“When I was 30 I got into a car accident. Back then I was in a relationship with someone. The accident was so serious that I thought I wouldn’t be able to live a quality life. I figured I couldn’t take care of her in my state, so I let her go. A year after that my mother happened to run into her and asked if she was married. She said no. After hearing that I suggested we meet up again. That was the first time I met her in a year. I still remember that day. My body was so frail that I stuffed layers of tissue into my suit. That’s how I met my wife.”

“제가 30살에 교통사고를 당했는데 그 때 당시 만나던 여자분이 있었어요. 사고가 심하게 나서 정상적으로 살 수 없을 거라고 생각할 정도였어요. 그 몸으로 그 분을 책임질 수 없을 것 같다는 생각에 그 분을 놔줬었어요. 그 후 일 년 뒤에 제 어머니가 우연히 그 분을 마주 쳐서, 혹시 결혼을 했냐고 물어봤는데 안 했다고 하더라구요. 제가 그 이야기를 듣고는 일 년만에 다시 만나자고 했어요. 그 만나던 날이 아직도 기억나요. 당시 몸이 너무 허약해서 양복에 휴지 두루마리를 접어 겹겹이 넣어서 갔거든요. 그렇게 제 아내를 만났어요.” 

Color of Seoul : Jul 29, 2015.

Seoul, S.Korea.

Because I was born in Seoul, I couldn’t understand the words that ‘Han river is broad’. Only after I got in years and traveled other Korean cities foreign countries, I have come to understand the words at last.

Han river is broad.

Whenever I cross the river in the evening, the whiffling lights of the buildings are flowed into the subway train. I’m usually unconscious of that lovely scenery because of the fatigue of my tiring days. But on a rare occasion, I could notice that beauty, and capture it.

Like Today.

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Hostel recommendations for Busan?

I’m currently in the middle of planning for my trip to Busan - if I ever get past the stage of hesitancy to actually make any reservations - and my neurotic self wants to get into the game of booking accommodation early on because #budgettravelling and so on. I’ve got some hostels checked up but I’d like to know what else is out there (or, even better, have someone suggest a place I was already thinking about!). My requirements are that it’s nearby one of the beaches (bonus points for someone who suggests one nearby Gwangalli Beach) and maximum 33,000won a night. 

Also, people of Tumblr living in or nearby Busan: let’s meet up! I’m planning to be there from 22nd to 25th August and most of the time I’ll likely just be bumming on the beach but when I’m not I’d really appreciate some dining company. I’d also really like to check out the local clubbing scene so if anyone could go with me that would be great! I’m probably going to keep spamming you guys about this closer to my arrival but, yeah, that’s the plan. 

ETA: I ended up booking the hostel that anotherampersand mentioned since it was on my list of potentials anyway~ If I go to Busan again, or another city in Korea, I will definitely do as reflaektion suggested and try out couchsurfing finally~ Also also I’d love to grab a meal with you, busan-life

1.    It might not be the right time.

2.    어둠은 나이도, 얼굴도, 시름도, 거짓말도 다 지워주죠. 봐요, 이 사진만 봐서는 저들이 늙은 부부인지, 혈기 넘치는 젊은 커플인지 알 수 없어요. 그래서 모든 역사는 밤의 역사라고들 하나봐요. 물론 신이란 자는 태초에 ‘빛’부터 지으셨다지만요.

3.    I might not be the right one.

4.    황홀이 그립던 날, 그는 위대한 사람이 되고 싶다고 했다. 무더운 여름날 작열하는 태양에 가장 가까이 서 있으면서도 땀 한 방울 흘리지 않는 저 높은 돌산의 봉우리같은.

5.    But there`s something about us I want to say.

6.    위대한 사람이 되기 위해 무얼 하느냐고요오? 위대한 사람들을 관찰해보니까 다들 하나같이 귓볼이 엄청 크더라구요. 그래서 매일매일 제 귓볼을 잡아당기고 있어요.

7.    Cause there`s something between us anyway.

8.    행복은 몰입이다.

9.    I might not be the right one.

10. 한 번 생각해봐요. 나는 그게 – 누군가는 취향taste이라고 딱 잘라 말하는 것만 좋아하더군요 - 엄청나게 특별하고 유일하고 멋진 거라고 생각했었죠. 근데 하나 둘씩 그런 생각, 그런 사진, (그렇고)그런 글의 편린들이 여기저기 거의 비슷한 형식으로, 비슷한 공간을 차지하면서 나열돼있는 거예요. 진짜 다 너무 비슷하더라구요. 심지어 사진 찍는 각도(‘소재’가 아니라요. 이 점이 더 중요해요)마저 비슷하더라니까요? 가장 멋지다고 생각했던 사람들도 거의 예외가 없었죠. 이 정도면 조금 기괴하지 않나요? 저는 그랬어요. 생각해보면 참 신기하기도 하고. 신이라는 작자의 관점에서 한 번 보고 싶어졌어요 갑자기. 그렇게 위에서 다같이 늘어놓고 비슷한 몸부림들을 보면 참 웃길 거예요 그쵸? 신이라는 그 분, 고약한 악취미를 가진 게 분명해요.

11. It might not be the right time.


Husband took me to the Lotte buffet in Guro it’s called C'Cafe and its inside the Lotte Hotel! Omg….it was so delicious!! Husband and I usually think buffets are full of msg flavored just ok foods but this place was really yummy and fresh the foods tasted clean (if you can understand that) I couldn’t have any of the raw fish and there was quite a selection of sashimi and tuna!! I wouldn’t pay the money to go again (ha) but it was good!! Maybe for a special occasion or anniversary~