk all the way over to the other side of the practice hall. Surely, heaving wasn’t normal right?

He must have been awed by the look of concern on your face. He smiled, breathtakingly and asked for your name after, assuring you that he’s not happy with practice until he’s out of breath. At first you were hesitant to even reply, because the woman who had hired you had warned you against talking to them any more than was necessary. 

“Did the noona who hired you tell you not to speak to me?” He asked, after taking a long drink of his water and sighing. 

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안녕하세요 :D
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TheRose 멤버들에게 보내주실 팬레터는 아래의 주소로 보내주시길 바랍니다.

주소: 서울시 강남구 학동로 342 1311호 제이앤스타컴퍼니 The Rose(더 로즈) 앞

행복한 하루 되세요^^

Hello :D
This is The Rose’s company. 
We are giving you some information regarding fanmail

To write fan letters to the members, send them to the address below. 

Address: Seoul, Gangnam District No. 342 1311 J&Star Company, The Rose

Please have a nice day^^

Momma Bird- Mingyu Fluff

Request: Mingyu imagine pretty please? 💙 He sees a new, cute girl in the neighbourhood (shops, cafés, parks etc) and falls for her. Here’s the trick: she’s always with a toddler and he thinks she’s married, thus he’s heartbroken and only admires her from afar. But it turns out she’s just a nanny :3 Extra fluffy with a hint of angst? Thank you 💙

Originally posted by daihun

Word Count:

Genre: Fluff and angst if you squint really hard

Warnings: None

Member/Group: SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

 The sky was bluer than ever, and small children wrecked havoc among Olympic Park. A group of teenage girls sat on a striped blanket and ate lunch while discussing gossip that was circulating around the school, and a group of preschoolers sat examining a caterpillar that had made its way onto the busy pavement. 

 Among all this chaos, you called out to the kids whose parents had hired you to be their nanny.

 “Hwa Young, say goodbye to the boys! It’s time to go home!” Your crystal clear voice called to the young toddler, and she flocked to your side before you picked her up and set her in her stroller. 

 “Unnie, can we please get some ice cream? Mommy said she would take me to get some, but that was a really long time ago before her and Daddy left to travel again.” Hwa Young’s bright eyes grew even larger than you thought possible, and you decided to pretend to think about it.

 “Hmmm… I don’t know. Were you nice to all your friends today?” The small girl easily responded to your teasing, and brought her hands to her cheeks before nodding wildly.

 “I swear I did! Mrs. Park even gave me a sticker!” Giggles escaped both of your mouths, and you began to walk with the stroller to the closest ice cream parlor.

 Little did you know, but a man by the name of Kim Mingyu watched closely in the distance. His eyes followed your glowing smile, your luscious, flowing hair, and… your baby? He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw you lift the small toddler out of her pram and onto your hip.

 Damn, she looks so young. I never would have guessed she was married with kids…

 Indeed, you were young, but also extremely single and childless. Mingyu gently flicked the back of his hand and walked on to Pledis’ studio, hoping that his band mates could help him realize how dumb it was for him to be spying on a “married mother”.

 “But like, did she say she was married bro? You never know, she could be single and oh so ready to mingle with your sorry ass.” Vernon spoke casually, but quickly received a ever-so-holy slap to the back of his head from our lord and savior, Joshua.

 “He’s right you know. Maybe you should go and try to get a date with someone else? Just to get your mind off things.” Jeonghan hopelessly tried to instruct Mingyu as he picked small balls of lint off of Seungcheol’s sweater. “Maybe ask one of the stylists, I bet they’ed love to have a dinner paid for by someone other than themselves.”

 Mingyu nodded, and continued to look over his script for an upcoming interview. He was trying so hard, but there was no way to get the beautiful woman he had seen off his mind.

 He’s right, he thought. Maybe I should ask (BF/N) if she would like to go get dinner or something.

 It was another clear and warm evening, and you had decided to take Hwa Young into the shopping district of Seoul and grab some dinner. When asked where she would like to have dinner, she was not very helpful, so you decided on going to a pretty inexpensive barbecue place. Now, you sat grilling small pieces of meat and swatting away the toddler’s hands as you tried to give the meat time to cool before letting either of you indulge.

 “Unnie, that man is staring at you over there! Is he the ice cream man?” Hwa Young pointed to the brooding figure around the corner, and you looked up. Your eyes met for a second before a second stranger came back and sat directly across from him.

 “Hwa Young, eat your food so you can grow big and strong.” Narrowly avoiding having to answer the question, you carefully scooped meat on the young girls plate and spooned rice into her bowl. Throughout the whole meal, you looked back and found the stranger, who you admit was extremely handsome, staring at you. Never had you been so happy to see a waiter approach you with a bill. With a swipe of your card, you were free to walk out of the restaurant and away from the apparent stalker.

“I’m sorry, I just really have to go. I hope you enjoyed the meal, Noona.” Mingyu quickly jumped out of his seat. Now’s the time, I need to at least try to talk to her incase I never see her again.

 By the time he had run out the front of the restaurant, he could see you sitting on a bench near a small playground as a small girl leaped on and off every piece of equipment possible. Cooly, he walked over and sat down on the bench next to you. 

 “Your daughter is very adorable.” CRAP. He sounded like a complete pedophile, how in hell would you ever consider talking to him now.

 “Oh, she isn’t mine. I’m her very capable nanny that happens to have pepper spray in my bag.” You narrowed your eyes at him, but were overcome with shock when he burst out laughing.

 “I’m sorry, it’s just… I saw you in the park and I really wanted to talk to you, but I thought you were married and had a kid! The only reason I was even at that restaurant was because one of my co-workers had said yes to coming to dinner with me to get my mind off you.” He choked out the words as large spasms of laughter shook his body. “Can we start over? Without being a pedophile or a psychopathic nanny?”

 “Sure. My name is (Y/N) (L/N), I am (Age) years old, and am a full-time nanny for Hwa Young’s parents.” A smile radiated off your face, and Mingyu gladly returned one before starting to speak.

 “My name is Kim Mingyu, I am 19 years old, and I am part of a group called SEVENTEEN.” His true goofy nature peaked through his words, and his introduction quickly evolved into a storm of gasps and chortles coming from both of you. In the distance, Hwa Young was starting to walk back towards you, and she was obviously extremely tired, as she was rubbing her eyes wildly back and forth. Small whines left her mouth, and you rose off the bench.

 “How about we exchange numbers real quick, and we can meet when I don’t have a sleepy child to look after?” Mingyu nodded, and you both input your numbers into each others phones before saying a quick goodbye and parting ways.

 That night, as you sat on the train to your small apartment on the outskirts of Seoul, you looked at the contact that had been entered by the attractive boy. You couldn’t help the fluttering in your heart when you saw what Mingyu had put as his contact name.

 Your Future Boyfriend.

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London To Seoul? [Jay Park]

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Artist: Jay Park | Word Count: 2.539 | Soulmate!AU (12/?)

Soulmate!AU - You can write anything on any part of your body and it will appear on your soul mate’s body as well.

Ayee two scenarios in a day what a rare occasion!! Sorry again and again that  it takes me super long to finish requests:( I hope you’ll like this anon<3


Oxford Univeristy.

The name of the famous university would be written on Jay’s wrist every day without fail, as sometimes the writing would look neat, while at other times it would look sloppy. But it was clear enough for Jay to remember the words easily, and he assumed that his soul mate was probably studying hard to get a magister degree in Oxford. The writing had started probably two months ago.

Why did he know that? Well four years ago you had written ‘Seoul National Univeristy’, and now it seems that you have finished your studies and got a bachelor degree in SNU. Although those were the only bits of information he got about you, Jay didn’t want to take advantage of the powers. He could have easily written his name and ask to meet you up, but he had a guess in his heart that you barely knew about all of this soul mate thing, so Jay waited silently and lets fate take over his meeting with you.

Four years earlier he was still building his career back in Korea, while you were studying hard to get into the best university in the nation. So even until now, when Jay’s career was going higher, he could sense that you were still fighting hard for your education. And since meeting your soul mate could be a pretty life changing experience, Jay decided to wait it out. Maybe when your life is way more stable and steady, and when Jay was ready to meet you.

This was it, today was the day. Your result from two months of hard work was going to be revealed today. Oxford Univeristy was going to let you know if you got to enroll there for the master program, and you had been restless ever since you woke up at seven in the morning. Since they were going to release the information online through their website, you had to find a strong internet connection so you could check it right away. And what’s a better way than to chill at a café while you wait, right?

The thought of sipping a nice hot cappuccino while watching the snow fall helped you calm your heartbeat down. And you quickly throw your duvet away, jumping into the shower to get ready. You made sure you were properly covered with clothes that will warm you up before making your way out of the apartment to be met with the streets covered in white.

A few minutes later you were already boarding the subway to Apgujeong, where your favorite café was located. Despite you being pretty early, the train was pretty packed with people going to busy districts of Seoul. Nonetheless, the view of the city covered in snow took your mind off the crowd, and before you realize it the doors were sliding open as the speaker announced that the line have arrived in Apgujeong.

You quickly recognized Jehan’s face from the glass door and you pushed it forward, causing the bell to chime across the room. Jehan looked up and gave you a wide smile, waving you to come closer to the cashier. Dudart Café wasn’t full of people at this early in the morning, and you were secretly grateful for that.

“It’s nice to see my favorite regular here,” Jehan greeted you with a grin, “The usual?” He grabbed a cup and a pen, ready to write your name on it.

“Yes, and I’d have that donut for breakfast as well.” You said, pointing at the glazed donut on the display.

“That would be 7 dollars,” You rummaged through your wallet and gave him the money, “Your order will be coming up in a few, alright? Just wait over there.” Nodding with a smile, you moved away from the cashier to the counter while you wait for orders.

30 minutes left, you thought to yourself, since the news would be released at 9 AM sharp in Seoul’s time. Your eyes then moved from the clock that hung on the wall to the surroundings of the café, and now that you realized it, today Jehan wasn’t working alone. There was someone who was taking your glazed donut away from the display, and his face oddly resembled Jehan.

“Here’s your order, thanks for ordering (Name)!” You nodded and gave Jehan a small smile, although your eyes were still locked onto Jehan’s dopplegӓnger.

“Hey Jehan, do you mind if I ask who is that?” You braved to ask, your curiosity getting the better of you, “He looks weirdly like you.”

“Oh, that’s my brother,” Jehan laughed, “Do we look alike that much?” You broke into a chuckle and nodded.

“Well, I’ll go to my table then.” You then excused yourself from Jehan as the man scurried off and continued to work.

You sat yourself next to the window so you could gaze outside, watching the snow gently fall down to the street. Glancing up to the clock again, you noted that you have 15 minutes left, and nothing was helping you calm down at all. The sound of the clock ticking felt so loud despite the almost empty café, and the caffeine you chugged in didn’t do any help for you. You were left gripping onto your coat while staring at your phone, which displayed Oxford’s website page, nervousness swimming inside your heart.

While you wait, you took out your pen and placed the tip on your left wrist, gently writing ‘Oxford University’ over it. You tried to make it as neat as possible despite your shaky hands, knowing this would be the last day you would be able to write it on.

Jay stopped whatever he was doing to move his eyes to his left wrist, seeing words suddenly written there. A small smile was placed on his lips, knowing full well that his soul mate is now up and about, probably studying hard for the entrance test. Jehan noticed the goofy smile his brother had, and nudged him with his elbow.

“Hey! Quit smiling lovebird, you need to clean the glasses.” Jehan shot him an amused look as Jay shook his head, getting his concentration fully towards cleaning again.

“Alright boss.” Jay sarcastically answered, earning a laugh from his brother.

Congratulations! (Full Name) has passed the test and will enroll in Oxford for the Finance Master Program starting on 31st of January 2017. We will e-mail you about further details of the program and what you will need to prepare for your journey.

You did it, you thought to yourself, as tears welled up in your eyes and they gently trickle down your cheeks. There was a smile painted on your lips, and you were truly grateful that your hard work was paid off. You wiped the tears away with a tissue, although it didn’t help to decrease the puffiness.

The cappuccino inside your cup was long gone, and so is the glazed donut. So you picked your stuff up and walked out of the café, not forgetting to thank the employees and Jehan on the way out. Greeted by the strong winter breeze, the wind felt refreshing as if a good new start was about to come.

Jay was cleaning the tables, picking up the empty cups while greeting fans that came in after. When he got to a table near the window, he saw a pair of gloves sitting on the table and a pen lay right beside it. Jay furrowed his eyebrows, feeling like he’s seen those gloves before.

“Hey Jehan, I think this belongs to one of your regulars,” Jay said while approaching the cashier, “She wore this, right?” Jehan looked up and his eyes turned wide, nodding at his brother’s question.

“Yeah, that belongs to (Name),” Jehan told him, “She must have forgotten and left it there.”

“Did you know which way she left?”

“Wait, you’re going to catch up on her?”

“Yeah, she must have not gone that far,” Jay said, determination in his eyes, “So did she go left or right?” Jehan was quick to point to the right, and Jay didn’t waste any time to dash outside the café.

But it was a big mistake as the winter breeze hit him hard, causing Jay to yelp softly. But he kept on running, being careful to not slip, while his eyes darted left and right. He remembered you wearing a dark green coat and black trousers, and as he walked further on he tried to distinguish your form among the people walking down the street.

It took about ten minutes and an almost freezing body as Jay found you, quickly recognizing you from how your hair fell down. He picked his pace up and caught your left hand, not letting you take a step further away from him. Although his action caused you to release a small scream, as you almost lost your footing on the icy concrete.

“I’m so sorry, but you f-forgot your gloves,” Jay sheepishly grinned, a tiny fog escaping from his lips, “And your pen as well!” This time, you were the one gasping in shock as you realized the identity of the man that stopped you so suddenly.

“Oh! You’re Jehan’s brother,” You whispered, “I- Thank you so much for returning these back to me, and I-I’m so sorry you’re in this mess because of me.” He was shivering slightly, his hair blown away as it was slightly messy now, and his hand felt cold against yours.

Wait, he’s holding your hands?

This caused your cheeks to turn furiously pink, as you cleared your throat awkwardly to give a signal for him to let you go. Jay chuckled nervously seeing how he was still holding your smaller hand in his, and gently let your hand free from his grip. But before doing so, Jay caught a small writing on your wrist, one that seemed oddly familiar in his mind.

Oxford Univeristy.

“Wait, you want to enroll to Oxford?” Jay asked cautiously after he lets your hand go, eyes landed on the writing on your left wrist. Something clicked inside his mind when he saw the writings.

“Yes, I am!” You answered with excitement, “Writing the name of the university on my wrist just gives me motivation.” Jay was seriously taken aback by your answer because when he looks twice, he realized how every curve of the words were exactly the same as the ones on his left wrist.

Jay had an inner battle with himself on whether he should tell you about the whole soul mate thing because he was so so sure you were his soul mate, the one meant for him. The man found himself staring deeply into your eyes, letting his heart beat faster and emotions take over him. What if you stopped coming to his café? He asked himself. And what if this would be the last time he would see you? And those simple thoughts were what pushed Jay to finally confess, to break the news about him being your soul mate.

“Say, do you have a minute?” Jay asked, nervousness flashing in his eyes, “I-I want to tell you something.” You raised an eyebrow, although you were confused, you let him take your time for a moment.

“Uh, where do I even start?” Jay said to himself while releasing an awkward chuckle, “Have you ever heard of soul mates? Where the love of your life was assigned by fate?”

“Yeah, I have heard of them before.”

“But did you know that soul mates are true? That you really are destined with another person, and people are granted powers to help them find their soul mates.” You were staring at Jay in disbelief now, as you were totally sure he was spouting nonsense.

“What are you talking about?” Although what Jay was talking seemed out of the world, you stayed rooted on your spot anyway, still listening to what he has to say.

“No! J-Just listen to me until I finish, alright?” Jay paused, taking a deep breath, “We get this simple power where whatever you write on your body will appear on your soul mate’s body as well. The truth is I saw you writing ‘Seoul National University’ for months, and that was about four years ago. And it have been a month or two since you’ve written ‘Oxford University’, and the handwriting on my left wrist is the exact same as yours.”

“Really?” You gawked, gently taking his left hand to compare the handwriting, “It actually is! You’re saying the truth after all…” Trailing off, you were speechless as it felt so hard to accept this surreal fate.

“So that means that-”

“We’re soul mates?” You cut him off, feeling your heart beat faster as you realize you had been standing super close to him. Too close.

“Yes, yes we are.” Your hand flew to your mouth, covering your lips and not letting you gasp or scream in shock.

“Oh my god, I- Is this even real?”

“Yeah, it is. I know it feels like it’s hard to believe it, but it’s the truth.”

Suddenly, it didn’t felt so cold anymore as Jay leaned closer, suddenly not having control of himself as he was pulled into your shining beauty. Your eyes seemed to glimmer like a pretty diamond, your skin looked so soft and your hair would frame yourself so perfectly. And your lips looked so luscious and plump despite the freezing weather. And you were also lured in by Jay’s aura, his calming yet charming vibes that came out from him. He had a smile on his lips, but his eyes were what mirrored the happiness he felt in his heart.

“May I?” You nodded, letting Jay’s hand grip your chin gently as he leaned in to claim your lips, and warmth spread in you as your heart picked up the pace, making your face blush pink as the blood rushed faster inside of you. Jay felt the exact same thing, the same amazing feeling of butterflies filling his stomach, leaving a tingling sensation throughout his body.

After a few seconds you both parted away, eyes widening in awe yet amazement. And then you let out a laugh, his followed suit as you both laughed over how funny was fate’s way to let you both meet.

“Wait! I almost forgot,” You squeaked, fishing for your phone and snapping out of your trance, “I’m going to Oxford soon, next month. I just got accepted into Oxford, actually.” The reaction from Jay was unexpected, as you thought he wouldn’t be pleased knowing you’re leaving so soon.

“That’s so amazing of you!” Jay cried out, “I can’t believe my girlfriend is going to Oxford! That’s- That’s one hell of an achievement!”

“Wait, you’re cool with this? Even with the distance we have to go through?”

“I don’t mind, really. I know that Oxford is your dream, so we can work the distance out. London to Seoul is just a few hours flight, right…?” You found Jay cupping your chin with both of his hands, but trailed off from his words since he didn’t know your name yet.

What an awful soul mate he was, Jay thought, trying so hard to push the feeling of embarrassment down.

“(Name), my name’s (Name).” Giggling, you couldn’t help but place a kiss on his blushing cheeks.

“R-Right. We can get through this, alright (Name)?”

“Yes, alright…” This time you were the one that stopped midsentence, trying to remember if you had caught his name before.

“Jaebum, Park Jaebum.”

Yoongi Scenario: Say It Out Loud.

Request:I wanted to request something, where you are eating ice cream (or something like that) and there is some of it left on your cheek without you noticing it and Yoongi clean it, and you get all blushy and the maknae line start to tease you both (Noona likes Suga-Hyung or something like that) and Yoongi ends up saying: “I like her, so, what is the problem?”

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

-You don’t have to come with me Y/N- Yoongi said as soon as you got inside the car and buckled up your seatbelt.

-What are you talking about? Of course I do-

Yoongi drove off your neighborhood to go to Big Hit where he had to pick up Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin to make them some favors. It wasn’t like Yoongi was their personal driver, but taking into consideration that Jin had his personal schedule packed and him being the second oldest, it was his responsibility to take care of the maknaes and drive them to do their stuff, besides none of them had a driver license yet so they had to depend on Yoongi or Jin for these things.

Yoongi and you were friends since a long time now, and as time went by you noticed how the chemistry and attraction between the two of you grew bigger, but for now you were just friends, being that both of you were a bit too shy to finally say out loud that you liked each other.

Now in the car you could take notice of it as always, how Yoongi’s eyes would drift away from the road every few seconds to stare at you because he thought you were focused on the window, or how he would try to keep that small talk that you initiated even though you knew he wasn’t a talkative person.

For today you had actually other plans, you were going to get together and discuss some of his latest photographs but a last minute call made you change your plans, the manager had instructed Yoongi to take the maknaes to some mall to buy some necessities and you had offered to tag along since you weren’t doing anything interesting that afternoon.

Of course Yoongi opposed at first, telling you that it would be boring and that surely the maknaes would be playing around and making a mess out of everything but you smiled and shrugged it off, telling him to pick you up so you could keep him company while they did their shopping, at the end he agreed and now you were outside of Big Hit’s building waiting for the three maknaes.

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